What Is 3D Animation Studio? What They Do and How Much Do They Charge

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3D animation is a complex and lengthy multicomponent rendering process used to create animated films. The creation of animated videos is necessary, for example, for effective presentations, computer games, etc.

The development of animated videos begins with an idea, and ends with the final processing of the video material (post-production). Particular attention is paid to the realism of all objects – moving people, cars, camera movement. Voice acting, musical accompaniment is also of great importance – if all this is perceived believable, then this is the best indicator of professionalism.

In general, 5 stages of creating 3d animation can be divided:

  1. Idea, script
  2. Creating models
  3. Create animatic
  4. Rendering, scene lighting, materials setting
  5. Voice acting, editing.

3D computer animation has come a long way lately. Nowadays, almost everywhere and always you can find an animated font or banner. However, 3D animation has taken a big leap forward in the film industry. Animated films such as Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Ice Age and many others have influenced the modern film industry. The question arises, how, where are these films made? They were created in 3D animation studios. However, they are different from each other. Some specialize in fictional characters, others create animation for documentaries. No company is fully engaged in 3D animation, since animation is a very huge field of activity.

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Pricing 3D animation often requires a personal approach. The main factors that affect the cost are the look, style and duration of the graphic clip. But even after determining these parameters, you will see only a preliminary estimate. The final amount is added up after writing and agreeing on the script. Such conditions can create misunderstandings and an image of the opacity of the process. This is further reinforced by the client’s confidence that animation is too expensive.

How the price for 3D graphics is formed and what determines the cost of the project?

#1 Types of animation

The first thing to decide when ordering an animation video is what kind of animation is required – 2D or 3D. Flat graphics are often cheaper than 3D graphics. But there are exceptions when the project is complicated by other factors, such as the creative concept or the drawing of the characters. Here even minimalistic 2D graphics will be much more expensive than 3D graphics.

#2 Animation style

The choice of animation style is influenced by the tasks facing the video. To explain the principle of operation of a simple service, flat vector graphics are suitable; isometric animation will demonstrate the company’s production process; volumetric graphics can combine the previous two styles; Doodle video is ideal for educational videos or complex instructions; screencast is effective for demonstrating the operation of an online service or application; and CGI graphics will beautifully show all the details of the product from different angles. This is only a small part of the styles that are more often in demand from clients. The list may be longer, and the names are rather internal and may differ for different production studios, but the essence remains.

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#3 Timing of the animation video

The third factor that directly affects the cost of animation is the timing of the video. There is a common misconception that the price is proportionally affected by every second of the video. In fact, this is true for the first 30-40 seconds. For example, 30 and 60-second videos will differ in price by only 30%, although a difference of 50% is logical. The fact is that the lion’s share of the labor costs is spent on the basis of the video – the creation of graphics and its animation. Therefore, more often production studios consider the cost not of a second or a minute, but of the project as a whole.

Here are the estimated prices for a 2-minute 3D animated video (follow https://explain.ninja/3d-animated-videos/ for examples):

#1 Preproduction

  • Scenario project $550
  • Storyboard project $150

#2 Production

  • Development of 2D and 3D graphics project $820
  • 3D animation $1100
  • Announcer $110
  • Sound design $110

#3 Postproduction

  • Final visualization (rendering) project $280

Total $3120

Studios that are engaged in 3D animation should have a good render farm and qualified personnel in the field of 3d graphics at their disposal.

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