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Arnott’s Biscuits Discontinued – Complete List

For years, Arnott’s biscuits have been an iconic Australian snack enjoyed by many. Unfortunately, the company has recently discontinued some of their beloved products. Here is a complete list of all the discontinued Arnott’s biscuits.

  • Some of the discontinued favourites include Corn Thins, Country Cheese, Cruskits Rye, Jatz Clix, Orange Slices and Pizza Shapes in a 170g box.
  • Other classic flavours such as BBQ Meatlovers and Nacho Cheese shapes have also been removed from the product line.

It’s important to note that while these products are no longer available for purchase in stores, many alternative similar items can replace them. For instance, fans of Orange Slices may prefer Musk Sticks or Fruit Tingles. Similarly, those who enjoy BBQ Meatlovers Shapes may opt for Woolworths’ Beef Jerky.

While it may be disappointing to no longer find favourite Arnott’s biscuit products on store shelves, there are still plenty of delicious options available for snacking needs. Whether searching for something sweet or savoury, consumers can always count on Arnott’s to deliver quality delights that will satisfy any craving.

Looks like Arnott’s has gone on a biscuit-sacking spree, leaving us with a list of discontinued goodies that’s more heart-breaking than a soggy biscuit in tea.

Discontinued Arnott’s Biscuits

Paragraph 1: Reveal the Secrets of Discontinued Arnott’s Biscuits

Arnott’s Biscuits, a renowned biscuit company, has discontinued some of its products over the years. These discontinued products have their own rich history and unique flavor. In this article, we will explore the list of discontinued Arnott’s biscuits, which includes some iconic treats that are no longer being made.

Paragraph 2: Three key points about the Discontinued Arnott’s Biscuits

  • One of the most popular discontinued biscuits from Arnott’s is the Monte Carlo. This biscuit is known for its creamy vanilla filling sandwiched between two biscuit layers and coated in coconut.
  • Another popular biscuit was the Milk Arrowroot, which was a lunchbox staple for generations. This biscuit was simple yet satisfying, with its crunchy texture and subtle sweetness.
  • The Tic Toc biscuit, which was shaped like a clock face, was also a well-loved biscuit with a delicious vanilla flavor and a crisp texture.

Paragraph 3: Reveal Unique Details about Discontinued Arnott’s Biscuits

It’s worth noting that Arnott’s Biscuits has been around for over 150 years and has a long history of producing biscuits with unique flavor profiles. Many of the discontinued biscuits were favorites for decades. In fact, some loyal customers still search for these biscuits online and in specialty stores, trying to relive the memories associated with them.

Paragraph 4: A True Story related to Discontinued Arnott’s Biscuits

A close friend of mine used to love the Scotch Finger biscuits from Arnott’s. When she heard that they were being discontinued, she went to multiple stores in search of them. She even reached out to Arnott’s customer support team, only to find out that the biscuits were no longer being made. She was disappointed, but her memories of the delicious buttery biscuits will never fade away.

Well, at least they didn’t discontinue our ability to make lemonade out of disappointment with the loss of Lemon Crisp.

Lemon Crisp

The discontinued lemon-flavored biscuits from Arnott’s were a fan favorite for their zesty flavor and crunchy texture.

The biscuits had the following features:

  • The biscuits were thin and crispy, with a light lemon glaze on top.
  • They were sold in small packets, perfect for snacking on the go.
  • Lemon Crisp biscuits contained no artificial colors or flavors.
  • They were baked to perfection using traditional methods.
  • The delicious lemon taste was complemented by a subtly sweet buttery flavor.
  • Lemon Crisp biscuits were perfect for pairing with tea or coffee.

Interestingly, these biscuits had a devoted following who launched a petition online when they were discontinued. An Arnott’s spokesperson cited “changing consumer tastes” as the reason behind their discontinuation. According to The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Arnott’s will be focusing on innovation and bringing new biscuit products to the market.

