Is 7up Discontinued: Is They Still Around?

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Hey reader! Have you ever had a fizzy, refreshing 7UP soda? If you’ve been wondering whether this drink is still around, I’ve got some news for you.

7UP is a super old lemon-lime soda. It’s like the grandpa of all lemon-lime sodas because it started way back in the 1920s. That’s almost 100 years ago! The company that makes 7UP is called Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. Even though 7UP has been around for so long and lots of people know about it, it’s getting some tough competition from other sodas.

Right now, 7UP isn’t the most popular soda out there. In fact, it’s got less than 1% of all the soda sales. There are other sodas, like Diet Sprite and Fanta, that are way more popular. Together, those two have about 30% of soda sales. That’s a big difference! But here’s a fun fact: some people who love old-school stuff still choose 7UP over other drinks. Plus, the NBA Finals even picked 7UP as their official soda once.

Because of all this competition, it might be harder for 7UP to be as popular as it used to be. But that doesn’t mean it’s going away!

Guess what? 7UP is still being made and sold in stores today! Since it first came out in 1929, people have been enjoying this soda. The recipe might have changed a bit over the years, but you can still grab a bottle or can when you’re thirsty. Lots of folks still love it, and it’s easy to find.

So, in short, 7UP isn’t discontinued. If you’re craving some, go grab one and enjoy!

Who Makes 7Up?

Ever wondered who makes that bubbly lemon-lime soda called 7UP? Let’s dive into its cool history and find out!

A long time ago, in 1929 to be exact, a man named Charles Grigg created a new soft drink. Can you believe it was first called “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”? What a mouthful, right? Thankfully, they changed its name to something simpler and cooler: 7UP.

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Fast forward to today, and the company that owns 7UP is called Keurig Dr. Pepper. They have their main office in a place called Plano, Texas. This company is a BIG deal. It’s the eighth largest food and drink company in the whole US!

Keurig Dr. Pepper makes over 125 different drinks. That’s a lot of choices! 7UP is one of their famous ones because of its tasty lemon-lime flavor. But guess what? Before the year 2008, another big company named Cadbury owned 7UP.

You might think that because Keurig Dr. Pepper makes so many drinks, 7UP might get lost in the mix. But nope! It’s still shining bright. In fact, in 2021, people bought almost $1 billion worth of 7UP, making it the tenth most popular drink in the US. That’s pretty impressive for a soda that’s been around for more than 90 years!

So, after all this time, 7UP still has a special place in people’s hearts (and fridges). Its long history is like a cool storybook, with the current chapter showing it’s still a favorite for many.

Hope you enjoyed learning about 7UP! The next time you sip it, you’ll know a bit more about where it came from. Cheers! 🥤

Was Cherry 7Up Discontinued?

First things first, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. 7UP, which started in 1929, didn’t always taste like it does today. The original version was a bit different. Over the years, they made some changes to the recipe. In 1963, they added lemon juice, and by 1987, they used high fructose corn syrup to make it sweet. It’s like 7UP got a few makeovers!

Now, onto Cherry 7UP. In the early 2000s, this cherry-flavored twist on the classic soda disappeared from the shelves. Some soda fans thought the cherry flavor was too, well, cherry-ish. It was super strong! Many believe that might’ve been the reason it got the boot.

But, there’s another side to the story. Some say Cherry 7UP wasn’t selling as well as the other 7UP flavors. If not many people are buying it, it’s hard for a company to keep making it.

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It’s a mix of both rumors: the strong cherry taste and the not-so-great sales. But like many soda stories, we might never know the full details.

So, was Cherry 7UP discontinued? Yep, it was. Whether it was the bold flavor or the sales, or a combo of both, Cherry 7UP took a bow and left the soda stage.

If you ever miss that cherry fizz, maybe try mixing regular 7UP with a splash of cherry juice. It might not be the original, but it could bring back some sweet memories! 🍒🥤

What Happened To 7Up Soda?

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, there was this cool guy named Geoffrey Holder. He was on TV a lot, talking about 7UP. He would show up with a lemon in one hand, a lime in the other, and call them “Uncola nuts.” It was a clever way of saying, “Hey, 7UP isn’t like those other cola drinks!”

1972 was a HUGE year for 7UP. Their “Uncola” ads were everywhere, and guess what? They became the third most popular soda in the US! Their whole thing was about being different. They told everyone they didn’t have caffeine, they were cool, and if you drank 7UP, you were cool too.

But, as time went on, things changed. New drinks came along, especially those diet colas, and they became super popular. 7UP tried to keep up by offering a diet version, but their popularity kept going down. By the year 2000, they were only the eighth most popular soda with just 2% of the market.

And then things got even trickier. Over the next ten years, their market share slipped to less than 1%. In 2013, they sold even fewer bottles, and their profits weren’t looking so great.

Today, one of the big challenges for 7UP is that a lot of younger folks haven’t even heard of it. And in the world of sodas, that’s a big deal. Most soda brands try to be popular with young people, and if they don’t know about 7UP, that’s not good news.

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So, that’s the story of 7UP. They started strong, made a huge splash, but faced some tough times. It’s a reminder that things change, and even the most popular brands can face challenges. Next time you see a 7UP, maybe give it a try and remember its bubbly history! 🥤🍋🍈

In Conclusion To

Imagine being in a massive family gathering, with over 100 noisy relatives. Think about trying to make your voice heard when there are so many others talking at the same time.

It’s tough, right? Now, imagine being 7UP in the world of sodas. With so many drinks out there, staying popular and remembered is like trying to stand out in that big, loud family. Yet, through thick and thin, 7UP managed to shine for years.

It’s not just a drink; it’s a story of resilience and staying bubbly, no matter what! 🍋🥤🌟

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 7Up discontinued?

No, 7Up is not discontinued. It is still available in most places where soft drinks are sold.

2. Has the formula for 7Up changed?

There have been some changes to the formula over the years, but the basic recipe for 7Up remains the same.

3. Is 7Up still a popular soft drink?

Yes, 7Up remains a popular choice for consumers who enjoy citrus-flavored soft drinks.

4. Are there any new flavors of 7Up?

Yes, 7Up has introduced several new flavors over the years, including Cherry 7Up and Diet Cherry 7Up.

5. Is 7Up available internationally?

Yes, 7Up is available in many countries around the world, although it may be marketed under different names or formulations in some regions.

6. Is 7Up considered a healthy drink?

Like many soft drinks, 7Up is high in sugar and calories, so it's not considered the healthiest choice. However, it can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.

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