How to Scrape Email Address from Website — Step by Step Instruction

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Email scraper software is a tool that will help you automatically extract emails from web pages you need. Here is a guide on how to use Atomic Email Scraper and save a lot of time on obtaining and proceeding emails.

How to Scrape Email Only in Just a Few Steps?

It is quite easy to scrape email addresses from any website. Follow these simple instructions, and you will get the result you desire.

Step 1: Settings

Right settings will help you seamless export contacts and not get blocked for suspicious activity. You need to open “Settings” on the menu bar and choose “Common settings”.  The main four tabs you need to work with are “Configurations”, “Advanced”, “URL filters”, and “Email filters”.

The first one, “Configurations”, limits the resources taken by the software from your PC and the “randomize” checkbox. It makes the websites think that multiple users search the website using different web browsers and connection protocols.

The second one, “Advanced”, allows you to limit the search to a certain number of links or email addresses to be parsed from the websites. It provides you with the ability to utilize JavaScript parses. We suggest using it if the regular search is not enough and can’t satisfy your needs.

Another great thing here is the timeout option. We may set it from 1 to 10 seconds, and the software will make random pauses in between, imitating the activity of real users.

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If you want to limit the search to a certain URL or to exclude a certain website from the search, you should go to URL filters and paste that URL or domain name. The same situation is email filters.

Step 2: Extraction

There are two basic ways to find emails.

The first one is a more precise one and is based on searching emails from the exact website. In this case, you should know the exact URL of the website you want to get the emails.

The second way is to use the built-in keyword search. You should simply enter the necessary keywords into the search bar and hit enter. The software will use a search engine to build a list of URLs that match your keyword requests.

The more keywords you enter, the fewer results you’ll receive, but the more precise they will be. Most likely, you want to teeter the necessary URL here or keywords or even both URL and keywords. In this case, the software will try to Google for the links on the website that fit the entered keyword.

Step 3: Export

When you have generated enough emails, you need to stop the extraction and wait for the software to close all the open connections.  After that, you can remove duplicates by going to the “Results” tab and choosing “delete duplicates”.

There are several options you might use to export results: save the list to the pre-created file, copy the emails to the clipboard or choose to save them in Microsoft Excel or Worlds.

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And here, you have your list of scraped email addresses!

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