How To Delete Contacts on LinkedIn [Remove Connections]

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Hey buddy, do you hang out on LinkedIn for your business or just to stay connected with other professionals?

Ever find yourself staring at your LinkedIn contacts list, which is a jumble of people from your phone, email like Gmail or Outlook, and thinking, “Hmm, do I really need all these folks on here?”

Well, if you’ve ever scratched your head thinking about how to clean up your LinkedIn and wave goodbye to some of those contacts, you’ve hit the jackpot by finding this article!

We’re about to dive into a super simple guide that’ll show you how to delete contacts on LinkedIn. And the best part? It doesn’t matter if you’re on your phone or sitting at your computer – I’ve got the steps for both. So, let’s get your LinkedIn looking neat and tidy, shall we?

How To Delete Contacts On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is like a digital networking party for professionals, and it’s super handy for businesses. It’s cool because it lets you bring all your pals over from your phonebook, Gmail, Outlook, and other hangouts without a hassle.

Just like you can search and invite people to connect directly on LinkedIn, you can also give them a polite wave goodbye when it’s time to part ways.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done a contact clean-up on LinkedIn before. I’m here to walk you through it, step by simple step. Ready to roll up your sleeves and get your LinkedIn contacts list to spark joy? Let’s do this!

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On Mobile Devices

Ready to make your LinkedIn connections list as neat as your sneaker collection? Let’s do this on your phone!

Step 1: Launch LinkedIn

Grab your phone and tap the LinkedIn app to open it. If it asks, go ahead and log in.

Step 2: Head to ‘My Network’

Once you’re in, look at the bottom of your screen and tap on “My Network.” It’s like your digital rolodex! Now, hit the “Manage my network” button, then tap on “Connections.”

Step 3: Spot the Unwanted Contact

You’ll see everyone you’re connected to, all nice and ordered. Want to find someone fast? Use the search button (it looks like a little magnifying glass) to zip right to them.

Step 4: Say “Bye-Bye” to the Contact

Next to the name of the person you want to remove, you’ll see three little dots. Give those a tap, and a menu will pop up. Press “Remove Connection,” and poof—they’re gone!

Delete from profile

Let’s keep going and learn how to cut ties directly from someone’s LinkedIn profile. It’s just as easy – promise!

Step 1: Head Back to ‘My Network’

Open LinkedIn and hit the “My Network” icon again. You’re becoming a pro at this! Under “Manage my network,” find and tap “Connections.”

Step 2: Find That Contact

Use the search bar to find the person you want to part ways with. When you’ve found them, tap their name, and then go to “View profile.”

Step 3: It’s Time to Disconnect

Look for the three little dots to the right of the message button on their profile. Tap those dots and then select “Remove connection.”

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Prefer doing things on a bigger screen? Here’s how to clean up your LinkedIn contacts from your computer.

Step 1: Visit LinkedIn

On your Mac or PC, open your favorite browser and head over to the LinkedIn website. Log into your account to start the magic.

Step 1: Dive into ‘My Network’

On LinkedIn’s homepage, look for the “My Networks” icon and give it a click. In the dropdown menu, find “Manage my Network” and click on “Connections.”

Step 3: Locate the Contact

Got someone in mind to remove? Use the search bar—it’s the fastest way to find them.

Step 4: Break the Digital Tie

When you find the contact, click the three dots next to the message button on their profile. Then just click “Remove connection.”

Just a heads up, when you remove someone, LinkedIn keeps it on the down-low—they won’t know you’ve removed them. Also, any endorsements or kudos you’ve swapped will disappear, like they were never there!


LinkedIn is your go-to spot for making and keeping professional buddies from all corners of the globe.

But let’s be real – sometimes your LinkedIn list gets crowded with folks you don’t really talk to or need. No stress, though!

Whether you’re on your phone or parked in front of your computer, you’ve now got the know-how to declutter your LinkedIn connections. And hey, if you ever went on an adding spree importing contacts from other places, there’s a way to do a big clean-up in one go.

Remember, your LinkedIn should work for you, helping you build those valuable connections that matter most. So go ahead, take control, and make it the powerful networking tool it’s meant to be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove a LinkedIn contact using my mobile device?

Just tap the LinkedIn app, go to 'My Network', then 'Connections', find the contact, and tap the three dots next to their name to remove them.

Can I delete a LinkedIn contact directly from their profile on mobile?

Absolutely! Search for the contact, view their profile, tap the three dots next to the message button, and select 'Remove connection'.

Is the process for deleting LinkedIn contacts the same on a computer?

It's very similar! On your computer, log into LinkedIn, click on 'My Network', then 'Connections', find the contact, click the three dots, and choose 'Remove connection'.

Will someone know if I remove them from my LinkedIn contacts?

Nope, LinkedIn doesn't notify someone when they're removed as a connection.

What happens to recommendations and endorsements when I remove a connection on LinkedIn?

They'll be removed along with the connection. It's like they were never there!

Can I mass delete contacts on LinkedIn that I've imported from my email or other sources?

Yes, LinkedIn provides an option to delete multiple contacts at once, especially those imported in bulk from other sources.

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