Does SEO work in 2022?

Brian Eugen
By Brian Eugen 3 Min Read
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Are you looking for a trip to Cancún? Do you want to appreciate the great beaches of the west coast? Finally buying that gaming console that you have been waiting for ages to go on sale?

Whatever you want, and many things you didn’t know you wanted, will pop up on your screen the second you open a mobile app or visit any website to search for a cupcake recipe for your mom’s birthday or how to cook a steak to impress your partner.

Nowadays, the moment you click “search” on any search engine, you are provided not only with the information you are looking for, but you are also bombarded non-stop with ads about sales, coupons, or retail stores, most of which are or seem to be specially designed for you. How are websites and apps capable of doing this?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way in which browsers or apps can learn how to give the consultant the best result regardless of any given query, always aiming towards the information that fulfills the search in the best way possible. This is really important when it comes to marketing because proper SEO can lead the average web surfer to your website with the prospect of becoming a valuable customer.

On the flip side, to make SEO work, you have to have high quality content. That way, your site will receive tons of clicks that will put it ahead in the search list, giving you more customers. If your content is good, you could post once a week or a month, but if your content is not high-level, SEO may not be for you. There is another main way of making your business go viral or bigger that is called SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It may give you better or faster results, but it also has a big downside, the best way to get bigger is to pay bigger; no pay, no ads.

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Even though SEO can sometimes be slow, it is an organic and free way of generating views and accomplishing goals. This is accomplished through the natural behavior of the web; the algorithms catch and note whatever people are clicking on in order to create a database. Then, the software picks what it thinks is best to show ads properly adjusted to what people were previously looking for, making them more likely to buy what they see.

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Brandon Leibowitz is the founder of SEO Optimizers, a Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, California. He is also the founder of, a social media news log. He has been involved with search engine optimization and internet marketing since 2007.

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