How To Get Sound On Reddit [See How Make Reddit Sound]

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Hey There, Reddit Users! Ever Wondered About the Silent Videos?

If you’re someone who loves scrolling through Reddit, you’ve probably noticed something kind of odd: some videos just don’t have sound. Ever found yourself tapping your phone or wondering if your speakers are broken? Well, you’re not alone!

In this article, I’m going to explain why this happens. It’s actually pretty interesting once you know the reason behind it.

But that’s not all! I’m also going to show you how to bring the sound back to your Reddit videos. Imagine watching all those cute cat videos with actual meows this time!

Stay tuned, and let’s dive into the silent world of Reddit videos and turn up the volume! 🎶🐾📢

How To Get Sound On Reddit

You know those silent videos on Reddit? It turns out, they’re quiet by design. Reddit automatically puts its videos on mute. That means when you tap to play a video, it starts without any sound. But don’t worry, it’s super easy to fix!

Safety First: NSFW Videos Stay Quiet for a Reason

Also, there’s a special note about NSFW (Not Safe for Work) videos. These are kept silent on purpose. Why? Because they might contain stuff that’s not exactly okay to play out loud in certain places, like at work or in public. It’s all about keeping things appropriate for wherever you are.

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Ready to Hear What You’ve Been Missing? Let’s Unmute!

Next up, I’ll show you the simple steps to get sound on your Reddit videos. Whether it’s a funny clip or an interesting post, you’ll be hearing everything loud and clear!

By Turning Off Mute

1. Say Goodbye to Silence: Unmute That Video!

Let’s tackle those NSFW videos first. They’re always muted when you start them on Reddit. But guess what? You can easily turn the sound on.

  • Step-by-Step: Find a video on Reddit. Tap on it to play. Look at the bottom right corner of the video – see that mute button? Just tap it to unmute. And voilà, you’ll start hearing the sound. It’s like magic!

2. For iPhone Users: A Handy Setting to Change

Using Reddit on an iPhone? There’s a cool feature for you.

  • Here’s How: Open Reddit and tap your profile icon in the top right corner. Then, hit ‘Settings’. Scroll down to ‘Advanced’ and find “Mute videos by default”. Toggle this off, and now your videos will play with sound automatically. No more silent surprises!

3. Desktop Users, You’re Up! Unmuting on PC

Watching videos on your computer? Here’s what to do.

  • Quick Fix: Open a video on Reddit. You’ll see a mute button at the bottom right corner of the video. Just click it to bring in the sound. If it’s still quiet, check your computer’s volume settings. Sometimes the problem is just a low volume!

In Conclusion

So, we’ve solved the mystery! If you’ve ever been puzzled about why your Reddit videos are playing in silent mode, now you know. It’s all because Reddit automatically mutes videos, especially those tagged as NSFW, to keep things safe and sound (pun intended) for any environment.

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The Simple Solution: Just Unmute! But remember, bringing back the sound is as easy as a tap or a click. While your video is playing, just hit that Unmute button, and you’re all set to hear every bit of the action.

Now, armed with this knowledge, go enjoy your Reddit experience with full sound! Whether it’s a laugh-out-loud clip, an awe-inspiring scene, or just something cool you found, you won’t miss a single beat. Happy listening!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some of my Reddit videos playing without sound?

This usually happens because Reddit automatically mutes certain videos, especially those tagged as NSFW, to ensure they're appropriate for any viewing environment.

How do I unmute a video on Reddit?

Simply tap or click on the mute button located at the bottom right corner of the video while it's playing. This will enable the sound.

Is there a way to make Reddit videos always play with sound on my iPhone?

Yes! In the Reddit iOS app, go to your profile, tap 'Settings', scroll down to 'Advanced', and toggle off “Mute videos by default”. This will make videos play with sound by default.

Will changing the ‘Mute videos by default’ setting affect NSFW videos too?

Yes, changing this setting will affect all videos, including NSFW ones. They will start playing with sound unless you manually mute them.

What should I do if I unmute a video on Reddit but still can't hear anything?

Check your device's volume settings to ensure it's not on mute or too low. Sometimes the issue might be with your device and not the Reddit app.

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