Marketing Through Social Media – The Amazing Benefits

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Today, with the advancement of social media, business owners cannot just depend on traditional marketing methods (radio, television, etc.) to reach the target audience. If they do not explore the new age social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to connect with potential customers, their business would surely fall behind. However, just having an Instagram account or Facebook page won’t work. You need to make an effort to build a large fan following. Tools, such as Twenvy can help you to be well distributed and received among your potential buyers. In this blog, we look at some of the amazing benefits that marketing through social media offers.

Enhance Branding

A strong presence on social media definitely helps in strengthening your brand. Online branding is very important to reach business goals. Once you become a brand people trust, your business will surely progress well. Social media is a great place for branding because of its reach and helping to create a brand in just a short span with the right efforts. You can do so by partnering with influencers, staying relevant, addressing what people are looking for, posting user reviews, and so on.

Measurable Results 

It is not easily possible to ascertain the number of people who watched your ad on TV or read the same in a newspaper, thereby making it difficult to judge its effectiveness. On the other hand, social media marketing offers easily measurable and comparable metrics that tell you how many people actually saw your post and did a follow-up action. This helps you compare results and make any changes if required for the post to be more effective.

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The social media metrics available on different platforms also tell you the time and duration customers visit your social media pages along with the cities & countries from which you get the maximum visitors. Such valuable data can help you better plan your outreach and campaigns for them to be more cost-effective and result-oriented.

Customized Marketing

Thanks to the different social media platforms and marketing tools available, you can actually customize your ads, to reach a specific audience as required. For example, if you are a laptop brand, then you can plan and schedule your posts to be seen only by those people who are actively looking at buying a laptop. This helps better utilization and management of your advertising budget.

Similarly, your social media posts can be customized for the region, country or city that they are being displayed. It is also possible to customize the language that the posts are being shown in, based on the most common language of a particular region.

Better Customer Satisfaction & Feedback

You no longer need to depend on a helpline to get direct feedback, compliments, or complaints from your customers. People are generally highly active on social media and quick to share their feedback with brands. One-to-one communication with customers also helps to improve customer loyalty towards your brands.

You can also use social media channels to conduct polls and collect feedback from customers on potential products and services thus helping you improve your products or services before the launch. Moreover, brands that are active on social media and focused on customer satisfaction and communication have a competitive advantage.

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Social Media Marketing is the preferred marketing choice for many new-age marketers. Given the cost-benefit and advantages that social media marketing offers, companies have started including it in their marketing plans. The versatility, creativity, and flexibility that social media marketing offers are unparalleled as compared to traditional media.

If you wish to connect with your customers, improve market presence and generate more leads and business, then social media marketing is the definite answer you should be looking at.

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