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Today we have got something special for you. Today we are not talking about installing any addon on Kodi but instead, we are here to install Fusion on Kodi to help increase its capability. Things will be much easier after installing Fusion Kodi feature. So, let’s see what we have got for you:

Well, Fusion is not really an add-on as most of the users think of it. So, you are not installing anything on your Kodi. But you can’t ignore this characteristic of Kodi. Installing Fusion on Kodi helps you to install a wide range of repos and add-ons on Kodi. It also gives you access to the Indigo installer. Once you have added the Fusion URL to your file manager, you will be able to install Add-Ons from different sources of Repositories.

Note that if you are facing any kind of problem related to Fusion Kodi, we think, that there can’t a more better place that their official forum site. They have got really huge number of experts there who will be able to sort out any kind of problem in time.

Well, now without wasting any time, let’s see how to download and install Fusion Kodi:

How to Install Fusion Kodi Jarvis:

  • Start by opening KODI.
  • Now head over to SYSTEM > FILE MANAGER > ADD SOURCE > NONE.
  • Now put this exact URL http://fusion.tvaddons.co and click DONE button.
  • You will now need to give it a name so that you can remember what add-on it is. We prefer FUSION as it is the official name of it. Now hit OK.
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So, this was the Fusion installation thing and you now have it on your Kodi device to watch movies on Kodi. As we said already, Fusion can’t be described in simple words, but it is just a group of repos and add-ons so you can download anything from there. So, do the following to install add-ons and repos on Kodi:

  • Simply, Go to your “Home Screen”
  • Select SYSTEM >Add-Ons > Install from Zip File.
  • Select fusion
  • Select kodi-repos
  • Select English language.

So, now you can install any add-on and repos right from your Kodi dashboard.

How to Install Fusion Kodi Krypton:

To Enable UNKNOWN SOURCES on Kodi:

To enable UNKNOWN SOURCES on your Kodi to let it install 3rd party add-ons and repos, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select Settings
  • Select System Settings
  • Click Add-ons
  • Turn on Unknown Sources from here
  • A warning dialog box will now appear asking you to confirm the action. Also, it will show you some warnings that what may happen if you enable this feature. Simply click Yes.

Congrats, you can now install add-ons and repos from third party sources to Kodi.

How to Install Fusion Kodi Krypton:

Now to install the Add-on:

  • First, Open Kodi.
  • Select the Settings Cog (located at top left side)
  • Choose File Manager
  • Choose Add Source
  • Choose <None>
  • Type the URL same as given http://fusion.tvaddons.co and select OK
  • Now give it a name of you choice, but we would prefer it FUSION as it is the official one.
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So, now Fusion Kodi is not installed. You can now installed add-ons and repos of your choice:

  • Go back to home screen & select Add-ons.
  • Select Browser (box icon top left)
  • Select “Install from Zip File
  • Select “fusion
  • Select “kodi-repos
  • Select “english

Now everything must work fine. You now have the option to install add-ons and repos on Kodi.

If you followed the steps, as suggested, congrats, you are now able to use FUSION Kodi.

In Conclusion To Install Fusion Kodi Krypton Jarvis:

You know there is this misconception that Fusion is an add-on but this is not the case. If fact, you can take it as if everything is the just a piece of program and every program has its own feature. Fusion program has the ability to install add-ons and repos on Kodi and add-ons and repos are the programs which needs help of Fusion to get installed on Kodi and do their job.

That’s how it all works. We hope you were able to understand the difference between FUSION, Add-ons and Repositories etc.

Now it’s your time to let us know if we were able to guide you on the right path. If you are still facing any kind of problem, please let us know about your query. Next thing, thanks for visiting TechFela. Keep visiting us for latest updates on Kodi. Thanks, Bye.

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