Are Online Casinos A Healthy Pastime?

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There’s a lot of entertainment choices nowadays. About 26% of the world population choose gambling as a go-to for fun and enjoyment. Roughly 4.2 billion people try their luck once a year gambling and the U.K. estimates around 17% of the populace hits online gambling sites. The expansion of mobile technology has opened up the floodgates for online poker and online roulette.

Gaming in Hungary

Hungary is one country with increasing numbers of citizens playing online casino. A new investigation by eNet reveals that Hungarian iGaming numbers are soaring. A whopping 54% of Hungarian women and 61% of the male population spend at least one to two hours weekly engaging in online gambling.

Still yet, a pool of 25% of Hungarian players interviewed confessed they game three to five hours weekly. How many hours is a healthy dose of weekly gaming, and what’s potential “ludomania” or gambling addiction? Our guest expert, Sultés Szilvia, takes a close look at whether online gambling is a healthy pastime or not.

Gambling Reputation

Gambling has a taboo reputation in various social sectors. Scientific research has found pros and cons with gambling as a pastime. There are some health benefits because gambling is a form of entertainment that can be beneficial when used in moderation. Make sure you use only trusted online casino sites that require registration and are endorsed. Avoid questionable sites that will drain your playing funds. That’s a healthy start!

Pros and Cons

U.S. behaviour investigation discovered gambling boosts happiness and uplifts the player’s mood. Ultimately gamblers exhibited more joy than non-gamblers. Compared to other types of entertainment, like television watching, moderate gambling was in the lead for bringing more delight to life.

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Mental agility, strategising, and observation can keep the mind sharp, which will improve thinking skills. Patterns, numbers, game rules and tactics all assist brain activity. Socially, an online casino with friends or new friends can open up a whole new world, bringing excitement and more interaction to life.

Gambling can be a relaxing retreat from life’s everyday grind. Gaming as an entertainment outlet grinds to a halt when the thrill is gone.

Gambling addiction is defined as a behavioural need to gamble endlessly without regard for negative repercussions or an urge to stop. Problem gambling is another issue that means the gambler and others are harmed in some way. New laws in Hungary allow its citizens to self-exclude themselves from online gaming, according to news outlet Magyar Hírlap.

Many Hungarians opt for these healthy boundaries to self-mandate three or six months to one or two year ban from online gaming as described by the European Casino Association. Hungary is also combating illegal online casino operators by expanding its block list. As of 2020, Hungarian Parliament blocked online sites grew to 150%, and in March 2021, new anti-money laundering laws were instituted.

Get Your Healthy Game On

There are ways to navigate healthy online casino gaming.

A self-check on your gambling style and health impact can be answered at Gambling Therapy online. outlines six addictive stage indicators.

  • The gambling problem is unidentified
  • Thoughts of required or possible change
  • Change is required and possible, action plans made
  • Acting on plans
  • Safety nets for success arranged
  • Addiction returns and cycle restarts
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Spiralling Out of Control

Reckless gambling requires a bottomless pit of funding and can dwindle cash for necessary items like; rent, food, clothing, utility bills, house and car payments. Some problem gamers resort to criminal dealings, which lands them in irreversible repercussions and convictions.

If gambling is your sole source of entertainment and bringing mood swings, sleeping issues, anxiousness, depression or harmful thoughts, it’s time to take a break and reach out for assistance. Immediate tools to assist in slowing down unhealthy gambling behaviours is blocking software. You can also self-exclude from online gambling if you’re in Hungary.

Keeping Gambling in Check

A few reminders about gambling that will help keep a good perspective is; it’s only entertainment, stick with a limit, stop when you lose, don’t play under the influence and don’t play if you haven’t got the cash.

Author’s bio: Sultés Szilvia is an experienced specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and gambling industry. At work, I am organized, goal-oriented, attentive to details, and committed to excellence. Singing is my passion. I love to sing karaoke songs or just sing along. Also, my interests include travelling, hiking, and biking.

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