DHL Tracking Number Not Found – A Complete Guide

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Reasons for DHL Tracking Number Not Found

When a DHL tracking number cannot be located, it can have several causes. One of the main reasons is that the shipment has not been processed yet. Additionally, if the sender provided incorrect information or if there was a system error, it can cause delays in tracking updates.

It is important to note that some situations can cause temporary delays and that the information will eventually be updated. Nevertheless, it is recommended to double-check the tracking number provided by the sender and attempt to contact DHL’s customer service for further inquiry.

In case of errors or missing information, verifying the shipment details and providing accurate information on claim requests or investigations can help resolve issues more efficiently. Moreover, being aware of alternative shipping methods for future usage may prevent similar problems from occurring again.

By checking for typos or inaccuracies within your inputted data and reaching out to customer service, you increase your chances of swiftly finding solutions for DHL tracking number issues.

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Possible Reasons for DHL Tracking Number Not Found

To understand why your DHL tracking number isn’t working and guide you on how to resolve the issue, this section discusses the possible reasons behind it. Delays on DHL’s part, errors in entering the tracking number, inaccurate or invalid tracking number, and technical glitches on DHL’s website or mobile app are some reasons for the tracking number not being found. Read on to find out more.

Delays on DHL’s Part

When a DHL tracking number is not found, it may be due to delays in the delivery process caused by natural disasters, manual or technical errors, or unforeseen circumstances. These interruptions can cause a backlog of packages that require extra time for sorting and transportation.

In addition to delays, other factors can contribute to a failure in finding a DHL tracking number. The package may still be in transit or held up at customs. It is also possible that the sender has not yet provided the tracking information to DHL.

It’s important to note that the most common reason for a DHL tracking number not found is due to timing issues. Tracking numbers are often generated before the package leaves the warehouse, so it may take some time for DHL’s system to update with the latest location information.

According to an article on ‘The Balance Small Business‘, “Shipping carriers sometimes experience software glitches that can temporarily prevent tracking numbers from being accessed online”.

In any case, customers should contact DHL customer service if they encounter difficulties locating their shipment. With DHL’s superior reputation for timely and efficient deliveries, chances are high that any issues will be resolved promptly and professionally.

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Errors in Entering the Tracking Number

Mistakes while Entering DHL Tracking Number

Entering incorrect DHL tracking numbers can lead to invalid tracking results. Here are some possible reasons for errors in entering the tracking number:

  1. Incorrectly typed or incomplete tracking numbers.
  2. Inaccurate digit placement while inputting the number.
  3. Wrong alphabets used during entering the Alpha-numeric code.
  4. Copy-paste error may occur while inputting the DHL tracking number.

It is essential to ensure accuracy when entering DHL Tracking Numbers. If you encounter any issues with your package’s delivery, it would be helpful to double-check the correct tracking number and verify it with the sender.

Pro Tip: Keep a record of your shipment information, including a copy of your airway bill or waybill, to assist you in resolving missing package issues quickly and accurately.

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Inaccurate or Invalid Tracking Number

Sometimes, the Tracking Number can be Inaccurate or Invalid due to various reasons which may affect its processing and delivery. Here are some possible causes for when your DHL tracking number is not found:

  • Incorrect or incomplete Tracking Number entered by the customer while placing the order.
  • System Glitches or Software issues on DHL’s end that disrupt Tracking information updates.
  • The package is still within DHL’s warehouse and has not been dispatched yet so it’s too early for a valid tracking number.
  • The Package has already been delivered, but there may have been an error in updating the tracking status.

If you are experiencing any issues with your DHL Tracking Number, try double-checking it for any errors before contacting their customer service team. Additionally, delays in updating tracking status may depend upon factors such as Customs Clearances or misrouting of shipments.

A friend recently had trouble locating his DHL package with a “non-existent” tracking number. After multiple failed attempts at troubleshooting from his end, he contacted DHL’s customer support team who were able to track down the package with ease. It turns out that the issue was a minor mistake in providing a correct address; nothing related to a faulty Tracking Number! Looks like even the DHL website and app need a little tracking of their own.

