The Essential Tech Parts of Most Popular Mobile Games

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Video games have come a long way since they first arrived back in the 80s. Over time, some amazing gaming technologies emerged and have made this hobby even more entertaining. Today, there’s almost nothing you can’t do when stepping into digital worlds. What’s more, you can do it on the go as mobile games are catching up with PC and console ones. But how do they work? If you want to find out, you’re at the right place. Let’s check out some of the essential techs behind mobile games.

Social media integration

We all use our mobile devices for social media. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, you probably already have an app for it. If you take a quick look at some of the games available, you’ll see that many of them have social media integration. This means you don’t have to sign up when you first install them. Instead, you connect using your social media profile and you’re good to go. Then, you can meet other people on the same platform in-game and make new friends. Since there’s a connection with your profile, many of these games let you share your high scores and invite real-world friends. This tech increases the usability of the game and brings the social aspect to it. One of the best examples of games that got this right is Clash Royale.

Multiplayer features

Not so long ago, you couldn’t even imagine playing mobiles games with millions of other people. Now, that’s a part of our everyday life. This only shows how advanced these things have become. Some of the most popular names in the industry right now include Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG. Both games attract hundreds of millions of players, meaning that the competition is intense. So, with the multiplayer function, people from across the world can directly impact your gameplay. And the interaction between players doesn’t end there. You can add them to your friends list and go on gaming sessions together. Some popular multiplayer games even include a cross-platform feature. This puts PC, console, and mobile games, all on the same map.

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AR technology

There’s almost not a single person out there who hasn’t heard of Pokemon Go. This game arrived in 2016 and it took the world by storm. One of its key features is that it brings Pokemon into the real-world. But how does it do that? The answer is – AR technology. The game uses this tech to combine real-world environments and in-game pocket monsters. The end result – you get to see these digital creatures through your camera. This immediately became a thing and many other companies besides Niantic started relying on this tech. So, now you can find a plethora of games that utilize AR technology. From Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to Jurassic World Alive, there’s something for absolutely everyone.

Slot and other casino games

During the last decade, many gambling enthusiasts have migrated to the web. That’s because online casinos have improved immensely. Basically, no matter which casino game you want to play, there’s an app for it. Some iGaming providers even have their own digital casinos that feel just like brick-and-mortar ones. Perhaps the biggest issue with this type of games is that the developer can, in theory, manipulate results at the player’s expense. For years, this had put players off online casinos. However, more and more people are realizing how the tech behind hit frequency in slot games works. With them learning more about these techs, the number of players has started to increase.

AI technology

Of course, we can’t forget about AI technology when talking about mobile games. This tech has enabled developers to analyze players’ behaviors and incorporate advanced systems in their games based on that. With the use of AI, they can customize the experience for every player out there. One of the best examples of this is Game of Thrones mobile game by Telltale Games. The game lets you choose between multiple choices and tailor your gameplay that way. But this tech can do much more. Some developers even use it to figure out when a player gets frustrated. Then, they suggest different difficulty levels or which in-game skills the player should increase.

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Wrap up

It’s safe to say that mobile games are now on par with PC and console ones. This is because the tech behind Android and iOS games continues to improve. If things keep moving in the same direction, who knows what we might see in the industry in the following years.

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