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Hey there, reader! 🙌 You might have heard some buzz about “Coke with Coffee” being discontinued, right? Well, it’s true. Coca-Cola has put a pause on selling this particular drink in the USA. But hey, don’t be too disappointed if you were a fan. Here’s a silver lining: they’re still selling it in Canada and a few other places around the world. And guess what? If you’re in the US, you still have a chance to grab a can or two till the end of this year.

Sadly, this fizzy coffee fusion didn’t win many hearts when it first hit the shelves. In fact, by early 2022, stores were already marking down its price. Makes you wonder why, right? Let’s dive a bit deeper and find out more about this drink. Keep reading! 😊👀🥤

When did Coca-Cola with Coffee come out?

Ever wondered when Coca-Cola decided to mix up its iconic soda with a splash of coffee? 🤔 Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

A Global Taste Test

Before Coke with Coffee made its grand entrance in the US, it was actually hanging out overseas for quite a bit. Yep! But then in January 2021, Coca-Cola said, “Let’s give the US a taste!” So they did, and guess what? This coffee-infused drink was brewed using Brazilian Coffee. Talk about an international affair!

Flavors and Buzz!

If you tried it, you’d know it wasn’t just a one-flavor-fits-all deal. They had dark blend, vanilla, and caramel to tickle your taste buds. And for my pals watching their sugar, there was a no-sugar, no-calorie version too. And, oh boy, the caffeine! A 12-ounce can packed 69 milligrams of it. Now, that’s more kick than your usual Coke but not as jolting as your morning cup of Joe.

Been There, Done That

You might be thinking this is Coca-Cola’s first rodeo with coffee, but nope! They’ve been toying with the idea for a while. In fact, they hinted about this brew-tastic combo during summer, even before its 2021 launch. But wait, there’s more! Rewind to 2006, and Coca-Cola had this other coffee-flavored drink called Coca-Cola Blak. Sounds cool, right? But, alas, it didn’t stick around long. After just two years, they had to say goodbye to it.

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What happened to Coke with Coffee?

So, you’re itching to know what really went down with Coke with Coffee in the US, right? Buckle up, because here comes the story! 🚀

From Japan to the World!

First stop: Japan. That’s where this bubbly coffee journey began in 2018. From there, it started making waves all over the globe. Places like Australia, Italy, and Vietnam jumped on the Coke with Coffee bandwagon. But for Americans? We had to wait a little longer, all the way till 2021.

Research Before the Rush

You see, it wasn’t a hasty decision. Brandan Strickland, the big brand guy for Coca-Cola in North America, spilled the beans that they spent a whole two years researching before launching it in the US. And it wasn’t just about getting the flavor right. They were looking at everything: the perfect bottle, can, what people really wanted in their drink, and even tweaking the recipe for different places to make sure it tasted just right. Yup, they went all out!

Why People Were Buzzing About It

Imagine this: It’s the middle of a hectic day. You’re juggling work calls, helping out family, and you’re just… drained. That’s where Coke with Coffee came in! A caffeine-packed refresher that’s a cool mix of your everyday Coke and Coffee. During the pandemic, with the world turning upside down and our homes becoming our everything – office, school, daycare – the need for that extra ‘oomph’ was real.

Shift in Focus and Farewell

But then, something changed. Coca-Cola started shining its spotlight on other products like Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and these fancy mini-cans. And, sadly, by November 2022, they said their goodbyes to Coke with Coffee in the US.

Is there a new Coke with Coffee?

If you thought Coca-Cola was done with its coffee experiments, think again. 😜 Grab your mugs (or cans) because I’ve got some juicy news for you.

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Meet the Mocha Magic

In January 2022, Coca-Cola gave us a sweet surprise – introducing Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha! Imagine this: the classic Coca-Cola taste you know and love, but with a rich and fancy mocha coffee twist. And for those who need that energy jolt – a 12-oz can of this baby has a whopping 69 mg of caffeine. That’s nearly double what you get in a standard Coke!

They unveiled this beauty a year after the original Coca-Cola with Coffee. And the even cooler part? They made sure it hit the shelves on February 7, 2022. Mark that date, folks!

A Fresh New Look for 2022

But wait, there’s more! 2022 wasn’t just about mocha goodness. Coca-Cola decided it was time for a makeover across their flavor range. Picture this: vibrant colors popping off the can, and a big, bold logo making a statement right at the top.

Now, here’s where it gets fun. Solid-colored cans? They’re all about a single flavor – think cherry or vanilla. But if you spot stacked colors, that means it’s a mix! And for those who’re watching their sugar, the zero-calorie and zero-sugar versions have a chic black script. Oh, and for anyone looking to chill without the caffeine? Look for the cans with the golden top.

Wrapping It Up: The Big Coke Shake-Up!

Alright, let’s wrap things up and talk about that big move Coca-Cola made!

Big Choices in the Beverage World

Back in October 2020, Coca-Cola made some waves with a HUGE announcement. They decided to pull the plug on, wait for it… 200 of their drink brands! 😲 The idea was pretty straightforward: say goodbye to brands that weren’t performing well and pour more energy into the ones that could grow and become even bigger.

Now, here’s where some folks got it wrong. Many thought it was all because of the pandemic, but nope! Coca-Cola wasn’t just reacting to the world events. They’d been thinking about this change even before 2020 turned wild.

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A World in Chaos, A Brand Adapting

While Coca-Cola had been planning to refine its drink lineup for a while, the chaos of 2020 did push them to act faster. The pandemic threw supply chains into a mess and made folks shop differently. And Coca-Cola? They adjusted their game plan based on these new challenges.

This Isn’t Their First Rodeo

Here’s a fun fact for you: Coca-Cola’s decision to stop selling certain products isn’t something new. Over the years, they’ve often chosen to retire some of their items. Some of these were recent additions to their beverage lineup, while others? Well, they’re those old drinks we might need to jog our memory to recall!

So there you have it – a big company making big moves and always evolving. It’s just the Coca-Cola way! Cheers to adapting and keeping things fresh! 🥤🌟👋

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Coke with Coffee discontinued?

Coca-Cola has stated that the discontinuation of Coke with Coffee was a decision based on shifting priorities and a desire to innovate their product line.

Is there anything new to replace Coke with Coffee?

Yes, Coca-Cola has introduced several new products recently, including a new flavored sparkling water line and a coffee-flavored cola called Coca-Cola With Coffee.

Is the new Coca-Cola With Coffee the same as the discontinued Coke with Coffee?

No, the new Coca-Cola With Coffee is a different product with a different recipe and flavor profile.

When will the new Coca-Cola With Coffee be available?

The new Coca-Cola With Coffee is currently available in select markets and will be rolling out nationwide throughout the year.

Will the discontinued Coke with Coffee ever come back?

There is no indication that the discontinued Coke with Coffee will make a return at this time. Coca-Cola is focused on innovating and evolving their product line to meet changing consumer preferences.

Will the new Coca-Cola With Coffee replace regular Coca-Cola?

No, the new Coca-Cola With Coffee is a complementary product to the regular Coca-Cola line and is not intended to replace it.

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