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Hello Everyone, Sometimes, we need to hide some important or private files in our PC. There are a lot of ways for doing it, but in this tutorial I am going to explain a specific method for hiding files known as Steganography. So,

What is Steganography?

In simple words, Steganography is an art of hiding files in such a manner that no one can doubt whether a file is hidden anywhere. In this method any file can be hid behind an image without affecting its quality.

What are the Requirements?

For hiding a file behind an image you need a file compressor tool like winrar,winzip etc.

How to Hide Files?

To hide files behind an image just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Create a new folder in your desired directory/place(say desktop) and name it as per your wish (say TBC).
  2. Now copy all the files,which you want to hide and the image behind which you are going to hide these files; to this folder TBC.
  3. Now select the files to be hid and add them to archive (I prefer winrar).
  4. Now you can see a rar file named TBC.
  5. Now go to the command prompt (cmd.exe).
  6. Go to the directory of the folder created in step 1.
  7. Now enter the following command :

    Copy /b imagename.jpg + TBC.rar output.jpg

  8. Here :
    imagename.jpg→Name of the image behind which,the files are going to be hide.
    output.jpg→Name of the output image with hidden files
  9. You are done. Now those files are hidden behind the image named output.jpg
  10. You can delete rest of the files besides output.jpg
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Note : To view the hidden files again,you need to open the image with winrar.

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