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Hey there! So, you’re interested in adding the Evolve Addon to Kodi? Cool! I’m here to help you out. We’ll walk through the process together. It’s pretty easy, and if you stick with me, you’ll have it up and running in no time.

📌 A Quick Note Before We Start

Before we dive in, it’s important to know that the Evolve Addon isn’t supported by the official Kodi Developers. This means they didn’t make it, and if you have questions about it, they might not be the best people to ask. So, try to avoid posting your questions about the Evolve Addon on the Kodi Forums. Okay? Cool!

Now, let’s get to the fun part and see how to download and set up the Evolve Kodi Addon!

How To Install Evolve Kodi Addon (Jarvis):

Ready to get the Evolve Addon on your Kodi? It’s not tricky at all! Let’s take this step by step together. Just follow along with me.

1. Kick Things Off by Opening Kodi

First things first, make sure you’ve got Kodi open and running.

2. Find the “SYSTEM” Option

On the left-hand side of the main screen, you’ll see a bunch of options. Find the one that says “SYSTEM” and click on it. After that, choose “File Manager”.

3. Add a New Source

Now, click on “Add Source”. A new window will pop up.

4. Let’s Input the Web Address

Here, you’ll see an option “<None>”. Click on that. A space will appear for you to type in a web address. Carefully type this exact link: http://www.evolverepo.net/repo and then click “Done”.

5. Give It a Name

After you’ve entered the link, it’ll ask you to name it. Type in “Evolve” and then hit the “OK” button.

6. Head Back to the Main Screen

Easy peasy so far, right? Now, go back to your home screen.

7. Dive into Addons

Click on “SYSTEM” again. This time, choose “Addons” and then “Install From Zip File”.

8. Select “EVOLVE”

You’ll see a list of options. Find and select “EVOLVE”.

9. Choose the Right File

Now, look for a file named something like “repository.evolverepo-.x.x.zip” and click on it. Be patient for a moment and wait until you see a notification saying “Addon enabled”.

10. Install from the Repository

Click on “Install from the repository”. From there, select “Evolve Unofficial Addons repository”.

11. Almost Done!

Now, click on “Video Addons”, then “Evolve”, and finally “Install”. Wait a little bit, and you should see another notification pop up that says “Addon installed”.

🎉 Woo-hoo! You Did It! Congrats! You’ve just installed the Evolve Addon on Kodi. Anytime you want to use it, simply go to “VIDEOS”, then “Addons”, and choose “Evolve”. Enjoy and happy streaming!

How to Install Evolve on Kodi (Krypton):

Do you know how your Android phone asks for permission before installing an app from an unknown source? Kodi has something similar! If you’re using Kodi 17, there’s a feature called “UNKNOWN SOURCES” that’s turned off by default. But hey, don’t worry. I’ll guide you on how to switch it on, so you can install third-party add-ons like Evolve.

1. First, Let’s Make Your Kodi Ready for 3rd Party Addons

  • Open Kodi: Begin by launching Kodi on your device.
  • Go to Settings: Look for a gear-like icon.
  • Enter System Settings: Click on this option.
  • Find Addons: It’s usually on the list.
  • Switch on Unknown Sources: Here’s where you allow those third-party addons.

Oh, by the way, a warning will pop up! It’ll say something like: “Add-ons will have access to personal data on this device. Are you sure you want to allow this?” Don’t be too alarmed; it’s a standard warning. Just click “Yes.”

2. Awesome! Now, Let’s Install the Evolve Addon

  • Back to the Home Screen: Start from there.
  • Open Settings Again: Look for that gear icon.
  • Dive into File Manager: Click on it!
  • Add a Source: Select this option.
  • Input the URL: Click where it says “<None>” and type this exact link: http://www.evolverepo.net/repo. Then, hit “OK.”
  • Give It a Name: Call it something memorable. How about “evolve”?

Back to the main course!

  • Return to the Home Screen: Navigate back.
  • Tap on Addons: You’ll find this option easily.
  • Look for the Addon Browser Icon: It looks like an open box.
  • Choose “Install from the zip file”: Click on that.
  • Select “evolve”: This is the name you gave earlier!
  • Click on a File: You’re looking for something named like “repository.evolverepo-x.x.zip.” Found it? Great!
  • Be Patient: Wait until you see a message that says “Addon Installed.”
  • Go to “Install from the repository”: Click on it.
  • Choose “Evolve Unofficial Addons repository”: This is the one!
  • Head to Video add-ons: And then select “Evolve.”
  • Click on Install: One more step!
  • Wait a Bit: Until you see “Addon enabled.”

🎉 And There You Have It! If you did everything right, you should now have the Evolve Addon on your Kodi Krypton. Anytime you want to use it, go to your home screen, click on “Addons”, and you’ll find “Evolve” there. Happy streaming, and enjoy your new addon!

Wrapping Up Our Evolve Kodi Addon Adventure

Thanks for sticking around till the end. You asked, and we delivered – a step-by-step guide on getting that Evolve Kodi Addon up and running.

If something’s not clicking or you’re running into any snags, don’t worry. Just revisit the steps we walked through together. I’m pretty sure we’ve covered all the bases!

Still got questions or facing hiccups? Just give a shout out. And a big thank you for hanging out with me on this little tech journey. Catch you next time! Stay awesome! 👋

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