Can Sustainable Energy Prevent Climate Change?

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When it comes to talks about preventing climate change, one subject stays at the forefront and that’s carbon emission. Pollution from the use of fossils fuel is also a big and this is why we must stick to meeting the goals of a sustainable planet in the next few decades. The right approach will look to taking advantage of sustainable energy sources to reduce the use of fossils fuel. While there is a lot to talk about when it comes to how to save planet earth, one issue I will be focusing on here is how sustainable energy can prevent climate change.

The Big Question

Can sustainable energy prevent climate change? The answer is a resounding yes. And there are many reasons why I am choosing to answer in the positive. Let us face the facts, sustainable energy goals aim to reduce the burning of fossils fuels and CO2 emissions which are some of the issues that affect the climate. So it will be a bonus to the present climate situation if we explore all options relating to how we can get the best out of sustainable energy.

There is no denying that industrial activities are some of the biggest threats to the ecosystem. And this is not only citing the burning of fossils fuel. Mining in the high sea also has negative impacts on the aquatic community and while we cannot afford to put a stop to the activities of energy companies, it will be a positive step in the right direction if all parties look towards adopting sustainable measures that aim to reduce climate change. There are many ways to achieve this, and I go into the details in the sections below.

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How Sustainable Energy Can Prevent Climate Change

No doubt that the entire ecosystem will benefit from an environment that is sustainably planned. While it may seem like a far-fetched achievement, below are some of the things we stand to gain from taking necessary actions to prevent climate change.

A Clean Atmosphere

Let us forget about land. Have you given serious thought to how the atmosphere may be looking right now? You will agree that it will not be all that good-looking. This is largely due to the action of greenhouse gases and the increasing global warming. And there is also the issue of gas pollution which has its negative impacts as well to the atmosphere. Efforts put into sustainable energy by way of reducing greenhouse emissions will have positive impacts on the climate situation. This page has more on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Improved Air Quality

The activities of the industrial sector surely leave the environment with polluted air which we breathe in daily. While it is possible to improve the air quality indoors, it is impossible to avoid the toxic fumes from CO2 emissions all around us. And this could only mean that we have to cope with the current level of pollution until we start making progress on improving air quality.

Some of the measures that can be adopted will include those that aim to increase awareness of the need for sustainability to help prevent climate change. Planting more trees will surely help in the circulation of cleaner air in residential areas and energy companies could consider renewable energy sources to help reduce air pollution.

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There is also the fact that if more people choose to drive an electric vehicle, it could also help reduce emissions from petrol/diesel vehicles. The bottom line here is that if we choose to implement steps that help reduce CO2 emissions, it will surely lead to cleaner air for all and sundry.

Better Public Health

It will also help the environmental situation as the increased activities of energy companies in rural communities leave the host in a poor state of health almost all the time. The use of heavy equipment, mining the earth, use of fossils fuel, all contribute to affecting the general well-being of the lifeforms in the area. There is also the case of riverine communities that must deal with the effect of oil and gas spills from the contamination by industrial activities. Taking the steps to improve sustainable energy will help reduce pollution and environmental degradation at both land and sea levels.

The Sustainable Solution

Presently, electricity is one of the biggest commodities required by the human race. This is not just so we can find our way in the dark at night, but to power technology, homes, preserve food, and all the many other things mankind needs to survive. Sadly, we still derive more of our electricity from the burning of fossils fuel. A sustainable solution will make it easy to access electricity without having to release any CO2 into the atmosphere.

There are a lot of resources invested into making breakthroughs in hydro, wind, and solar energy to help with electricity needs at the domestic and industrial levels. And presently, solar panels are easy to access which means as more homeowners choose to go solar, it could be a matter of time before sustainable energy is adopted at the household level. This link has more on current happenings in the world of solar energy.

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Creating a dedicated power source that can be routed to industrial complexes that utilize a lot of electricity could be made possible with advancements in hydro and wind energy. It is also possible to utilize solar farms to proving electricity to communities which will help reduce the dependence on oil, gas, and coal.

Final Note

When it comes to preserving the climate, one thing we need to look into is how to reverse the effect of carbon pollution from gas emissions, plastic waste on land and sea, and how we use land. Still, it is possible to achieve sustainable development goals if we focus on sustainable energy and making the planet more habitable.

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