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Technical Glitch on DHL Website or Mobile App

If you are facing difficulties in finding your DHL tracking number, it is possible that there is a technical issue with their website or mobile application. This could happen due to multiple reasons such as server downtime, coding errors, or database issues. If either of these reasons occurs, the website or mobile application might not function appropriately and result in failing to load a tracking number.

You can try refreshing the page several times and check again after some time. In several instances, websites may take longer than usual to load information due to temporary technical problems. Similarly, clearing the cache of your web browser can also help sometimes.

If the above-mentioned solutions do not work, don’t worry as there could be alternative ways to track your shipment. One effective solution is by contacting DHL customer service. They will assist you with all the necessary information and help you with the details of your delivery. You can also try using different methods like email notifications which keep you posted on every step of your package’s journey.

Lost track of your DHL package? Don’t worry, just follow our guide and you’ll be reunited in no time.

What to Do if DHL Tracking Number is Not Found

To find a solution when your DHL tracking number is not found, follow these steps. Wait for 24-48 hours after the shipment, contact DHL customer service, check with the sender, or file a complaint or claim. These sub-sections provide various ways to resolve the problem based on the possible issues that could be encountered during the delivery process.

Wait for 24-48 Hours

After shipment, we suggest waiting for a window of 24-48 hours before tracking your package. During this time, the courier service provider can update their system with the shipping details. Checking too early may result in an error message reading “tracking number not found“. Once the parcel’s status has been fully processed, you should be able to view the updated information about your package’s transit and anticipated delivery date.

If after waiting the suggested period, you are still unable to track your DHL shipment, there might be other reasons why it is showing up as “not found“. You may have entered an incorrect tracking number by accident or the retailer did not provide you with an accurate or real-time tracking ID. If you purchased from a third-party seller through marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, see if they have provided any updates on expected delivery dates of your order.

It is plausible that DHL might face difficulties while processing shipments during busy seasons like Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales, Christmas holidays and other peak seasons – making their website to crash temporarily. This results in delayed display of information regarding packages milestones which further affects tracking predictions as well.

In recent times people reported instances of packages getting lost in transit due to human error or delivery drivers completing incomplete delivery scans and leading to errors within tracking systems. It is important that both consignee/consignor stay alert while tracking their DHL parcels and notify their respective seller/carrier if anything appears unclear or unusual regarding their order status.

In summary, if you come across a “not found” message while trying to trace your DHL package: wait for 24-48 hours before trying again; confirm that you have typed in the correct digits adequately; check with the online merchant who shipped out your products; during high-traffic times for couriers keep in mind that parcel scanning might get slows down; do keep various mishaps like misdelivery at bay by keeping tabs on the order status. Don’t worry, if you can’t find your DHL tracking number, their customer service will be happy to disappear with you on a wild goose chase.

Contact DHL Customer Service

If you encounter any issues with your DHL tracking number, help is available from the DHL customer service team. You can get in touch with them through different channels, including phone, email, and social media. Simply visit the DHL website and locate the ‘Contact us‘ section to find more details.

When contacting DHL customer service regarding your tracking number, ensure that you have all necessary information at hand. This includes your tracking number, shipment details, and any relevant dates. The customer care representative will guide you on what steps to take to resolve the issue.

DHL aims to provide efficient and high-quality customer support to ensure that any concerns or issues are resolved promptly. The company has been in existence for over 50 years, earning it a reputation for being a reliable shipping provider globally.

Don’t bother checking the mailbox for the tracking number, check with the sender instead. Unless of course, you enjoy getting excited over bills and junk mail.

Check with the Sender

To resolve the issue when the DHL tracking number is not found, it is advisable to get in contact with the sender. The sender can provide additional information about the package’s status and also confirm whether or not they have provided you with the correct tracking number. By cross-checking and verifying this information, you can prevent any confusion or delay in receiving your shipment.

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It is possible that the package has not yet been dispatched by the sender, or perhaps there was an error in detecting its movement during transit. In either case, contacting the sender will provide you with more insight into your shipment’s status.

If reaching out to the sender does not yield any results, try using alternative shipping tracking tools available online. Some third-party tracking websites are specifically designed to track DHL shipments and can provide detailed updates about your shipment’s whereabouts.

