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For those who do not have the information about what Atari means, it is a video game console released in 1977 by the North American game manufacturer Atari, Inc. The system that Atari is using is cartridge-based that allows players to choose between the various games and is considered to be the pioneer of a new era in home gaming systems.

The founder of Atari Nolan Bushnell and a lot of designers who were working for the company worked hard to suggest to people the games that were able to connect to a standard television set and employed computer chips that as a result, featured full-color graphics and sound. The initial offering amount of games were nine. The most popular story of the company starts from 1980 when the designers and game developers offered gamers a home version of the Japanese video game Space Invaders. As a result, the sales were doubled and millions of them were sold.

The company renamed and officially was called Atari 2600 that became the most popular gaming system in the world.

The latest news about the company is that Atari is joining the Ethereum-based gaming world Decentraland, where the classic Atari games will be available to play as well as newly created games. The token which will be used during the game is called Atari Token.

The popular American gaming company is collaborating with Decentraland, which is a popular virtual gaming world that runs on Ethereum. As the manager of Decentraland stated in his comment, the gamers will be given the opportunity to experience Atari’s catalog starting from the retro-style games and ending up newly created games, such as Pong, Break-out!, Asteroids, Missile Command, Centipede, and others. Decentraland avatars will be able to wear officially licensed Atari merchandise, available via the Decentraland Marketplace.

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Gaming In Ethereum

As we have already mentioned above, during the game, players will be given the opportunity to experience the crypto-industry while playing to relax and enjoy the process and use Atari Token for it.  It is anticipated that the release date of the token, as the company has indicated in its announcement, is expected to be November. The type of token is ERC-20 which indicated that it runs on Ethereum.

This move was perceived as a very important step in the gaming industry and Atari is betting big on Blockchain, especially Etherium. Even though there were a lot of cases when the tokens on the Ethereum blockchain were implemented by major sports teams or celebrities, it is believed by the people who are involved in the industry, that the partnership between Atari and Decentaland will be the major and shows Etherium is growing beyond Defi and is expected to increase the popularity and demand on the Ethereum-based casino gaming platforms. The reason is simple, first of all, now we are having a major company on the market that is going to operate their games on the Ethereum blockchain that will promote the involvement of other companies as well. Other than that, the gaming process is very simple, quick, and more convenient for gamers, as it is giving you the opportunity to make transactions very easily, it can’t be tracked, etc.


Finally, to sum up, it is vivid that the industries in the new technological era are changing a lot and are spread over many other industries. One of the most influenced fields by technological advancements in the financial sector and most specifically crypto-industry. This industry suggests many other fields, sectors, or even general public service that was not suggested by any other previous industries. This is the convenience of the procedure and making it more and more simple, does not matter what field we are talking about. If they do not have direct contact with any of them, then the different industries try to become involved in it on their own and offer their clients the service that is adapted to their needs and new reality. The gaming and entertainment field appears to be one of them and major companies in the gaming industry are adapting to the service to use the advantages of the crypto-industry and blockchain system to its own advantage. By the advantage, we mean the convenience, simplicity, and efficiency that is very fascinating and catching for the clients.

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