The Main Differences Between SEO And PPC And How Law Firms Can Benefit From Them

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In this day and age, the internet is a powerful medium that can be used to market virtually any type of business. Law firms nowadays are required to have a digital footprint to generate traffic and get new leads and clients to work with. There are a wide variety of strategies that can be followed in internet marketing, out of which SEO and PPC are the two main strategies. Most businesses, especially law firms, utilize these plans individually or together, depending on the desired outcomes. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of SEO and PPC to understand which strategy is right for advertising and how your law firm can benefit from them.

SEO Benefits

Before we go on explaining SEO and PPC, remember that we are merely scratching the surface of the topic as both are broad terms used to represent different advertising pathways. In addition, they are influenced by many factors that require deeper explanation beyond a single article. Still, the information we have here will help you understand the basics. Here are some important advantages of implementing SEO that will boost your reach.

Organic Rankings

SEO focuses on building up your organic search engine rankings over time. Once your website and related content start ranking, you don’t have to hire anyone or pay for the amount of traffic you get. However, organic ranking is a slow process and might take from six months to a few years for domains and subdomains to climb up the ranking ladder.

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Keyword Visibility

By targeting specific keywords, you can offer your potential clients who are searching for a lawyer valuable content that helps in their legal journey. Educating people on legal matters helps build trust and could lead to higher conversion rates and potentially more clients.

Search Engine Algorithms

Most algorithms used by search engines prefer displaying organic search results when compared to paid ones and display them at the top of the search results. Moreover, people looking for answers also see the organic results as trustworthy in comparison to the paid ads they see on virtually every webpage.

SEO Disadvantages

Rankings Take Time

The rate at which your rankings increase depends on the type of SEO strategy you follow and the expertise of the professionals hired to do the job. In most cases, it takes at least six months to improve search engine rankings. On the other hand, the internet marketing strategy of Pay-per-click agency for Lawyers has proven to provide quick results and is predictable when it comes to the outcomes of the campaign. If the implemented SEO strategy is not up to the mark, the improvement of rankings might take much longer than expected and could require re-adjustment of the whole strategy from scratch.

Competitive Keywords

The keywords having the most value are very competitive as every other law firm in your specific niche will be targeting the same keywords. This process of ranking your website can take at least a year. Once you have gained a higher spot in search engine rankings, the firms left behind will automatically strive to regain their place, resulting in a never-ending battle to rank their website to the top of online searches.

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PPC Benefits

Immediate Outcomes

The ultimate goal of PPC and SEO is to generate leads and make new clients. With paid PPC services like AdWords, your exposure improves almost immediately, leading to increased sales. These paid Ad services are straightforward to use and require setting up a budget to target your services at an online audience that is exactly searching for the problems you provide services for. This increases the chances of getting potential clients by many folds.

Scalable Strategy

If you feel like your PPC strategy is producing results, the campaign can be scaled easily by increasing the budget that in turn increases the reach of your ad. There are also certain ways that experts use to further target a specific type of audience based on their interests.

PPC Disadvantages

The only thing that could influence a PPC campaign is the budget. PPC strategies are expensive and require more budget when compared to SEO strategies. Moreover, a PPC will always have a low CTR (click-through rate), leading to a lower amount of traffic.

Depending on the services you offer, SEO, PPC, or both campaigns can be set up easily that will undoubtedly improve sales and attract new clients to your firm. We hope that you find this comparison useful in determining the strategy that will work best for you. Still, extensive research is necessary as there are several aspects in a business that need to be looked over before the final decision is made.

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