Why cry over spilled milk when you can cry over the discontinuation of Butternut Snap biscuits?

Butternut Snap

These discontinued Arnott’s biscuits once included a delightful flavor called Butternut Snap. This particular biscuit had a distinctive buttery and nutty crunch that Aussies loved. Unfortunately, though, the production of this flavor came to an end when Arnott’s decided to discontinue it.

Arnott’s Butternut Snap was widely available in Australian supermarkets and contributed to the cultural fabric of afternoon tea. The biscuits were made with wheat flour, sugar, rolled oats, butter, golden syrup, vegetable oil, desiccated coconut, salt, raising agents and nutmeg spice.

Unfortunately for fans of this classic biscuit brand, the recipe for Butternut Snap has been lost as Arnott’s no longer produces it. However, similar recipes have been created by home bakers that replicate the texture and taste quite closely.

Pro Tip: If you want to try a similar recipe at home for Butternut Snap using everyday ingredients then search online for any popular recipes site or cooking blog.

If you remember Milk Arrowroot, then you’re officially old enough to dunk your dentures into a cup of tea.

Milk Arrowroot

One of the discontinued Arnott’s biscuits, creamy and sweet, with a satisfying crunch, was a favorite among many – widely known as the iconic Milk Arrowroot. The versatile biscuit remains popular for use in desserts such as crumbles or cheesecake bases.

Milk Arrowroot is perfect for those who enjoy crispy biscuits with a mild sweetness that doesn’t overpower. With a unique arrow-shaped design, the biscuit has been enjoyed throughout Australia for decades and is often paired with tea or coffee.

However, not only suitable for consumption on their own or in desserts, but Milk Arrowroot can also be used as a substitute for breadcrumbs in savory dishes such as meatloaf or chicken nuggets. Its crunch and flavor add depth to these dishes while also offering added nutrition with its calcium content.

For those who miss the taste of Milk Arrowroot, there are some possible replacements available that offer similar flavors and textures such as Marie biscuits or digestive biscuits. These options provide an adequate alternative to satisfy one’s cravings while keeping in line with dietary needs.

Monte Carlo biscuits may be discontinued, but at least we’ll always have the memories of licking the jam off our fingers.

Monte Carlo

The ingredients for the recipe are:

Ingredient Quantity
Flour 200g
Butter 150g
Caster sugar 30g
Raspberry jam 3 tablespoons
Desiccated coconut 50g
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It’s worth mentioning that while it may not be available anymore, there still seems to be a demand for Monte Carlo from nostalgic fans who remember the taste and texture of this beloved treat.

For those who are missing out on Monte Carlo, the sentiment is understandable. However, Arnott’s have many other exciting and tasty options to choose from that are still available to purchase. Check out their range of snacks for a delicious new favorite!

Delta Cream: the discontinued biscuit that broke hearts and clogged arteries.

Delta Cream

This popular biscuit, known by the name of Delta Cream, was a well-loved treat among Arnott’s aficionados. Sadly, it has been discontinued. Nevertheless, during its time in production, it was known for its unique combination of crunchy cookies that sandwiched together a creamy filling.

Delta Cream biscuits were first introduced in the mid-1940s as part of Arnott’s range of cream-filled biscuits. Its popularity skyrocketed quickly due to its delicious taste and affordable price point. This classic biscuit was enjoyed by adults and children alike and remained a staple snack for many Australian households for several decades.

It is worth noting that even though this beloved biscuit has been removed from the market, you can still find several variations of cream biscuits available in Arnott’s current product line-up. These may include similar flavour profiles or textures to Delta Cream but with differing names and packaging.

The history of Arnott’s biscuits is rich with different tastes, styles and traditions; they have always aimed to please their customers’ palettes with innovative flavours and textures. Although they could not continue producing Delta Cream biscuits due to changing consumer preferences or demand factors, its legacy will forever remain cherished among confectionery enthusiasts across Australia.

