The Australian Tech App That Has Saved Thousands of Lone Workers

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By Brian Eugen 4 Min Read
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Australia might not be the first country you think of when it comes to tech, but there are a lot of incredibly talented developers out there with some equally amazing products. One of the most notable is a simple app that has saved thousands of lives from potential accidents in the workplace.


SHEQSY is a safety app originally built for Australian working devices that allows lone workers to keep checking in with their employers, automatically posting alerts if a certain worker suddenly seems to vanish or go off the grid. It also serves as a major monitoring and safety tool in general.

Now used all over the world, SHEQSY has become increasingly important in a reality where solo employees are still vulnerable in the workplace. A single injury could leave a worker stuck with no easy way to contact their bosses, meaning that they could suffer greater injuries or even die outright.


While using SHEQSY, employers and employees can arrange convenient ‘check-in’ times, using the app to keep everybody up to date on the current situation and the progress of a certain piece of work. These check-ins do not have to consist of anything more than a quick confirmation through the app.

However, if a worker misses a check-in, then the system automatically flags it up, allowing employers to see who has checked in and who has not. This real-time alert can be useful for keeping tabs on workers in dangerous fields, pointing out those who might be injured or in need of emergency assistance.

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SHEQSY also offers area-based tracking and alert systems, meaning that workers and employees can specify a certain radius around a point as a ‘working area.’ This can send more real-time updates if an employee’s phone suddenly disappears from that zone.

Systems like this mean that it can be much easier to track employees who might be lost and will update automatically if a worker’s phone or linked device shuts off suddenly. This has a wide range of uses, but it acts as a valuable safety tool first and foremost, flagging up missing employees.


A real-time timer system means that employees can be kept on track and allows for schedules to be used as a safety measure. These timers can be used as countdowns, placed on a specific area or activity through location-based information.

If an employee overstays their welcome in a certain location, then this will also be sent to their employer, allowing them to check if everything is alright or ask if the work has suffered any sudden delays. Tracking like this can be a legal necessity in many industries that use lone workers.

The whole SHEQSY system is excellent for both safety uses and keeping track of worker efficiency, making it an incredibly helpful tool for companies that want to comply with their local lone worker regulations. You can check them out on the official website, along with a better breakdown of how it all works.

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