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Present Google Analytics have determined that both Web designing and Web Development are the most searched out keywords by businesses. These terms may actually be interchangeable but many web companies tend to use them differently in order to describe their services. While both of the terms refer to different aspects of the website building process, both of them may require different skill sets. This is why it is important for you to understand this difference between their services before you decide to hire someone.

Web Design and Web Development

Web design refers to the usability and aesthetics of a website. This is designed using various programs like Adobe Photoshop. Web designing involves creating the layout as well as the visual elements of the website.

Web development on the other hand refers to the functioning behind a web design. This is developed using many programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript. PHP and so on. Web development involves back end development of functions that can be visually assessed at the front end.

Web Designing

Web designing is all about taking the client’s objectives and using Information Architecture  to set up those website objectives. This involves setting up the website’s information hierarchy using the Information Architecture and setting up a helping guide for the design process. From thereon these designers may carry on creating wireframes before they move onto the next stages. This may be done using several design principles. The main objective is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing layout for the users and provide a user friendly experience to them.

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These design principles include

  1. Creating a balanced layout with both heavy colors and light colors.
  2. Creating aesthetically pleasing contrasts to draw attention to certain sections of websites.
  3. Highlighting the elements of emphasis within the layout.
  4. Maintaining consistency and a clean navigation for the best of user experiences.
  5. Creating a unity between the various aspects of the web layout so that the compositions look whole by organizing information into groups and categories.

Web Development

Web developers may also be referred to as programmers. Their main task is to take up the design that has been created and make it functional. The design in itself is a non-interactive picture of a website while its development means making the design accessible. Developers may do this by taking the design and incorporating various programming languages to develop that design In other words, they may take a static layout and turn it into a dynamic layout. They may do this by inserting many elements like images, content slider, links and buttons and many other interactive features. Web development may be harder than you think especially if you are not a programmer and this is why you should consider getting a professional for this purpose.

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Companies may often be confused while looking for professionals for their website creation or maintenance considering both the terms being used interchangeably. Both Web Design and Web Development do come over as equally important in the website creation process and many individuals can do both Web Designing and Web Development. If you are hiring someone, make sure you consult whether they can do both or not.

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