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If you’re in the business of creating ideas or even products, you need one thing and that is a set of tools to get your job done. In today’s world, these tools include photo-editing, video-editing, and other software. While it is possible to get a task-specific tool, is it the best thing to do? In this article, we will look at the best solution for your creative team.

What Is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Even if you haven’t heard of Adobe Creative Cloud, you will most likely have heard of “Adobe”. This company is well known for the powerful software they create to help creatives in their jobs. But what is the creative cloud?

Putting it simply, it is a compilation of the entire suite of Adobe tools. A casual designer who wants to design photos would most likely buy the Adobe Photoshop cs6 software. This is perfect for small-scale situations and might turn out great. If you have a team of creatives, you need a different approach or you’d find yourself spending too much in the long run. Click here to learn more about Adobe.

The solution is Adobe Creative Cloud for teams. Unlike the individual version of the creative cloud, the version meant for teams allows you to use one subscription for large businesses. There are other features specific only to the team subscription, we will look at them below.

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Perks Of Adobe Creative Cloud for Team

Administration Is Easy

One peculiar feature of the creative cloud for teams is how easy it is to monitor and manage every aspect. Apps that have a single seat normally have different users switched around for use. Controlling who has access to what has never been so easy, you can reassign a seat with the click of a button.

It Is Economical

There is different software within the adobe space, most of which your team may find useful. If you decided to get software such as Photoshop cs6 and After Effects individually, you’d end up paying a handsome amount in the long run. This is where the creative cloud comes in very handy.

It compiles all these products into one suite that is easily accessible for your team members. You can learn more about this here: https://www.makeuseof.com/.

Tracking Workers Is Easy

Any administrator knows how crucial it is to ensure workers are working. This is even more important if your team works per hour and not per project. You have to be sure everyone does their part.

This is where Adobe Creative Suite comes in very handy. It allows you to track the period a software was running complete with operator details and other information.

Extra Space

The type of files created by a user of this software would often range between pictures and videos. A super-high-quality photo can easily reach 20MB on average, and a 5 min video could get up to 500MB depending on the quality.

As an individual, you might not make enough edits to fill up the 100GB space your plan comes with. The case is very different when teams get involved. Their compiled output would easily render the space allocation for an individual plan useless. This is why the team plan comes with 1 Terabyte of cloud storage.

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24/7 Dedicated Support

Adobe understands that people who opt for this service most times run big businesses. In the event of a problem, speedy feedback and resolution of problems will be needed to get operations back to normal.

This is why subscribers using this package don’t have to be worried about delayed replies. There is a dedicated support setup specifically for users of the creative cloud for teams. Individuals using this product don’t have this feature.

Unlimited Job Posting on Adobe Talent

Advertising your work is an integral step for progress in any field. By using the creative suites for teams, showcasing your talent just got a whole lot easier, and it’s all thanks to Adobe Talent. This platform brings millions of recruiters and workers together with one purpose in mind. Display what you can do.

As a creative, you would appreciate the unlimited amount of job postings that come with your team subscription plan. While you push yourself to the limit trying to make the best product possible, it is only right that the world gets to see your result.


CC is good for more than just making nice designs; it can also help you understand your computer more. Whenever new products are released, you are given access to them immediately they become available. This privilege allows you to be one of the first ones to learn about any new product before anyone else.

There are also tons of tutorials, pictures, and videos you will find useful whenever you encounter difficulty.

Subscription plan Available

It doesn’t matter the size of your company, there is always a plan suitable for you with CC. Below we will look at them.

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Complete plan

As the name implies, this plan leaves nothing out. You get the full package which includes all the tools available on the CC store. Tracking and monitoring usage is also another useful feature this plan provides.

Users who opt for this plan tend to use more than one CC product; this makes it a better option than the single-app plan.  A quick Google search for “Creative Cloud for Teams Reseller” would allow you to find the right vendor for your CC.

Single-app Plan

This plan is better suited for small-scale teams who use one app in the creation of their products. This is why it is called the single-app plan. To begin with, the user is granted a 30-day trial, it is expected that they use this period to test out different programs. The free trial is very useful as team members might discover other tools they would need in the course of their work.

Users who opt for this plan mostly do so because they wish to access the services they can do from the cloud. If you’re running a business that does different things, a mixed single-app plan can be created for different teams.

Final Thoughts

Adobe Creative Suite is an invaluable tool for any team specializing in product creation. Hopefully, after reading this article you have a better idea concerning the benefits CC could give you.

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