How to Build a Career as a Shopify Theme Designer

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Website designer is a young profession that is becoming more and more popular and prestigious among people of all ages.

Like any other profession on the network – a designer, both positive and negative sides.

And, of course, due to its low prevalence of the network, designers receive decent wages for their work at MakeBeCool.

The disadvantages of the profession are that first you need to study diligently, acquire valuable knowledge and experience, until the wages are minimal. Also, if you are already a web designer, then changing this profession will not be easy enough.

The idea of becoming a website designer can appear, both as a school graduate and a person who has been building his career for a long time, even if in another field. The main thing that a future designer will need is the aesthetic taste and inclinations of an artist, while it is absolutely not necessary to be able to skillfully paint an oil painting. The human factor plays an important role – you need to be able to establish contacts with customers and colleagues.

There are several options for developing your web design skills:

  • Training using sites hosting video training, online training;
  • Self-study through a variety of literature, textbooks that use the acquisition of -knowledge and skills in web design;
  • Visiting course web design.

Sell online with Shopify store templates

To create an online store, you just need to choose your Shopify design. Once you receive the template, you can easily change settings and use the e-commerce platform. Shopify admin panel is intuitive and does not require any special skills. TemplateMonster develops responsive Shopify themes with exceptional features:

  • Bootstrap inside;
  • Optimization for mobile devices;
  • The ability to fully customize the site;
  • Documentation;
  • Easy process of making changes;
  • The ability to use additional extensions;
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Lots of built-in options (slideshow, NivoSlider, forms, google fonts).

How can you edit a template on the Shopify platform? You get designs from TemplateMonster. It is completely ready to work, right after installation you will be pleasantly surprised by the convenience and simplicity of the Shopify system. This is important for people who want simplicity in everything. However, you can always customize Shopify templates as you see fit and easily edit it to make your online store the way you want it. For example, in Shopify Russia templates, you can change the interface language at any time by choosing another available one or leaving your Shopify in Russian. You can choose a template that suits your needs.

To better evaluate the product you want to buy, download the free demo template – look at free Shopify themes. The longer you work with the template, the faster you will understand how to install and edit it. If you have any questions or difficulties in the work of the template, you can always contact our technical support Shopify.

Read more info here:

Features of Shopify ecommerce themes

In addition to being in harmony with the brand, your store should have certain important functionality that will help you stand out from the competition and your customers will be delighted. When listing your online store themes on your Shopify site, make sure they meet the following conditions.

Below we have compiled the top of the most popular Shopify themes over the past year.

Choosing Shopify themes for your online store is a great design decision. All you need to do is install a theme, add your brand, set up product data and start earning.

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