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Brian Eugen
By Brian Eugen 4 Min Read
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When starting a business, you may find that your to-do list grows longer than your wildest imaginings and you become lost. One of the first things we recommend you do when building a new business, after arranging a workspace, is to ensure you get internet access arranged.

In the current situation of increasing numbers of consumers and customers using digital methods to communicate, not having internet access will severely hinder your business. In addition to potentially losing business, you could be losing money by not being on a business plan for the internet access you are using.

Why use a Business Internet Plan?

Although a lot of providers will offer both personal and business internet plans having the correct plan in place will do wonders for your business. The level of service you receive and the services on offer will differ as a business customer. If your internet provider is aware of your business status, they will know to assign the correct priority if you need to contact them. You will be able to find out details of service level agreements for business customers on the provider’s website.

Using Lets Rev to arrange your internet access for your business may also allow you access to a range of other equipment and services for your business. This can include phone line access and interfacing and internet security options also. Having a business internet plan in place in the early stages of setting up your business can help you with the later stages of setting up also.

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A fast and reliable internet connection can make it so much easier to arrange other items on your to-do list, from ordering furniture to arranging and holding interviews. If you are planning to complete remote interviews or online interviews with candidates having a stable internet connection is paramount. An internet connection that is repeatedly dropping out does not give a good impression to prospective employees or customers.

Do your Research

When searching for an internet provider for your business, we strongly recommend that you do your research before signing any contracts. Read existing customer reviews and testimonials to get a feel of the provider you are considering. We advise that you pay particular attention to the reviews where they mention that something has gone wrong.

It is not necessarily what has gone wrong that is important, but what the company has done to resolve the issues that is important. However, if customers are repeatedly stating that the same thing has gone wrong, this should be a warning sign for you.

The internet security aspect of a business plan may be a big draw in choosing an internet provider to use. However, you should research what the security on offer is. If this does not suit your needs, you should continue to look at other providers. If the internet security offered is not what you need continuing to search could save you from paying for a separate internet security service alongside your internet plan.

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