List of Estee Lauder Discontinued Perfume – Causes and why?

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Hey there! Let’s talk about a brand that has become a household name in the beauty world – Estée Lauder. This brand isn’t just about makeup; it’s a go-to for incredible fragrances that have captivated women of all ages for over five decades. Think of it as a treasure chest filled with scents ranging from light and airy to rich and bold. Estée Lauder knows that everyone is unique, and they’ve mastered the art of catering to that.

For Every Stage of Your Journey

Here’s the cool part: Estée Lauder’s fragrances evolve with you. Are you in your 20s, stepping into the world with dreams and a delicate heart? Estée Lauder has the perfect youthful scent for you. Or maybe you’re embracing the confidence of your 30s with open arms? They’ve got you covered with mature, sophisticated fragrances. This ability to resonate with women at different stages of life is a big reason why Estée Lauder remains a beloved name amidst fierce competition.

The Mystery of Discontinued Scents

But here’s a twist. Over time, Estée Lauder has said goodbye to some of its fragrances. Why? Well, it’s not always about popularity. Sometimes, even the crowd favorites get discontinued. It’s a strategic move. Brands like Estée Lauder keep the fragrance world exciting and fresh by retiring old scents to make room for new ones. This way, they keep us looking forward to what’s next, always on our toes.

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Is Estee Lauder Sensuous Discontinued?

Ever heard of Estée Lauder Sensuous? It’s this amazing perfume that hit the shelves a few years back and quickly became a favorite. Its signature was the eye-catching purple packaging that stood out on any vanity. The scent? A delightful blend of floral and lavender notes that won the hearts of many women. It wasn’t just a one-time love affair; lots of ladies loved it so much they kept coming back for more. Plus, there was a ‘nude’ variant that was just as popular.

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But here’s where it gets intriguing. In 2021, Sensuous seemed to vanish from the stores. You could still spot the original version on Estée Lauder’s official website, but that was about it. The perfume lovers tried reaching out to Estée Lauder for answers, but it was like a mystery waiting to be solved. And to add to the intrigue, the perfume would pop up now and then on the website, only to disappear again. What’s going on? Well, we’re still waiting for an official word from Estée Lauder.

Estee Lauder Intuition Discontinued

Let’s rewind to the year 2000. Estée Lauder introduced Intuition, a perfume that became a sensation for its unique blend of floral and woody scents. Picture this: a cocktail of grapefruit, mandarin orange, bergamot, gardenia, freesia, and more, all rounded off with a warm amber and woodsy base. Sounds lovely, right?

Intuition was a hit for over a decade, and then, just like that, it was gone. No warning, no explanation. Fans of the scent were left puzzled and seeking answers. But, as is often the case with Estée Lauder, they kept their cards close to their chest with no official statement on the discontinuation.

Where to Find These Lost Treasures

If you’re on the hunt for these now-vintage scents, there’s still hope. Sites like Etsy occasionally have them up for grabs, but be prepared to shell out a bit more than usual. Amazon might also be your secret treasure trove for these elusive perfumes. Just remember, these are rare finds now, as they’re officially discontinued.

Estee Lauder’s White Linen Body Lotion Was Discontinued

Remember Estée Lauder’s White Linen Body Lotion? It was like a little luxury wrapped in white packaging, specifically designed to pamper your body. This wasn’t just any body lotion; it was a blend of various oils that worked like a charm to rejuvenate your skin instantly. But yes, it came with a price tag that was a bit higher than your average lotion.

Why Did It Disappear?

Sadly, you won’t find this gem on the shelves anymore. Estée Lauder has officially pulled the plug on the White Linen Body Lotion. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a bit of a puzzle, but we can make some educated guesses. It’s possible that the lotion’s higher price tag, especially for a body care product, might have been a hurdle. In a market filled with countless options offering similar benefits at a lower cost, staying on top can be tough.

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A Tribute to Its Unique Qualities

Despite its price, the White Linen Body Lotion had its special charm. It was for those who really valued the health and feel of their skin. The lotion had a smooth application, leaving the skin feeling incredibly soft and well-cared-for. And a little went a long way, which somewhat justified its cost.

Estee Lauder Cinnabar Fragrance Discontinued

Estée Lauder’s Cinnabar fragrance was not just a perfume; it was a statement. Known not only for its captivating scent but also for its distinct bottle design, Cinnabar carved a special place in the hearts of fragrance lovers. What made it stand out? It was a unisex scent, appealing to all, regardless of gender or age.

A Gourmand Experience Lost

Cinnabar was more than just a fragrance; it was an experience. Describing it as ‘gourmand’ means it had this unique quality of evoking thoughts of delicious, sweet treats upon its application. It’s like it transported you to a world of delectable aromas with each spritz. Sadly, Estée Lauder decided to discontinue this one-of-a-kind fragrance. Now, it’s a treasured memory, no longer available for purchase.

In Search of the Irreplaceable

If you’re on a quest to find a fragrance similar to Cinnabar, it might be a challenge. While there are many great scents out there, finding an exact match to Cinnabar’s unique blend is a tall order. It truly was in a league of its own. The decision to discontinue such a beloved scent might seem puzzling, but sometimes, brands need to make tough choices for their strategic reasons. Cinnabar will be remembered as a fragrance that left an indelible mark in the world of scents.


As we wrap up our journey through the captivating world of Estée Lauder fragrances, one thing is clear: change is constant. Yes, Estée Lauder has bid farewell to many beloved scents. But, at the same time, they’ve been introducing new fragrances that continue to enchant and inspire. This cycle of discontinuing older products to make room for new ones is more than just a business strategy; it’s about evolution and keeping the brand fresh and relevant.

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Why Discontinuation is Essential

In the fiercely competitive beauty market, shelf space is like gold. By discontinuing older fragrances, Estée Lauder creates much-needed room for their latest creations. This isn’t just about physical space; it’s about capturing customer attention and reducing confusion. Imagine walking into a store and being overwhelmed by too many choices. By streamlining their offerings, Estée Lauder helps customers navigate their selection more easily.

Looking Forward to New Sensations

So, if your favorite Estée Lauder fragrance has been discontinued, don’t lose heart. It’s likely a sign that something new and possibly even better is on the horizon. With each new launch, Estée Lauder aims to exceed our expectations, offering scents that are more refined, more exquisite, and more aligned with current trends and customer desires. In the world of fragrances, the end of one scent is often the beginning of your next favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does Estee Lauder discontinue perfumes?

Estee Lauder discontinues perfumes for various reasons, including low sales, changes in consumer preferences and tastes, and the need to make room for new product lines.

2. Can I still purchase Estee Lauder discontinued perfumes?

Estee Lauder discontinued perfumes can still be found at various online retailers, specialty perfume stores, and even on auction sites.

3. Are Estee Lauder discontinued perfumes still safe to use?

Yes, Estee Lauder discontinued perfumes are still safe to use. However, the fragrance may have changed slightly over time due to the aging process.

4. Will Estee Lauder bring back any discontinued perfumes?

Estee Lauder occasionally brings back discontinued fragrances for a limited time as part of a special promotion. However, the company typically does not bring back entire discontinued product lines.

5. How can I find out which Estee Lauder perfumes have been discontinued?

You can check online for a list of discontinued Estee Lauder perfumes. Additionally, contacting customer service or visiting an Estee Lauder store can provide more information.

6. Why do some consumers prefer discontinued Estee Lauder perfumes?

Some consumers prefer discontinued Estee Lauder perfumes because they may no longer be widely available, which makes them more unique and special. Additionally, the scent may hold nostalgic value for the consumer.

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