How to Compress PDFs and Maintain the Quality

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You have just created a nice PDF with everything included, but there is a problem. You can’t send it to those who need it since the file is too large. The next thing you will think about is shredding the extra megabytes to make it smaller.

The problem is that you may end up compromising the quality of the material. So, is there any way to compress the PDFs and still maintain the quality? The compression problem arises every day, especially in formal situations.

Solving the issue requires some of the best tools in the market, and we will be discussing one here. Let’s see how you can compress that PDF and send it with the quality you intend the receiver to view.

The CocoDoc PDF Compressor

If you need an online platform with all the PDF tools, then CocoDoc is here to surprise you. It’s a website that works on every browser regardless of the phone, and there are numerous things you can do with it when it comes to PDFs in general.

If you want to shed off the weight from PDFs, you need to try this PDF compressor tool available on the site. Being online gives you the advantage to use it anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

CocoDoc has various ways to fetch your document, and it starts with uploading from the local storage. If you store your PDFs in the cloud, there are options like Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, or entering the document’s URL.

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After the upload is complete, the compressing tool will do the rest. You need an account to download or share later, and there is a benefit to that. CocoDoc can store the files for you, enabling retrieval anywhere using any device via your dashboard.

What CocoDoc Does to Make Your Work Easier

Here are some of the qualities that CocoDoc has to enable compression, quality maintenance, and file handling:

Small and Large File Compression

You can compress a PDF that is a few megabytes or even gigabytes. There is no limit here to the size. Instead, CocoDoc limits the file size to how you want it. The algorithm used in compression is quite advanced to ensure that the file stays the same even after getting smaller.

Quality Optimization

The PDF will be smaller, but you want it to be readable. If it has images, you need them to be the same quality as before. CocoDoc only shreds the size and not the quality. So, you don’t need to worry about the outcome once you upload the PDF on the website.

Fast Service Delivery

You don’t need to wait for a few minutes for CocoDoc to finish compression. After uploading, the compressing tool is quick enough to finish the task and avail the PDF within seconds.

Secure Cloud Storage

The compressed PDFs are stored in CocoDoc’s cloud securely. No one can access your files without a password, and you can retrieve them at will anywhere. The dashboard will work on all browsers, whether on smartphone or PC.

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While the PDF is on the cloud, you can share it with others via email or social media. So, exporting to other cloud platforms is not necessary here. You can only do so for backup purposes.

How to Compress a PDF with CocoDoc and Maintain the Quality

  • Step 1: Visit the CocoDoc website and click on the ‘Compress PDF’ tool via the Tools tab in the navigation.
  • Step 2: Upload the PDF using the various options provided. Next, click on ‘Compress’ to shrink the file.
  • Step 3: Download or share the compressed PDF. Check to see that it has the same quality as before.

Why Should You Consider the CocoDoc PDF Compressor?

By now, you have realized a few advantages of using this platform to compress PDFs. It’s seamless to use, and it also adds the following benefits:

  • It’s web-based: This is a platform that you can load on the website, and it will do the rest. You don’t need to install anything, and that eases the job. It also permits you to load it on any internet-enabled device.
  • More PDF editing tools: Apart from compressing, you can also edit your PDF, merge, split, extract images, and more. CocoDoc can also convert PDF files to other formats and vice versa. It’s, therefore, a useful site that you will not only subscribe to but also bookmark.
  • Tight security: The compressed PDFs will be in your cloud storage. That means there should be heightened security to ensure safety and legal access via your account. If someone doesn’t have your password, they cannot penetrate the security protocols involved.
  • Quick sharing: If you want to send the PDF, it’s possible to send it to several people. There is a sharable link for that, and you can use it to send via email or social media platforms.
  • Web integration: CocoDc also allows you to share PDFs via your website. All you need is the code to insert the link on the required page, and that’s it. Visitors on your website will use the link to view the PDF and also learn more about CocoDoc.
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Why is PDF Compression Necessary?

The main reason why we compress PDFs is due to various requirements. For example, in Google, sending files via Gmail will require uploading less than 25 MBs. If your PDF is larger than that, you will need to reduce the size to enable the sending.

In courts or tax collection offices, PDFs have specific requirements, and that includes the size. One of the reasons to require smaller PDFs is the storage issue where the available space needs to be utilized.

You have to meet such demands, and CocoDoc can help you with the compression part, among other things. You need to take care of the quality of the files since everything should be the same regardless of the size.

Again, with CocoDoc, your files will retain the quality deserved even after shrinking the files.


Compressing PDFs may not be a major issue since there are tools for that. The quality of the material will, however, define everything, and that is why you need a tool that can compress and keep the files the same.

CocoDoc is here to ease your worries, and it has more valuable tools at your disposal. Once you load it via your browser, the rest will be easy to follow.

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