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When it comes to betting on the horses, there are plenty of events to choose from. Some of the most exciting and rewarding racing takes place in the UK, and meets that are held here are popular with spectators and bettors from across the globe. However, when it comes to the races – and betting on them – there are few that provide more excitement and chances to win big than Royal Ascot. If you are new to the UK’s most prestigious horse racing meet, we are here with a handy Royal Ascot betting guide to help you understand how to bet on Royal Ascot. So, before you go out and take on the Royal Ascot free bets that bookies are offering, take a moment to read and digest.

The first thing to consider when betting on Royal Ascot is that it is an event like no other. The prestigious and high profile nature of the event makes it unique.

Follow this step-by-step guide and you will blend in with the more experienced race goers in no time.

#1 Do your homework

Betting on the horses is all about taking the time to do the preparation needed to make good choices on the day. Grab a race card and a copy of a good racing newspaper or website so that you can ponder your choice in an informed way.

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#2 Pick the right sort of bet

There are several different types of bet that you can put on the races, and it is important to understand what you are betting on before you put your cash down. This is something worth learning about before the big day because you will likely feel rushed and bamboozled if you turn up ‘cold’. Of course, there is the straight win bet to consider, but these are two other betting forms worth knowing:

a. Each way

This is effectively two bets – one that says your horse will win, and another that says it will place (the number of places open to the bet depends on the number running in the race, but it is usually top four or five finishers).

b. Forecast

This type of bet sees you predict which horses will finish first and second.

#3 Bet in the ring or the Totepool

The Totepool kiosks can be found throughout the grounds of the racecourse. They display their odds in fractions, and you simply give the number of the horse you want to back in each race.

The Ring refers to a collection of independent bookies that is situated in the Grandstrand. These tend to display their odds in fractions and have minimum wager limits.

Remember to take care when filling in your betting slip. You also need to remember to return to the bookmaker with whom you made the bet in order to collect your winnings.

#4 Know your limits

A day out at Royal Ascot should be a day filled with excitement and one from which you come away with great memories. Bet within your limits and enjoy the day.

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