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In today’s modern world, how adept you are at establishing your business’s online presence will determine its long-term success. You can hire a marketing service or AdWords agency that can help you enhance your company’s internet reach towards potential customers. However, to rank higher on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) you have to consider every nook and cranny of digital marketing.

The prime goal of any digital marketing strategy is to lure more traffic and get organic results. If you have been working closely with a company that offers PPC consulting to drive organic results to your website, you surely know that PPC can significantly affect the outcome. One of the most basic industry knowledge yet not well-recognized is that Pay Per Click (PPC) does have an impact on your organic results.

Many organizations running a PPC campaign have noticed a boost in traffic and leads as the campaign progressed. Although PPC ads do not have a direct effect on the organic ranking, they have a way of coming around.

In case, you have been scratching your head trying to figure out if or not PPC affects organic results, and how, you are in the right place. Let us help you find the answer you are looking for.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of digital marketing. It is a strategy that helps a website get more organic traffic. Many people view SEO and PPC as two opposing concepts when in reality, they work pretty well together. The data you obtain from a PPC campaign and SEO service can prove useful in increasing the overall conversion rate. You can connect with a reliable Adwords agency and inquire about the same!

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PPC helps Select Relevant Keywords

For your paid ads and SEO, keywords have a vital role to play. This is why extensive keyword research is carried out for both these practices. Since SEO is a rather long-term commitment, you can first test the keywords in the PPC campaign. PPC allows you to get immediate results and therefore filter out the keywords that are most effective from the ineffective ones.

By eliminating low-performance keywords, you can focus on the ones that are bound to bring you results. These selective keywords can be used in your SEO strategy, influencing and getting better results. You can further naturally stuff these keywords in your website content to produce high-quality leads.

Increases Your Brand Awareness

For your business to gain online recognization and improve organic results, brand awareness is crucial. By having an SEO and PPC campaign running simultaneously, you can increase your brand awareness. When a user clicks on your PPC ad, they are directed to your landing page. There they can find all the important information regarding your business.

Once, the users are familiar with your service, they will be motivated to click on your website in the future. If they find your organic content while looking for a similar service, they might want to choose you. Plus, they could tell others about your business too, thus encouraging organic search traffic.

PPC Data Guides Organic Content

PPC or SEO, content is the universal king! When you hire an Adwords agency, they will create headings and brief, engaging content for the ads. The content used in a PPC ad is generally suitable for SEO too. So, after you have your PPC ads running, you can manage your SEO content with the data you receive from PPC.

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The headings and title tags you are using in PPC that are luring valuable traffic to your site can be included in your SEO campaign. Not just this, through PPC, you can also test the effectiveness of your meta titles and descriptions. By getting precise data on what inspires your audience and what doesn’t, you’ll know what to add or replace from your website’s content.

PPC Enhances Engagement

To obtain organic results, you need to draw your customers attention and engage them first. PPC allows the user to get initial exposure to your business. Google defines a website’s ranking on the SERP based on its engagement rate. The factors that affect a business’s engagement include click-through rates, time on site, bounce rate, etc.

With a paid ad, you are more likely to get a lead for your business. When a potential customer clicks on your PPC ad, you engage them. The more they spend time on your website and revisit your website, the higher will be your organic ranking. Your SEO campaign and PPC ads together increase your engagement significantly.

How to seek the benefits of PPC and SEO together to get organic results?

Now that you know that PPC and your SEO strategy can be merged to achieve a higher rank of the SERP, it’s time to learn how? The above-mentioned advantages that PPC offers are only possible if you and your team implement the strategies right!

Create an Integrated Campaign

To make both these practices benefit your online business, plan out a full-fledged campaign. Hold meetings with your PPC and SEO team together and brainstorm ideas for the same.

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Find Your Keywords

Since PPC and SEO are both keyword-driven strategies, do your keywords research. Create a list of the most relevant keywords according to your niche. Use these keywords in your ad copy first and then for SEO.

Monitor Regularly

After both the services are up and running, make sure you keep an eye on the progress. It will allow you to stay updated with new keywords (if any) or look for any flaw that can be fixed to increase the chances of organic results.


PPC and SEO are the foundations of a digital marketing service. When carried effectively and together, it can have a major impact on your online presence. If you want to enhance the possibilities of your business ranking organically, you need an experienced and skilled Adwords agency to guide you. Lucky for you, there are many reliable service providers for the same for you to choose from online.

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