Forbrukslån – Simple Things to Keep in Mind When Applying 

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The phrase “consumer loans in a day” or something similar, will most likely pop up on your google search page when you are looking for options to find a consumer loan. As unbelievable as this may sound, the truth is, that they do exist.

If you look in the right places, you could land yourself some of the best deals when it comes to getting loans, specifically one of the different types of consumer loans available on the market.

Nowadays almost anything is possible, with this reality in mind, it is no wonder that many financial institutions, especially in Norway, offer this option for those who are in dire need of some financial assistance. With some of the shortest turnaround times possible, you could be the proud owner of a couple hundred or thousand kroner within a day.

To help you understand this concept more clearly, we give you a basic guide into what it is, below, as well as some important information you could do with.

Forbrukslån or Consumer Loan

In a nutshell, as a type of credit, that is given to people i.e. consumers, that can help them financially towards certain expenses, it is also a type of secured advance. There may be some criteria for borrowing, such as a guarantee or providing certain assets towards securing it, so that the lender can have surety that in the event you can’t pay it back there is a backup.

There is also the choice of going for an unsecured loan which requires no assets to back up your funds. As a borrower, you can use this to help pay towards any debts or investments such as buying large items like vehicles, acquiring a mortgage, or for travel purposes and educational investments. You can even go for smaller ones like personal household goods and appliances.

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This does not need to be your first borrow, but you can also ‘refinance’ your existing funds. This means you pay out the money you owe and go for a different option with an even lower percentage of interest. In other words, you would be replacing an existing loan, as laid out in various online articles. This is a quick and easy solution to funding your needs, with a low-interest rate as compared to borrowing from banks. The larger the amount, the lower the interest rate.

Different Types of


There are a few varieties of these, making it easier for people to get what they want. Some of these include mortgages, revolving credits such as acquiring a credit card, loans for vehicles, to fund your educational needs, personal loans, and home equity, for instance.

Almost anyone can get one, with a few exceptions. The average age requirement for applying is typically 21 in most countries, however in Norway, it can be 23 years and above, and anyone up to the age of 60 years can check out the various options and apply for them. In some cases, it can go up to as old as 65 years and is also a solution for those who are self-employed.

The important thing to keep in mind is that not all the institutions will offer the same rates, and have the same exceptions, thus a discussion needs to be had before putting down your details. There is also the aspect of your credit score and history, that will in most cases be taken into account before a decision is made to provide you with the funding.

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If for instance you currently owe some establishment money, the recommendation is to first clear this, before going ahead and borrowing some more. This will benefit your application and count towards a positive decision.

As a concept that has been helping the majority of Norwegians out for years, in some cases you are allowed to borrow anywhere from 20 000 to 500 000 Norwegian kroner. The government makes it as simple as possible for its citizens, and in some cases, even for those who live and work in the country but are not necessarily citizens.

All you need to do is apply, either online from a relevant Forbrukslån Siden or in person, if there is a brick and mortar establishment that suits your requirement. The process is usually very quick and takes a few hours, and within one day you can get your money.

Nowadays this can also be done via your smartphone, using the right application. The repayment periods may differ depending on where you get your money from, and the amount you have asked for. In some cases, if the amount is a large sum, then you will have up to 5 years to pay it back, at maximum capacity. If this cannot be done it can be extended depending on certain conditions, to up to 15 years.

With this helpful information, you should be on your way to securing some funding for that necessary objective within one day.

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