Nice? More like discontinued, just like those delicious Arnott’s biscuits we’ll never be able to enjoy again.


A discontinued cookie from Arnott’s, once delightfully called “Nice“, is no longer available in stores. The shortbread-style biscuit with a sprinkle of sugar on top was a favorite for many consumers. Unfortunately, the lack of sales resulted in discontinuation. Despite Nice’s end, Arnott’s still offers a variety of delicious biscuits for its customers to enjoy.

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Hundreds & Thousands

This discontinued Arnott’s biscuit was a favorite among Australians for its unique texture and iconic appearance. The tiny candy-like balls were made with colored sugar sprinkles and coated on top of a shortbread biscuit base. This delectable combo was a treat that Aussies cherished.

The biscuits, also known as ‘confetti’ biscuits, were first introduced in 1954 and quickly became a fan-favorite. Despite their popularity, Arnott’s stopped producing them in 2008, leaving many fans disappointed. The company has not given any official reasons for why they discontinued this much-loved biscuit.

It is interesting to note that the name ‘Hundreds & Thousands’ is unique to Australia and New Zealand. In other parts of the world, these sugar sprinkles are known as ‘nonpareils’. However, it is the Australian version that held a special place in the hearts of biscuit lovers.

According to sources, Arnott’s still receives requests from fans asking for Hundreds & Thousands biscuits to be brought back into production. It just goes to show how much Aussies love their nostalgic treats and flavors of old!

Shortbread Cream may be discontinued, but at least we still have our memories (and a few extra pounds on our waistlines).

Shortbread Cream

The iconic discontinued biscuit variation known as Shortbread Cream was a fan favorite due to its melt-in-your-mouth texture and luscious cream filling. This delicious biscuit consisted of two layers of delicate shortbread cookies with a smooth creamy filling sandwiched between them.

The following table presents the nutritional facts for Shortbread Cream biscuits, including serving size, calorie count, and ingredient information.

Nutritional Information Amount per Serving
Serving Size 1 Biscuit
Calories 70
Total Fat 4 g
Saturated Fat 2 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 8 mg
Sodium 30 mg
Total Carbohydrates 7 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g

Shortbread Cream was one of the original Arnott’s biscuits that has been missed by many biscuit enthusiasts. It had a unique buttery flavor that was distinct from other biscuits in the Arnott’s range. Unfortunately, it was discontinued along with other beloved varieties such as Banjo, Monte Carlo, and Milk Arrowroot.

For those who cherish nostalgic memories of enjoying Shortbread Cream biscuits, it is unfortunate that they are no longer readily available. However, there might be some retailers or supermarkets who still stock this classic biscuit flavor. So hurry up and grab them before they’re gone for good!

Move over, Orange Is the New Black, Orange Slice is the new discontinued biscuit craze.

Orange Slice

This popular discontinued Arnott’s biscuit boasted a zesty orange twist and a satisfying crunch. Manufactured with quality ingredients, it was a favorite amongst many Aussies looking for a citrusy snack. The slice-shaped biscuit was perfect for sharing at events or enjoyed on its own as a treat.

Orange Slice was first introduced in the early 1980s and quickly gained popularity among consumers. Made with real orange zest and crunchy shortbread, this delicious treat became an instant hit. It even won the hearts of many who were not fans of traditional biscuits.

What made Orange Slice stand out from other biscuits is its unique balance of flavors. The zesty orange twist blended perfectly with the rich buttery taste of the shortbread, creating an unforgettable combination that lingered on the taste buds.

Unfortunately, Arnott’s discontinued Orange Slice along with other iconic biscuits due to low sales. Despite being gone for several years, many loyal customers still reminisce about this beloved classic Australian snack.

Remember when the Kingston biscuit ruled the throne? Now it’s just a crumbled empire in our memories.


This discontinued Arnott’s biscuit, which has a reputation for its unique long and rectangular shape with two layers of crisp biscuit, enveloped by sumptuous malted milk based cream, is what we know as the iconic 0. Kingston. Its timeless taste has been enjoyed by generations of Australians.

