What Is The Difference Between a Web Developer and a Software Developer?

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Numerous employers and even future specialists get confused when choosing the personnel/future profession, as they do not always understand the distinctions between the positions of web and software developers. Indeed, they have to deal with the creation of digital products, but their workflow, qualification, and duties may significantly vary. In this article, we will try to explain in detail the peculiarities of both professions, so that employers will get a clear idea of the results they may get from hiring one or another specialist, while the future students will understand their career prospects.

What do web developers do?

The main task of the web devs is coding, the purpose of which is to provide the necessary functionality of a site/webpage in accordance with the customer’s wishes and deal with the non-design aspects of creating sites. Such specialists are often involved in the creation of regular text pages for complex web apps, social media apps, and e-business apps, in accordance with the client’s requirements. Consequently, web devs such as professionals from Appkong.com are in high demand today. They create websites and apps, and they know universal ways to solve many problems. There are three major specializations in this particular profession:

  1. A front-end specialist is a programmer who creates the interface, or the visible part of the application or webpage. When we visit websites, we usually click on buttons or add items to the shopping cart. The front-end specialist is implementing all this.
  2. A back-end specialist is accountable for the server-side of the product. The back-end often uses the database to generate the client-side.
  3. A full-stack professional is a universal specialist who can perform both back-end and front-end tasks.
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You cannot be a pure front-end or back-end specialist. You still have to understand at least a little about how the server and client parts of a web application interact with each other.

The creativeness of a web dev does not always affect the quality of the project – the product is always delivered according to the technical task within the predetermined deadline. These specialists are highly demanded, their expertise is required to connect the right components in the right order and to find a solution to the problem. Communication skills and team dynamics are of particular importance. Web devs often spend their free time creating another social network or being involved in other activities to get distracted from their main specialization.

What does a software developer do?

Software development involves the creation of unique digital products. This activity can be called the process of converting customer needs into a computer product. When specialists develop custom software, they set up artificial intelligence that works for the benefit of the organization, is resistant to environmental changes, and can transmit the necessary information at the exact time. All this becomes possible due to the fact that software development includes:

  • prototyping;
  • creation of master nodes;
  • testing of a demo on the device or the desired platform;
  • detailed study of all the subtleties of the system, including such parameters as stability, deployment, and scalability;
  • qualified support;
  • passing certification;
  • monitoring, etc.

Thus, software development is the creation of PC software, aimed at solving problems for users. Creating software allows you to develop reliable solutions that can withstand the test of time and easily cope with tasks that were not known before.

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Software devs are genuine IT experts. They have mathematical skills, understand complex algorithms, and have a deep knowledge of related fields. Using one language to write code, such a specialist usually knows three or four more languages. They should develop software free from errors, thoughtful, and secure. Sometimes, these people are also called software engineers.

Understanding the differences

Perhaps, the key difference between software and web devs lies in the essence of the product they create. Web devs mostly focus on the apps and sites for browsers. Meanwhile, software devs are more involved in the creation of desktop programs and smartphone apps with more difficult structures and often deal with non-standard assignments.

Whatever profession you are considering, they both require serious coding skills, knowledge of different code languages, attention to detail, troubleshooting skills, patience, and experience. However, there is a significant difference in the workflow itself:

  • Web devs usually closely collaborate with experts in business, marketing, or PR to bring maximum profit and make the platform competitive. They are also focused on the UI/UX, as this is an important part of the site’s effectiveness.
  • Software devs usually work with the other tech/IT specialists to create a decent product. Their work doesn’t always imply the involvement of third-party specialists as their main task is to develop a functional tool for solving a specific problem.

As you can see, web devs can usually rely on the existing templates, which makes their work a bit easier from a technical point of view. However, they have to keep closer contact with their clients, to meet their expectations and please them with a convenient product. On the contrary, software devs are usually more independent as they have to solve more complex tasks and come up with unique ideas and solutions.

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Basic skills for both professions

If you are searching for web or software devs or considering one of these professions for yourself, it is worth paying some time and understanding the basic skills to succeed. As for web devs, they should demonstrate a strong command of HTML coding, good language skills (such as Javascript or PHP), and have a common understanding of database management and graphic design.

As for software devs, they have to master one or better several coding languages such as Python, Java, SQL, etc., be able to write complex codes, fine-tune the existing desktop software and apps, work on the software updates, and so on.

Both professions are extremely valuable and appreciated in the market, so being a good professional means getting a decent salary. Now, you understand the peculiarities of these two jobs. If you don’t – leave your questions in the comments below.

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