Top 5 Android Apps For Maintaining The Health & Fitness

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Basically people go to Gym for maintaining their fitness body & health, so they will set a target for their workouts. Day by day, they will increase their target slowly to make their body fit. To complete their day by day workout they want to count the workouts. so they need an assistant to count and to guide their workouts in a correct manner. Some of them will have a physical assistant with them, who sometimes may go wrong with the counts and guidelines.

But the easiest way to guide them in a correct manner is having an Android App with them. The 7 Main Types of Fitness Apps will count their workouts properly and it will the guide them with the workout schedules to make their body fit. It will automatically set some target for each and every day to complete the tasks given for the App users. These Apps helps to make the users body fit and healthy by giving several tips.

Top 5 Best Fitness Android App:

1. Abs Workout:

This Android Application contains the workout schedule for the user to perform and to complete the tasks. This Abs workout contains totally 6 exercises to perform in a day to get 6 pack body. An important note is that, this app should not be used as a physical trainer. Before you start the training, the user must consult the fitness trainer that the exercises in the App will be suitable for the user. The exercises should be done regularly to get your body fit. This App workout was not designed to lose the user’s belly fat, but it helps to get flat, muscular Abs/six pack.

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2. Gym Coach:

This App is used to train the users in different workouts. Gym Coach helps to do all your workouts and exercises in order to improve the fitness of your body. This App is like having a pocket personal trainer, which helps the users to fit their body. This App will give the tasks for 4 types of various categories workouts line. They are Bulky Body, Lean Body, Fitness, Six Pack. These lines will helps the user to pick their correct form to do the workouts which will suit for them. The workouts will differ for each line because an important note is the user capability to do the workouts.

3. Push Ups Workouts:

It is a personal Trainer app for the user who loves to fit the body with the push ups. It helps the user to train every day by setting a target and it will count the push ups. The push ups will counted by two basis, first one is by touching the Phone screen with the screen, and the second is by detecting the proximity sensor. Its not only counts the push ups and it also calculates the calories, lose by the users during the workouts. The graphics and the statistics are simply amazing.

4. Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach:

This App helps the users to track their footsteps and the distance traveled by walk. This app doesn’t need any additional setup to track your footsteps, the only thing that the user wants to do is keep the phone active while walking. There is a Build-in Pedometer which going to track the footsteps, when the phone is active in the users pocket or hand. It shows the calories burnt in the body with the statistics by comparing the results of the previous workouts. It also shows the distance traveled in miles.

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5. Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga:

This app gives the inner peace by doing meditation with the help of the sounds. The user can select the different types of sounds according to the environment, where the user is doing the meditation. It slowly relaxes your mind and body with the High quality meditation sounds.

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