The 8 Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying A Smartphone

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No one will deny saying that smartphones run the world today. And if you’re planning to buy one then it must be so hard for you to choose between countless of them. There’s no ONE SIZE FITS ALL which makes the decision even tougher. So some points you must take in account before buying “THE ONE PERFECT SMARTPHONE ” are listed below :


It is pretty obvious that a phone’s physical charm ropes customers in. Look gives the first impression and tells the most about your smartphone. It really matters how your smartphone feels in your hand and how well-gripped it is. Color has always had a strong presence on smartphones. It evokes emotions and delivers the choice to the customers. But it’s not just about the color, finishes also hold their own position in the world of Smartphones. It helps to make the most out of the look. A little touch of metal and leather gives premium look to the smartphone. The matte finish gives a better grip. The plastic-themed body isn’t good enough to give a perfect hold. It kind of gets sweaty and starts slipping off your palm. And if you are looking for a smartphone with a removable battery then consider the one with a removable back panel.


A camera is one of the most essential and required features of a smartphone. We have got plenty of smartphones that has got the incredible camera. Still, most high-end Smartphone comes with at least 13 megapixels of camera. But it is not just about the megapixels. The image quality, aperture, features also bothers customers when it comes to the camera.


Front cameras are a necessity of the present era because most people find them very useful. Smartphone companies are paying a lot of their attention to front cameras. Most of the high-end smartphones come with around 5MP of front camera and also a wider angle which helps you fit more of the stuff.


You obviously would love to get nice indoor shots or night shots. So, you should pay attention to low-light photography as well. Not that it’s all about the intensity of the flash in your smartphone but the APERTURE plays a major role in determining the quality of low light photographs. For example – Note 5 comes with an aperture of f/1.9 and the iPhone 6 comes with an aperture of f/2.2. The smaller the number, the larger will be the aperture and a large aperture will end up giving better shots. So here note 5 will take the lead when it comes to low light performance.

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OIS is an effective feature of the smartphones of this generation. OIS helps you to take less blurry and shaky images. It keeps the image stationary and helps to give still shots. So with an OIS in your camera, you don’t have to be so damn still. OIS also helps you take nice shots in low light.


Camera features like HDR, ISO, White balance, Slo-Mo, 4k recording, focus, etc. also help customers to boost the usage of the camera. Especially for power users, these features are quite important.

So finally before you buy a smartphone, prefer the one with a quality camera that can at least replace your point and shoot camera.


The processor and RAM together execute the working of your smartphone and help in better multitasking. So it’s important to have a standard quality PROCESSOR and RAM as well in your smartphone.


The smoothness of your smartphone is maintained by the processor. One of the most widely used processors is the SNAPDRAGONS QUALCOMM series. Among them, the octa-core, 64-bit snapdragon 810 is the newest and best yet. Then
you’ve got snapdragon 808, 805, 801, and 800 which also give stunning performances.

3.2 RAM

Since, RAM helps in better multitasking, so higher than RAM, better will be multitasking. Today most of the smartphones have got 2-3 GB of RAM which I think is enough. But the latest smartphones are coming with 4 GB of RAM latched which is probably for the best of us.

Avoid buying smartphones with 512 MB OR 1 GB of RAM as they are outdated now and they don’t give a better experience either.


Software is basically the interface of your smartphone. It manages the look and appearance of the contents of your smartphone. Android and iOS are the only software that is in lead today. These two are the most widely used software. we have also got WINDOWS that come after the two of them.

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ANDROID: Currently ANDROID or better be called GOOGLE’S ANDROID is one of the most widely used operating systems in the tech world. It is a Linux-based operating system. Except for APPLE AND MICROSOFT, most of the smartphones are ANDROID based. It is because ANDROID is the most customization software and gives way more customization options to the users. In android most of the apps are free and if not then they are way cheaper than IOS’s. Click here to learn more what mobile app trends and statistics this 2022.

Owning an android supported device is quite easy. They are present in almost all the ranges. Google’s NEXUS series comes loaded with stock ANDROID which means it gives a pure ANDROID experience to the customers. Most of the MOTOROLA’S smartphone also comes with stock android.

P.C. – Mashable

IOS: IOS is the software that is used only in iPhones prepared by Apple Inc. It gives quite a simple interface but still, it gives premium look. Software updates are smooth in IOS devices. It gives strong security to your personal data. It has got all the good collection of apps. All the apps are first launched in IOS devices and then they move to ANDROID or any other software device because IOS provides the best platform to check the true potential of any app.

So far, Apple’s IOS has kept its users happy even though there are not a lot of customization options. With its simplicity, it has been able to win a lot of hearts.


Now, this is a personal choice. It’s totally on you and what bothers you the most. If you like compact cell phones then you should prefer the ones with around 4.5 inches of screen size. I personally would recommend the smartphones between 5.0 – 5.5 inches of the screen as they are for every occasion. They give a better gaming experience, you can easily watch videos and they give you a better browsing experience as well.

The smartphones with more than 5.5 inches of screen are better called PHABLETS. They might be way too large for some people including me but many people would like to have such smartphones for a perfect gaming experience and all that.


How long your smartphone lasts is affected by many factors like display, screen size, OS, etc. Battery shows the true potential of a smartphone and since the smartphones barely go off our hands, it is quite important that how long are you going to work on your smartphone without any interruption or disturbance. We have got smartphones with amazing battery backup that may last for 12-14 hours. Preferably you should go for smartphones with at least 2300 mah of battery. They can most probably last for 7-8 hours with normal use.

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Nowadays, many smartphones come with turbochargers and some with quick charge facilities that help the smartphone give more of the juice in minimum time. This can be a very useful feature for most users.


There are a lot of apps and games and software that may take more than 1 GB of your storage alone. And if you’ve got a nice camera in your smartphone then the high-resolution pictures and videos won’t back off in taking space when it comes to storage. So I’d recommend as much internal storage as possible. And if not then you must go for the smartphones with SD card slots. which will help you in expanding your smartphone’s storage. Now most importantly you should remember one thing if you have bought a smartphone with 32 GB of internal storage doesn’t mean that you are going to get all of them. A lot of the space is already used by the smartphone itself and you will be left with around 25 GB of space. So it doesn’t make sense to buy a smartphone with less than 16 GB of space especially if you like to keep your cell phone filled with stuff.


Customers are never fulfilled with what they have been getting so far and they just need more and more. So the manufacturers have to come up with new ideas and technologies to draw customers’ attention. Some of them which have now become a part of most of the high-end smartphones are :

  • Wireless Charging
  • Note Series’ stylus
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Air Gestures
  • Voice Control

I will Surely describe all of these features in my future pots.


Smartphones aren’t cheap so you should think about the purpose of buying a smartphone. You should take time in researching what exactly do you want and need and what are you gonna do with it. We helped you narrow down your options but still, it is you who have got to figure out the perfect way to make the most out of your smartphone.

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