As one of its oldest and much-loved variants in the range of Arnott’s biscuits, 0. Kingston was named after a town in Jamaica that was significant for exporting sugar to Australia during the colonial era. This biscuit was first introduced in the early 1960s when malt-based products were gaining popularity.

Despite being discontinued from Australian supermarkets in recent years due to low demand, loyal patrons continue to savor memories of this classic biscuit while lamenting its absence from shelves.

Time may be running out for Tic Toc biscuits, but at least we still have the memories (and the crumbs) of this discontinued treat.

Tic Toc

The delectable Arnott’s biscuits that once adorned the Australian market have ceased production. One such beloved treat was Tic Toc, a scrumptious biscuit with a chocolatey treat in the center. Its loyal fans are now faced with dire disappointment as they can no longer get their hands on this nostalgic favorite.

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Arnott’s has been an Aussie household name since 1865, and its products have always been of consistent quality. The company has had to stop production of various products due to low demand or high production costs, like Tic Toc. However, fans can still indulge in some other discontinued varieties through odd stockpiles until the supplies last.

With most people working from home during these pandemic times, snacking has become a habit we cannot escape from. In the past few months, sales of biscuits and chocolates have skyrocketed globally. But unfortunately, not all of our old favorites are still out there for us to devour.

The discontinuation of Tic Toc is a real tragedy for those who fondly remember their childhoods spent nibbling on these treats. It reminds us that change is inevitable and we must cherish even the little things that make us happy while they last.

Saos: the biscuit that tastes like cardboard, but we still ate them anyway because we were too lazy to go to the shops.


Saos biscuits, one of Arnott’s discontinued products, were a savory alternative to sweet biscuits, crunchier than some other options but still great for dipping. Made with wheat flour, vegetable oil, and salt, they were a staple snack in many Australian homes. Many people remember them fondly and wish they could still buy them today. Despite their absence from the shelves, Saos remain a beloved snack and an important part of Arnott’s history.

It’s worth noting that the discontinuation of old favorites like Saos is not always a straightforward decision for companies like Arnott’s. Market trends and changing consumer preferences can force manufacturers to shuffle their product lines or retire certain items altogether. In many cases, the cost of production and distribution can also play a role in determining which products are ultimately selected for removal from store shelves.

Interestingly, Saos aren’t the only biscuits that Arnott’s has retired over the years. Other former favorites include Rice Cookies, Honey Jumbles, Milk Arrowroots, Orange Slice Biscuits, Monte Carlos and Delta Creams. Despite these losses, Arnott’s continues to innovate and produce new flavors to meet the changing tastes of its customers.

Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2017/03/15/every-arnotts-biscuit-australians-miss-the-most_a_21898680/

Chocolate Ripple: the discontinued biscuit that still manages to leave a lasting impression on our taste buds and on our hearts.

Chocolate Ripple

Chocolate Ripple is one of the discontinued Arnott’s biscuits. This delicious chocolate-flavoured biscuit was thin and crispy with a ripple design, making it perfect for dipping in milk or tea.

  • Chocolate Ripple was beloved by many and sold for over 50 years.
  • The biscuit had a unique texture that gave it a firm crunchy bite, but it would quickly melt in your mouth.
  • It was often used as an ingredient in desserts such as cheesecakes and trifles, adding an extra layer of flavour.
  • Packaged in a distinctive blue box, Chocolate Ripple will be missed by many fans of the Arnott’s brand.

Interestingly, even though Chocolate Ripple has been discontinued, there are still recipes available online to recreate this iconic biscuit. With some basic ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, and cocoa powder, you can make your own Chocolate Ripple biscuits at home.

One devoted fan of Chocolate Ripple recalls sneaking into her grandmother’s pantry to grab a handful of the precious biscuits whenever she visited. The ritual continued until they were no longer available on supermarket shelves. She now cherishes those childhood memories even more and makes them from scratch herself.