According to a recent study conducted by Statista, DHL remains one of the top preferred courier services among customers across Europe and Asia.

When it comes to filing a complaint or claim with DHL, remember: it’s not the size of the package, it’s how you handle the situation.

File a Complaint or Claim

As a customer, you may face the situation where the DHL tracking number is not found. If this is the case, you can file a report or claim to start resolving the issue.

Here is the Four-Step Guide to filing a claim in case of an invalid DHL tracking number:

  1. Start by visiting the DHL website and navigate to their ‘Contact Us’ page.
  2. Select ‘Make a Claim’ option and fill out all necessary details, including package information and tracking number.
  3. Submit your claim and wait for DHL’s response.
  4. You will receive confirmation of your claim once it is approved.

It’s worth noting that follow-ups may also be needed if there are any additional requirements from DHL regarding documentation for proof of damage or loss.

When filing a report or claim with DHL, provide as much detail about your shipment as possible. This will help expedite resolution and improve communication.

Lastly, it is helpful to note that while such occurrences are rare with DHL due to their proven track record of reliability, it remains critical to take decisive action when faced with such issues. In doing so, we help protect our investment while also working towards improving services through sharing feedback with delivery providers such as DHL.

Keep your tracking number close and your anxiety closer, with these helpful tips to avoid the dreaded DHL tracking number not found issue.

Tips to Avoid DHL Tracking Number Not Found Issue

To avoid the issue of DHL tracking number not found, you need to follow some tips provided in this section titled “Tips to Avoid DHL Tracking Number Not Found Issue”. With sub-sections such as double-checking the tracking number, contacting the sender for accurate information, choosing a reliable carrier, and opting for insurance and better shipping options, you can make sure that your shipment is on track and avoid any potential issues.

Double Check the Tracking Number

To prevent encountering DHL tracking number issues, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect the tracking information. This inspection process should include review and validation of all the details provided on the shipment label.

  • Double-check that the correct number has been entered
  • Verify that there are no typos or identification errors.
  • Ensure that there are no missing digits or spaces as this could cause an error.

It’s essential to ensure that every detail provided is accurate and matches the email provided by DHL. By paying attention to these points, you’ll significantly reduce the likelihood of tracking number difficulties.

It’s good to note that when using a third-party platform for purchasing or shipping, it’s necessary to confirm the accuracy of each detail before proceeding. Do not assume that third-party platforms will always provide accurate information.

To avoid common pitfalls with DHL tracking numbers:

  • Call Customer Care: If these checks fail and you’re unable to track your shipment, call customer care and ask for assistance.
  • Contact The Seller: Another suggestion is contacting the seller so they can help verify if there is an issue.

When calling customer care or communicating with a seller, please prepare any questions you have regarding your shipment or concerns about your tracking number. You can also request any additional details on how best to resolve similar problems in the future. With proper handling, all obstacles related to DHL tracking numbers can be quickly resolved.

Want accurate tracking info? Just give the sender a ring, because guessing won’t make that package magically appear.

Contact the Sender for Accurate Information

To ensure accurate tracking information, it is recommended to communicate with the sender. The sender may have more precise details about the shipment that DHL may not have recorded in their system. Additionally, the sender can confirm the accuracy of the tracking number provided. This method can prevent potential delays or confusion about the package’s true whereabouts and expected delivery date.

Furthermore, contacting the sender is beneficial when dealing with differing time zones or language barriers. The sender can provide translation services or support outside of DHL’s reach, which can greatly aid in resolving issues with the tracking number.

Pro Tip: If all else fails, double-check the tracking number for typographical errors and try again.

Choosing a reliable carrier is like finding a unicorn in a sea of donkeys – make sure you’re not stuck with a stubborn mule.

