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Hey there, let’s talk about why Honest Tea, that yummy organic drink, is saying goodbye. You might have heard that Coca-Cola, the big company, decided to stop making it. They told us that by the end of this year, Honest Tea won’t be on store shelves anymore.

Seth Goldman, one of the people who started Honest Tea, had a big chat with Coca-Cola before they made this news. He told them that he worked really, really hard to make Honest Tea a cool drink. But he also said that lots of other people helped too, like the workers, the people who take the tea to stores, and all the fans of Honest Tea like you!

So, here’s the scoop: by the end of this year, you won’t find any flavors of Honest Tea in stores. This is a bit sad because Honest Tea is like a hometown hero here in D.C. It all began in 1998 when Seth Goldman and his friend Barry Nalebuff started it up in Bethesda, Maryland. They really loved the idea of making a tasty drink that’s not too sugary.

A Bit About Honest Tea

Honest Tea is a special drink because it’s made with tea leaves that aren’t all mashed up and processed. Instead, they brew the tea and just put a little bit of organic cane sugar in there. You can find it in different flavors like peach, white tea, black forest berry, and honey green tea.

Coca-Cola joined the Honest Tea gang in 2011 when they bought the company. Seth Goldman was the boss until 2015, and he kept helping out until 2019. After that, he decided to start something new with a famous chef named Spike Mendelsohn. They opened a grocery store called Eat the Change.

So, that’s the story of why Honest Tea is saying goodbye. It’s a bit sad, but we’ll always have the memories of sipping on those tasty, not-too-sweet drinks!

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So, Why Was Honest Tea Discontinued?

Hey, have you heard? Coca-Cola said they won’t be making Honest Tea after 2022. Why? Well, there were some sales issues and also some problems getting things they needed because of COVID-19.

Coca-Cola’s New Tea Game Plan

Coca-Cola has other tea drinks too, like Gold Peak and Peace Tea. They’re going to put more effort into these two teas now. Funny thing is, they’ve been having a hard time making enough Gold Peak because of some supply issues. The person who’s in charge of teas at Coca-Cola in North America said that’s one reason they had to make this tough decision. But, don’t be too sad! They’ll still be making Honest Kids drinks.

Why Honest Tea Struggled

Honest Tea wasn’t selling as much because people weren’t buying on the go and there wasn’t enough glass to put the tea in. On the other hand, Gold Peak and Peace Tea? They became superstars during the pandemic! Why? People were looking for drinks that could help them stay healthy and ones that came in big packs.

Gold Peak and Peace Tea are now the cool kids because they offer awesome flavors and just the right amount of sweetness. And guess what? Coca-Cola’s going to keep the Honest logo, so maybe we’ll see it again on other stuff in the future.

Coca-Cola’s Big Plan

This isn’t the first time Coca-Cola has shaken things up. Back in 2020, they said they were going to cut their products way down to only 200 items. This means they can put more effort into the really popular drinks and be super creative when talking about the main star: Coke.

James Quincey, the big boss at Coca-Cola, shared a cool insight. He said that stores want to make the most money from every space they have. So, if a drink isn’t selling loads, even if it’s popular, it might have to go. And this idea? It’s working! Coca-Cola made 16% more money at the start of this year.

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What’s Next for Honest Tea?

Even though we’re saying goodbye to Honest Tea, there’s exciting news! The same people behind it are launching a new tea called Just Ice Tea. Honest Tea’s journey, which lasted nearly 24 years, isn’t totally over. The spirit of Honest Tea will continue in this new tea adventure.

A company called Eat the Change is behind Just Ice Tea. They started it just a couple of weeks after the Honest Tea news. The very first Just Ice Tea bottle was shown off at a PLNT Burger in New York. And get this, in just three months, they got $14.5 million to help grow this new tea brand.

So, while it’s sad to see Honest Tea go, it’s awesome to know that the spirit of the brand will keep brewing in another way!

So, What Are The Best Alternatives To Honest Tea?

One super cool thing about Honest Tea is that it’s, well, honest! It’s not just the name; it’s what’s inside. They make sure what you see is what you get. And that makes it super special.

Most teas you find in stores are made from syrup or something called concentrate. But Honest Tea? Nope! They brew it with natural tea leaves, just like you might do at home. Plus, when they talk about their tea or sell it, they like to go straight to you. That’s a big deal!

Now, while Honest Tea is awesome, there are other big players in the drink world. Companies like Diageo India, Yakult Indonesia, Calidad Pascual, and Focus Brands are all trying to share their unique drinks too. And just so you know, besides their famous tea, Honest Tea also makes other yummy organic drinks.

Imagine a big stadium with all the drink companies showing off their best moves. That’s kind of like the U.S. beverage market. It’s super crowded and everyone’s trying to be the star. That’s why it’s so important for companies like Honest Tea to have their special tricks, like being “honest” and going straight to the fans.

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So, next time you’re picking a drink, think about all the stories behind the bottles. It’s a fierce competition out there, and every sip has a story!

Wrapping It Up

Hey, before you go, guess what? Just Ice Tea has some super tasty flavors coming your way! They’ve got everything from berry hibiscus herbal tea and honey green tea to Moroccan mint tea and the classic original green tea. And if you can’t decide between tea and lemonade? No worries! They’ve got a half-tea, half-lemonade flavor too. Yum!

Want to grab one? You’re in luck! The first big store to have them will be Sprouts Farmers Market. But if that’s not close by, you can also find them at places like Whole Foods Markets, Hy-Vee, Town & Country, and Giant Foods. So, keep an eye out and give them a try. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honest Tea really discontinued?

Yes, Honest Tea has discontinued some of its flavors and products. However, the company still offers a wide range of other options for consumers.

What flavors of Honest Tea have been discontinued?

The flavors that have been discontinued include Lemon Black Tea, Mango Green Tea, Pomegranate White Tea, and Superfruit Punch.

Why did Honest Tea discontinue these flavors?

According to the company, they regularly evaluate their product line to ensure they are offering the most popular and relevant options to consumers.

What are some new products or flavors that Honest Tea is offering now?

Honest Tea has introduced several new products and flavors to its lineup, including Ginger Oasis herbal tea, Fair Trade Passion Fruit Green tea, and Peach Oo-La-Long black tea.

Where can I find Honest Tea products?

Honest Tea is available at many major retailers, including Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart.

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