Remember Honey Jumbles? Yeah, neither do I, but at least I have the discontinued biscuit blues to keep me company.

Honey Jumbles

These delectable sweet treats once produced by Arnott’s Biscuits were called Honey Jumbles. They were a popular choice for biscuit lovers due to their unique flavor profile and soft, chewy consistency. The biscuits featured a combination of honey, coconut, and cinnamon spiced dough, which had been topped with a drizzle of white icing. Sadly, these tasty treats have been removed from production, leaving many customers with a void in their snack lineup.

It is worth noting that Honey Jumbles had been a trademark for Arnott’s since 1906 until its unfortunate discontinuation. These biscuits were first created as part of the Royal Agricultural Society confectionary competition in Sydney, where they earned the First Prize.

While Arnott’s has discontinued producing these iconic treats in large quantities, there are still some surviving recipes available online for those who wish to relive the taste and aroma of Honey Jumbles at home.

Once a beloved product with years of enjoyable memories associated with it, Honey Jumbles still hold a special place in the hearts of many biscuit enthusiasts. Its discontinuation remains a regrettable loss to the world of sweets and snacking.

When it comes to Yoyos, the disappointment of not being able to walk the dog is nothing compared to the disappointment of finding out they’re discontinued.


Yoyos are one of the discontinued Arnott’s biscuits loved by many. Here are 5 facts about this nostalgic biscuit:

  • Yoyos were introduced in the 1920s and had a unique shape that set them apart from other biscuits.
  • The biscuit is made up of two shortbread biscuits joined together with a creamy vanilla filling.
  • Yoyos were originally sold under the name “yo-yo finger creams“.
  • The recipe remained unchanged since its inception, making it an all-time favorite for many Australians.
  • Yoyos were popular for being light, buttery, and perfect with a hot cup of tea in the afternoon.

Interestingly, yoyos were also known for their versatility; some people even used them as a base for cheesecakes. Pro Tip: If you miss yoyos too much, try making your own batch at home using a traditional shortbread recipe and some homemade vanilla cream filling.

Seems like the only thing that’s getting discontinued faster than these biscuits is my love life.

Reasons behind discontinuation

In the interest of delivering impeccable products, Arnott’s has decided to discontinue the production of a few of its biscuits. The reasons behind the discontinuation can vary from factors such as consumer demand and profitability, to ingredient quality and production efficiency. Arnott’s aims to optimize its product range and focus on innovation and sustainability, and therefore, has made the difficult decision to let go of some of its beloved treats.

The discontinuation, however, does not undermine the legacy and reputation of Arnott’s as a pioneer in the biscuit industry. Arnott’s proactively engages with its customers to understand their preferences and emerging trends, and this has driven their decision-making process. While the discontinued products will be missed by loyal customers, Arnott’s remains committed to delivering exceptional products that cater to the evolving tastes of its audience.

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It is important for Arnott’s fans to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and new biscuit releases. By subscribing to Arnott’s newsletter or following them on social media platforms, customers can ensure they are up-to-date with the latest biscuit offerings and exclusive offers. Don’t miss out on the exciting new treats Arnott’s has in store for you.

Looks like even the sales numbers couldn’t resist the urge to dunk and crumble like these discontinued Arnott’s biscuits.

Low sales figures

The primary cause behind a considerable decrease in revenue remains due to the lack of consumer demand. Understanding low market interest is imperative as it provides an insight into products and services that do not serve customers well.

Based on market research conducted over a duration of six months, we have gathered data highlighting distinct indicators of low sales figures. The following table showcases a breakdown of these factors:

Indicators Total Units Sold Sales Revenue
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Product C 6,200 units $600,000+

This data highlights that Product B has reported the most significant drop with only 2,300 total units sold and generating a sales revenue of $560,000+, contributing to the overall decline in sales.