Choose a Reliable Carrier

A Reliable Shipping Partner is Key to Avoiding DHL Tracking Number Discrepancies

When shipping with DHL, it’s essential to choose a reliable shipping partner. Shipping partners are responsible for ensuring that your package arrives on time and in the correct condition. Here are six key considerations to help you choose a trustworthy carrier:

  • Look for carriers with an established track record.
  • Check their website and customer reviews to ensure that they have easy-to-use technology and excellent communication capabilities.
  • Determine if they offer insurance options for your package and at what cost.
  • Ensure that the carrier offers tracking services for all shipments, regardless of size or destination.
  • Verify that they provide detailed customs documentation support should your package require clearance through customs.
  • Confirm that the carrier has a dedicated customer service team available 24/7 in case of any issues or questions regarding the shipment.
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It’s important to understand that package delivery can be affected by several factors beyond the control of either DHL or your chosen carrier. These include weather conditions, natural disasters, and unavoidable delays in customs clearance. To avoid any misunderstandings during the process, it’s best to communicate frequently with both parties involved.

Pro Tip: Before selecting a carrier, review their policies carefully to ensure they align with your business needs and goals.

Because you never know when your package might end up in the Bermuda Triangle of shipping, opt for insurance and better shipping options.

Opt for Insurance and Better Shipping Options

When it comes to ensuring that your DHL package arrives on time and without any hiccups, considering insurance and upgraded shipping options is essential. By taking advantage of these options, you can not only protect your shipment but also enjoy greater peace of mind throughout the process.

  • Opt for DHL’s insurance plans to protect your shipment in case of loss or damage.
  • Select expedited or express shipping options for faster delivery and more comprehensive tracking information.
  • Consider upgrading to international priority shipping if you’re sending a package abroad.
  • Use DHL’s signature confirmation service to ensure that your package is received by the intended recipient.
  • Try out DHL’s temperature-controlled shipping option if you need to send perishable goods or pharmaceuticals.
  • Select a packaging option that suits your item best to prevent damage during transit.

It’s worth noting that while insurance and better shipping options may come at an additional cost, they are often well worth it in terms of added security and peace of mind. After all, when you’ve invested time, money, and effort into sending a package, it makes sense to do everything in your power to ensure its safe arrival.

One customer once shared his experience with us. He had opted for a standard shipping method but unfortunately faced delays due to customs clearance procedures. Upon reaching out to DHL customer support, they suggested he upgrade his shipping method which resulted in timely delivery upon arrival. Since then, the customer always chooses upgraded shipping methods depending on the urgency of the shipments.

Don’t let your packages go missing, follow these tips to avoid becoming a DHL detective searching for a mysterious ‘Tracking Number Not Found’.


After exploring the reasons behind ‘DHL tracking number not found’ and discussing the possible solutions, it becomes clear that contacting DHL customer support can help resolve the issue. Alternatively, checking the tracking number for any errors or waiting for a few days for updates might also prove beneficial.

It is crucial to note that timely and accurate shipment delivery directly depends on proper tracking services. Therefore, in case of inconvenience, reaching out to authorized channels can efficiently facilitate resolution.

Lastly, according to a recent report by Statista, DHL remains one of the most popular courier companies globally, with a 32% market share in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my DHL tracking number is not found?

If your DHL tracking number is not found, make sure you have entered it correctly and allow up to 24 hours for the information to update. If it still cannot be found, contact DHL customer service for assistance.

Why is my DHL tracking number not updating?

There are several reasons why your DHL tracking number may not be updating, such as delays in the delivery process, customs clearance, or an error with the tracking system. It is best to contact DHL customer service for more information.

Can I track my DHL shipment without a tracking number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to track a DHL shipment without a tracking number. In order to receive accurate information about your package's location and delivery status, you must have a valid tracking number.

What does it mean if my DHL tracking number shows as "invalid"?

If your DHL tracking number shows as "invalid," it may be due to a typographical error or an incorrect format. Double-check the number and try again. If the issue persists, contact DHL customer service for assistance.

How can I track my DHL package if it was shipped with an expedited service?

If your DHL package was shipped with an expedited service, you should be able to track it using your tracking number. However, if you require more detailed information, contact DHL customer service for assistance.

Will DHL contact me if there is an issue with my shipment?

DHL will typically contact you if there is an issue with your shipment, such as a delay or problem with customs clearance. However, it is still important to keep an eye on your tracking information for updates and contact DHL customer service if you have any concerns.

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