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There are many ways to promote your business online, including SEO, social media, and search engine marketing. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the best strategies you can employ to boost sales and reach out to more customers than ever before. However, many small businesses don’t understand how it works or what options they have. As a result, they fail to fully exploit its potential even though using search engines like Google is free and easy.

The primary objectives that SEM agencies accomplish are to attract desirable traffic, increase website visibility, and enhance brand awareness, all done at reasonable rates. You can find more information about which Singapore SEM agency packages suit your business needs by looking at agency websites or local directories. Before contacting any company, there are three criteria you should consider first so as not to miss out on something perfect for your own business goals:

What are the main factors I should consider before hiring an agency?

  • Revenue/profit increase – Determine if your SEM agency is helping you make more money (ROI > 0). If they don’t, it’s worthless.
  • Responsiveness – How quickly can they provide a customized solution after studying your requirements and the current state of online marketing efforts? A good agency will have a dedicated Digital Marketing professional who can respond in less than 24 hours after being briefed on your objectives and targets.
  • Competence – Do they have experience in your particular industry? Will you be just one of many customers, or do they truly value your business?
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What is included in SEM agency packages?

It varies project-to-project depending on the goals and objectives of the company. However, most agencies will offer the following services for their work:

SEM & PPC Account Management

  • Keyword research
  • Implementation
  • Conversion tracking/measurement
  • Ad Copywriting

 Search Engine Marketing Campaign Optimization

  • Access to industry-leading software
  • ROI measurement

Site Auditing & Digital Marketing Strategy Development

  • Comprehensive review of your site content, usability, and marketing strategy
  • Guidance on how to best optimize the site for PPC campaigns. The aim is to increase click-through rates, improve overall site performance and drive more traffic/customers to your online store.

Lead Generation & SEO Campaign Management

  • Content writing for blogs, press releases, and other content that is likely to appear in search engine results
  • Link building efforts, including blog outreach to relevant websites, directory submissions, and guest blogging.

 Digital Marketing Consulting Services

  • How best you can leverage the use of online marketing strategies to increase your business’ revenue stream. Typical agency offerings include Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce Optimization (including email marketing), Video Marketing, and Brand Awareness.


Typical SEM agency packages include both SEO and PPC services together. However, there are certain instances wherein either service may not be required – depending on the company’s budget and requirements.

More specialized skills such as mobile SEM and content marketing are typically offered as an on-going service on a monthly basis than as a bundle.

There are many SEM agencies in Singapore, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

However, not all companies offer packages specifically tailored for SMEs, so it is important to choose one who can understand your budget and business needs before deciding.

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