8 Email Marketing Tips Every Digital Marketer Should Be Aware Of

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Email marketing is as strong as ever when it comes to the best ways of marketing your business. Its versatility is also one of a kind – unmatched. It can be used to announce your business’ new features, build trust for your brand, receive critical feedback, prevent churn, make customers keep coming back for more, etc.

But with lots of emails being sent to customers every day, you need to put in much effort and dedication into standing out to your readers. You must find a way to keep their interest in the brand and ensure that the emails align with your marketing goals.

In this article, we will be examining different tactics which you can use to get the best results from your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Tips for Better Performing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the evergreen marketing strategies. However, the perfect ways to implement it vary. So, below are the tried and tested email marketing tips.

#1 Segment your subscriber database

You can use email for all marketing campaigns, such as to welcome new clients, share unique promotions, announce new feature releases, guide them through your funnel, and more. These strategies can also be used to segment your list.

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#2 Personalize your messages

A recent study by Janrain and Blue Research shows that 96 percent of customers report being victims of mistargeted promotions or information. The study also shows that 68% of those customers instantly delete such mails, and 54% unsubscribe.

But when you personalize your message, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • You can get an ROI of 122% from your personalized emails.
  • Birthday emails can get you 342% more revenue per mail than regular promos.
  • Personalized subject lines can give you up to a 50% higher open rate.

#3 Optimize for mobile

A bad mobile experience makes 52% of clients less likely to cooperate with a brand. And 53% of customers have reported that they would exit a site that fails to load in three seconds. Since almost all mails are accessed through a mobile device, and your call to action leads customers back to your website, mobile optimization is essential.

#4 Re-engage inactive subscribers

Though you need to get a regular flow of new consumers, you also need to keep the existing ones. Try to re-engage an inactive reader or customer with an enticing offer and the perfect email copy. Examine your data to take note of the content they have once engaged with and send them a new and improved version. You can even offer them a discount.

#5 Use A/B testing to identify the right email

You can utilize A/B tests to know more about your audience. Test CTA language, layout, body copy, subject lines, images, button color, etc. To draw reasonable and clear conclusions when using A/B testing, ensure you change one thing at a time.

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#6 Set up trigger emails to prevent missed opportunities

A trigger email is an email that is sent immediately when a client takes a particular action. It is sent automatically. Studies have shown that trigger emails have a 70.5% higher open rate. This is because you can reach your audience while they are engaged.

#7 Nurture leads into customers

For low-cost offerings and B2C businesses, there is every probability that a new subscriber to your email list will become an instant customer. Nurture emails help you send emails that build trust among your customer base.

#8 Showcase your value

Customers now expect more from businesses than they did years before. This means you have to showcase your value to win your audience over.

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