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Link building is the most important part of Search Engine Optimization. Most of the SEO budget is spent on this practice, and it would not be fair to the business owner if he didn’t get the best out of each backlink. Renowned link-building companies like Globex Outreach follow many practices to build backlinks that are more than just a show. Here are some of the techniques they follow to make sure their clients get maximum benefits from each backlink.

Create Audience Personas

Not many SEO experts understand how audience personas work; that’s why they don’t pay much attention to it. However, this minor detail is very important if you want to increase the return on investment from the link-building practices.

It’s not very difficult still an efficient way of reaching out only to the right target audience. Backlinks are not just meant for increasing the online authority of your website in the eyes of Google. Their purpose is to increase brand awareness and direct traffic to your website.

You would not know who you should reach with your links if you don’t know your audience. Make sure you learn how to create an audience persona and add your own knowledge. It defines all attributes of someone who could be your potential customer.

This includes details such as their income, interests, age, profession, and gender. There could be more than audience personas for one business. Create several of them if you have to but make sure they are specific to one audience they are defining.

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Source: Smart Insights

Select Niche-Relevant Websites

It’s important that the website that is linking to you must be relevant to your niche. There is no harm in getting a link from websites of other niches. Some platforms might give you a natural link without even asking because there was some connection to their content. However, you should deliberately choose irrelevant platforms.

Google thoroughly scrutinizes each link to determine how much value it will offer to the rankings of your website. One of the important factors in that scrutiny is the relevance of source websites.

Read more about Google Page Experience guide.

Your domain authority will increase at a faster pace if you have niche-relevant backlinks. That’s not all; it will also help in faster and higher rankings. There are millions of websites for every niche. You should choose that are most relevant to your business at a micro-niche level.

Look for Your Target Audience

Even after selecting the platforms where you will try to build backlinks, you will have plenty of options. To make each link more relevant and powerful, you should start filtering websites by their audience.

See what kind of people visit that website, from which region, and for which purpose. If people specifically visit a website for fashion advice, it would be a smart decision to get a backlink for your clothing store.

Since you would already have an audience persona, it wouldn’t be very difficult to find your potential customers. In addition to the location, gender, age, and income, you should also see the intent of people visiting the platform where you will get a backlink.

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This way, you will get more people to click on your link and visit your website who are more likely to become a lead or customer. If they visited that platform with a different mindset, they wouldn’t have any interest in seeing what you offer.

Don’t Just Fall for High DA

Many people will get a backlink from any website that has a high DA. This is the reason why platforms like Forbes charge a very high amount to publish your guest posts or insert a backlink to your website. They even delete your link after one year, and most of them don’t even agree to give you a do-follow backlink. But through link insertions by The Blueprints, you can also get backlinks from sites that have a high DR.

It is believed that a backlink from a website of high DA is more powerful and will increase your DA faster. Yes, the domain authority of the website linking to you matters, but relevant links are more important. Instead of falling for the trick of DA, look for websites that are respected as an authority in your niche.

You can get more and better backlinks for the same amount that will get you one temporary link from a so-called premium website. You should also see how much traffic they will get on the page where you will have your link. It’s no use to you if the overall traffic of that site is high, but very few people visit the page you sponsored.

Create SEO Guest Posts

Guest posts are an important tactic of link building. Most of the time, we just get the publisher or another service to write a basic article and get it published with a do-follow link. If you really want to make the most of that investment, you should try to write guest posts optimized for search engines.

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This means the page would be targeting set keywords that it will try to rank for. It will not only increase the value of your backlink but also get more traffic on that page. More traffic on your guest post means more traffic to your website too. If you are targeting the right keywords, you will attract relevant visitors.

Use a Call to Action with Links

The use of a call to action will encourage the readers to click on your link and visit your website. It should not feel like you are trying to push or advertising a product or service.

The purpose is to make your link and anchor text more contextual, so the reader knows what he will get by clicking the link. A little call to action would be an extra motivation for them.

Monitor How Each Link Performs


Don’t just leave them after building links. There is no way of knowing how each made an impact on your ranking or authority.  However, you can monitor how much traffic each of them brings and how many of those visitors convert. Be sure to collect this data and use it for future planning

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