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RouteGenie is a software that is designed to improve non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) through its many incredible features. The software uses top-rated technology to ensure that NEMT companies provide optimal care and transportation services to their clients.

In this article, we will focus on the main functions, features, and benefits of RouteGenie.

Let’s begin!

Main Functions of RouteGenie

RouteGenie performs three major functions in NEMT appointments. They are:

  • Routing – The software reduces your costs by limiting the number of vehicles and drivers your company has on the road at any given time.
  • Dispatching – It provides an efficient way to handle real-time changes. Examples of these are no-shows, cancellations, traffic problems, add-on trips, vehicle breakdowns, etc.
  • Billing – RouteGenie helps to simplify billing by automating all aspects of payment. It also aids with the proper and accurate submission of NEMT.

Features of RouteGenie

RouteGenie performs many functions. An example is the automation of all NEMT processes – routing, scheduling, trip requests optimization, and vehicle and driver management. Another example involves managing regular NEMT challenges, like traffic problems, vehicle breakdowns, cancellations, on-demand trips, add-on trips, etc.

The software performs these incredible functions through its many features. They are:

#1 Pre-RouteGenie

Pre-RouteGenie enables you to limit the costs of transportation by 10% to 20%. These include the number of NEMT vehicles and drivers on the road and the number of miles each vehicle travels.

#2 BillingGenie

BillingGenie simplifies the complicated process of billing. It achieves this by generating automatic bills, like paper invoices, CMS 1500 forms, and 837P files.

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So, you can send invoices and track payments.

#3 ImportGenie

Transport providers gather trips from various sources. However, all trip information must be available in one place, and they must consist of the most up-to-date details. ImportGenie ensures that these information goes into the system easily. And it achieves this using top-rated real-time integrations.

#4 FleetGenie

Your fleet of vehicles is the most important element in your business. Thus, you must have a healthy, reliable, and properly certified fleet. FleetGenie sends alerts that aid in keeping your vehicles insured, certified, and properly inspected.

#5 NoShowGenie

Sometimes your clients fail to show up without pre-informing you.

NoShowGenie prevents this by providing a set of tools that enable you to communicate better with your passengers. Thus, it presents a platform through which they can inform you if they will be showing up or not.

The software also has tools that identify trips that might be no-shows. Whenever it detects such a trip, it requires them to confirm the trip before dispatch.

#6 HRGenie

HRGenie helps with managing your relationship with your drivers. This includes managing the application of each driver that works for you. It also includes keeping track of their commissions, document, timekeeping, certification, and licensing renewals.

#7 CustomerGenie App

More passengers and payers want transparency and information from the companies they patronize. This app, which features new technology, provides your passengers, payers, and partner facilities with access to information about your business. In so doing, it positions you in a way that will help you earn more contracts.

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#8 DispatchGenie

Each day has a set of trip changes, such as new trips, vehicle breakdowns, no-shows, and driver call-offs. To stay ahead of these changes, DispatchGenie adjusts these changes in real-time. It automatically makes decisions on live dispatching, multi-loading trips, and more.

#9 DriverGenie App

Your drivers need a constant real-time connection with your Dispatch office to guide them through their day and make their job easier.

DriverGenie is an app that helps to maintain a connection between your drivers and dispatch offices. It achieves this by providing the former with their manifest and trip updates. It can also collect payments and signatures.

Advantages of Using RouteGenie

RouteGenie is one of the best NEMT software today. Designed to meet the needs of NEMT companies, the software has several incredible features that make it easy for you to meet each customer’s needs.

Below are some of the benefits of using RouteGenie.

#1 It optimizes scheduling

The software is fully automated. Hence, it eliminates the need for paper-based records, documentation, and systems. It also has a smart system that considers the passenger’s needs. It then determines the number and type of vehicle to dispatch based on these needs.

#2 It selects the right vehicle and limits drivers’ labor

RouteGenie evaluates the information your customer provides to detect their needs. It also recognizes each vehicle’s capacity.

Using this information, RouteGenie significantly limits the possibility of choosing the wrong vehicle or an unqualified driver for a trip. Therefore, it improves efficiency and saves time and labor.

#3 It simplifies billing and payments

RouteGenie accepts digital payments alone. It also creates digital invoices for its clients and shares them through email.

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RouteGenie is HIPAA-compliant. And it can create PDF documents and email them within a few minutes.

#4 It enhances on-time performance

Non-emergency medical transportation is a time-conscious industry. This makes it vital that pick-ups and drop-offs be timely executed.

RouteGenie facilitates on-time performance by detecting the best pick-up and drop-off windows for each trip.

#5 It optimizes routes for drivers

With this technology, drivers no longer have to stress over the best routes to take. As soon as the software is set up, it generates the best routes to the desired destination.

#6 It optimizes car fuel and maintenance

RouteGenie ensures to schedule trips and routes in the most efficient ways. Due to this, your drivers will embark on fewer unnecessary trips, thus reducing fuel wastage and improving maintenance.


RouteGenie is one effective software that does all the work for you. All it requires is for you to sit back, relax, and follow its instructions. It is suitable for both small and large businesses.

To effectively use RouteGenie, you need to have an understanding of NEMT software as a whole. This will make it easy for you to manage all the services the software provides.

Overall, RouteGenie is a software you should have if you own a NEMT company. And if you don’t yet have one, you need to get it now. Click here to visit RouteGenie’s official website.

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