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Before you choose a service provider for your LMS, make sure that the service has all the tools and software required for cloud computing. This will help you in shortening the learning curve and making it easier for you to adapt to the new system. There are several services available on the Internet for cloud computing. However, most of them do not provide the same level of features and functionality.

Here  are some points that you must consider before selecting a service provider for your LMS:

Use of Virtual labs

Another important feature of the Cloud Academy support is the use of virtual labs. Labs are the best place to test out your ideas and the ability to try out new applications without investing a dime. Another advantage of virtual labs is that you can learn without investing a penny. The instructor of the course and the other students can access the information through a number of methods including e-mail. In this way, you can gain quick knowledge and improve your learning skills. You are also able to share your ideas with others and learn from them simultaneously.

Training and support

The second step you need to consider is training and support. As you may realize, many people claim expertise in software testing but actually, they do not possess all the necessary skills and knowledge. Therefore, to get the right training, you need to check if the academy offers training materials, software testing seminars, training, and so on. The support is provided by trained professionals who will help you in every step of the software testing process.

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Good delivery of the product

The third step to consider is the actual delivery of the product. You should check whether the academy offers software testing services right from the initial stage. After the course has been completed, you should get full access to the library containing the software testing tools. These will be very helpful when you start testing the software. However, you will only get the benefit if you find out that all the bugs have been fixed. This will make your life easier and you will not have to wait for the next release to find out whether all the bugs have been worked on or not.

You should also check the feedback from the users of the course. Through this, you will know how successful the course was and whether there is still demand for software testing in the market. If there is still a huge demand, then there must be a demand for the program as well. So, if you sign up for the Cloud Academy program, you will know if it really delivers quality training materials.

Comprehensive learning

Last but not least, examine the course carefully. There should be a comprehensive set of tutorials, manuals, and online videos. For software testing, you will need several guides including the manual, test cases, integration and design guides as well as the test automation and integration guides. You should also be able to go through the topics in detail and have a clear understanding of them. Go through the videos in detail so that you can have a better idea of what they are talking about.

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Cloud Academy offers many different features and advantages including the above points and for more, if you need technical support after the software testing course, you will have to pay more. For some, this might be acceptable. However, others do not find this acceptable because they do not like to wait for their software testing sessions to be completed. With a Cloud Academy program, you will find that all these are offered in a virtual environment. So, you will never have to face any technical issues in real-life situations. This is the main advantage of the Academy program, which is also the main reason why people register with the Academy.

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