Top 5 Free Android Apps To Learn English In A Easy Way

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Nowadays Smartphone users are being increased in a huge level, the users are expecting a simple and attractive User interface. This makes the Android OS stand first on the market by attracting the smartphone users with its stunning user interface.

Mostly students are using Android Smartphones, which gives some interesting Apps for helping them in Education. There are some Educational Android apps which help the users to increase their English Knowledge. These educational apps will helps the users to increase their memory power and their Intelligence quotient by completing some tasks or by learning new words daily, etc., Some Apps gives some general knowledge questions to answer and to finish the tasks daily.

Here I am going to suggest some educational Android Apps which helps the users to increase their English knowledge.

Top 5 Android Apps to Learn English:

1. Speak English:

This Android app helps the users to learn how to speak English by giving practices. In this app, there are many lessons to be completed by the users daily. These lessons also contain the activities for English pronunciation. Everyday the users should complete the particular lesson provided by the app to learn English perfectly. There are around 100 lessons which consists of real world conversation, most common English phrases, English words. This app contain more than 4000 audio files to practice the users to know more about English.

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2. Hello English:

Hello English is an Android app which used to learn English by completing various interesting tasks given in the app. This App helps the users to learn English easily from 13 different languages for free. There are about 250 interactive lessons which help the user to learn English speaking and grammar with helpful conversations. All the lessons in this app will run in offline as well. Games are used for doing reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises where the results will be given immediately with grammar tips. The user can chat with teachers by asking questions to improve the conversation skill.

3. English Leap:

English Leap is one of the most effective app to learn English easily using 12 languages. This app contains 5 sections which will make the users to learn English in an interesting way. The sections are courses, play, daily quizzes, vocabulary and learning videos. These sections make the learning interesting. Reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises are coming under courses section. The user can challenge the quiz with their friends or with strangers through online by sharing it in all leading social networks.

4. Speak English Fluently:

If you are searching an Android app to improve your English speaking skill and conversation skill. This app is perfectly suitable for you to learn English through hearing the conversation. You can learn necessary idioms and phrases daily and you can bookmark your favorite lessons. Basic conversation is given in this app, which helps to learn that how to respond to others in English.

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5. English Grammar Test:

This App consists of 60 tests and 1200 exercises with easy user interface. There will be 20 English grammar units in each and every test which should be completed daily. The explanation is given very simple to make every user to understand. After completing the exercises, the results will be represented in the score and with the progress analytic.

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