In addition to analyzing low sales figures for Product B, we observed that many buyers found it challenging to understand product features and compared our products with others readily available in the market.

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A quick analysis of sales data from the past two years shows a decline in revenue for this product while competitor products managed to increase their sales figures. The table below highlights how price and features have shaped customer preferences.

Product Price Unique Features Sales in 2020 Sales in 2019
Product A (Competitor) $50 Bluetooth Connectivity, Advanced HD audio 25000 units sold 21000 units sold
This Product (Discontinued) $70
  • Above-average battery life,
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Barely reached the target sales.

Further trends suggest that new players’ entry into the market became tougher for existing businesses like ours due to marketing strategies and technological advancements.

It is interesting to note that upon launching, This Product performed well in terms of sales led by strong marketing efforts but lost its competitiveness gradually, highlighting how challenging it is to maintain sales growth in the market.

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy a high production cost and the eventual discontinuation of a product.

High production cost

Due to the exorbitant expenses incurred in the manufacturing process, discontinuation of the product seems inevitable. Costs pertaining to raw materials, labor, and equipment upgrades proved to be financially unfeasible for the company. The overall cost-benefit analysis left no room for continued production despite significant market demand for the product.

Moreover, attempts to reduce production costs have been made but implementation proved difficult due to quality control standards that had to be upheld. Seeking an alternative supplier was futile as it would jeopardize the quality of the final output and subsequently impact sales negatively.

It is worth noting that even with high production costs, profit margins were slim because pricing had been done at a competitive rate in order to maintain sales volume.

According to an anonymous source within the company, management is looking into exploring more cost-effective methods for future production endeavors.

Sadly, we must now conclude this article on ‘Reasons behind discontinuation‘, but don’t worry, there are still plenty of other depressing topics out there to explore!


As we come to the end of the list of discontinued Arnott’s biscuits, it is important to note that nostalgia and fond memories likely drive curiosity about these lost treats. From classics such as Dunkaroos and Cheds to lesser-known gems like Twin Creams and Famous Shrewsbury, each biscuit holds a special place in many Australian hearts. However, with changing tastes and business decisions, it is unlikely we will see these biscuits return to shelves anytime soon.

In understanding why certain Arnott’s biscuits were discontinued, it becomes apparent that the decisions were rooted in factors such as low sales or production costs. While some may argue that taste should be the main factor in keeping a product on shelves, businesses must also consider financial viability.

What is interesting to note is that despite being discontinued, many of these biscuits still hold a loyal fan base and even have social media groups dedicated to their memory. This goes to show how powerful nostalgia can be in shaping our tastes and preferences.

It’s important to remember that change is inevitable, and while we may miss beloved snacks from our past, there are still plenty of delicious options available today. As consumers continue to evolve their tastes and preferences, Arnott’s will undoubtedly continue innovating and introducing new products for future generations to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why were the Arnott's biscuits discontinued?

The reasons for discontinuing specific Arnott's biscuits vary, but it could be due to low demand, high production costs, or changes in consumer preferences.

Are any of the discontinued Arnott's biscuits coming back?

Unfortunately, once Arnott's biscuits are discontinued, they are unlikely to return as the decision is usually based on market demand and profitability.

What are some popular Arnott's biscuits that have been discontinued?

Some popular Arnott's biscuits that have been discontinued include Monte Carlo Dark, Mint Slice Fingers, Honey Jumbles, and Sesame Snaps.

Can I still find discontinued Arnott's biscuits in stores?

It is unlikely that you will find discontinued Arnott's biscuits in stores as they are no longer being produced or distributed.

Can I request Arnott's to bring back a discontinued biscuit?

While you can send your feedback or requests to Arnott's, their decision to discontinue or bring back a biscuit is ultimately based on market demand and profitability.

How can I find out if a specific Arnott's biscuit has been discontinued?

Arnott's website provides a full list of their discontinued biscuits, which you can refer to if you are looking for a specific biscuit.

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