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During the pandemic, online gambling saw a huge rise in popularity. If you are interested in online gambling, then it’s important that you use a safe gambling site. This article will outline some of the best gambling sites that the internet has to offer:


GamStop is a program that allows online gamblers to put controls in place to restrict their online gambling. Once you have signed up for GamStop, you will be unable to gamble on any websites licensed in the United Kingdom. If you have signed up for GamStop, but now want to gamble online without exclusion, then you will need to find operators not under GamStop ban to use. Thankfully, there are many new casinos in the United Kingdom not included in the GamStop ban. We will include many of them here, but we will also include excluded casinos:

Lady Linda Casino

Lady Linda Casino is a very popular casino that people on the GamStop exclusion list can use. It has a £25 minimum deposit and has many options in terms of games. It is well-reviewed and is a leading British online casino.

Agent No Wager Casino

Agent No Wager Casino is another non-GamStop casino. It has a £50 minimum deposit. It has many games available. It also provides a 10% discount on your first deposit.

Anonym Bet Casino

Anonym Bet Casino is a non-GamStop casino. It is very popular among online gamblers. It, like many of the casinos mentioned on this list, provides a variety of games. There is a £25 minimum deposit.

Very Well Casino

Very Well Casino offers a variety of games, from slots to roulette. It also holds lotteries, giveaways, and bonuses. It’s very straightforward to register on, excluded from the GamStop ban, and has a calendar filled with awesome events and activities.

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Casimba, sadly, is on GamStop’s self-exclusion list. If you are exempt from GamStop, then you will be able to access over 37 different jackpots. It is rated at 9/10 and has a pay-out speed of 1-2 days. It also offers one of the United Kingdom’s largest joining bonuses.

Slots N Bets

Slots N Bets is a website that offers daily cashback bonuses and has a huge selection of games. It is not included on the GamStop exclusion list. Slots N Bet’s system allows you to deposit and withdraw money quickly, without delays.

Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino is one of the UK’s leading online casinos. It has a rating of 9.4/10 and can provide pay-outs in 1-2 days. It offers a £500 bonus (T&Cs apply). Its website has an astronomical 97.72%-win rate, but sadly, it is included on the GamStop ban. The website always has a live dealer available; it has over 200 games; 24/7 customer support and is optimized for mobile gaming.


Betway Casino

Betway Casino is one of the UK’s most reputable casinos. It is advertised on the radio, television, and in magazines. It, unsurprisingly, has a 9/10 rating, and an amazing 97.55%-win rate – one of the highest in the United Kingdom. You receive a £50 joiner’s bonus and have access to over 400 games. PayPal is also accepted.

Mr. Mega

Mr. Mega offers a £50 joiner’s bonus. It also has a respectable 97.23%-win rate. The website offers authentic live casino games, it accepts PayPal, and you can contact a member of staff at any time with their 24/7 live chat.

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No Bonus Casino

No Bonus Casino boasts a reasonable 8.2/10 rating. You receive 10% cashback as a bonus when you join. There are many different games on their website. They are best known for their progressive jackpots and their customer service.

Mr. Play

The Mr. Play casino is on GamStop’s exclusion list. It is a popular choice among British gamblers. The joiner’s bonus is £50 and 100 free spins. Mr. Play is a website that you will likely have heard of before if you are into online gambling.


NetBet is on the GamStop exclusion list. It is always updated with the latest software, has a 9/10 rating, and offers 500 free spins as a joiner’s bonus. If you choose NetBet, you’ll be delighted to know that users have a 96.00%-win rate. There are progressive jackpots, quick pay-outs, and live dealer games. The website has a huge selection of games, from roulette to slots. It is optimized for mobile phones and is a very safe and secure website. It is licensed and held in high regard among British gamblers.

When you are gambling online, it’s important that you use the best websites. The online gambling industry has a huge problem with scams and sophisticated fraud. Make sure that you read each website’s individual reviews before you go ahead and deposit any money. Always gamble within your limits, and gamble responsibly. Good luck.

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