A Beginner’s Guide To Online Gambling: How To Stay Safe

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Online gambling can be a lot of fun, but you do need to take your security seriously. Unfortunately, as with anything on the internet, there’s always the chance that a hacker could gain access to your information and use it to make fraudulent purchases or to impersonate you. Online thieves often target gambling websites, because they are able to directly access the financial information of thousands of people at once. For this reason, you need to go to great lengths to protect yourself online.

This article will tell you exactly how you can do that:

Use a Reputable Casino

The most effective way of staying safe when you are gambling online is to use a reputable casino. The biggest mistake you can make is signing up for a website that doesn’t treat its users’ data securely. A good way of finding reputable, trusted casinos is by reading reviews. The casino review specialists from Casino Shark say that while no online casino is perfect, reviews can help you find the perfect casino for you. When you stick with reputable casinos, you are less likely to experience any security issues. There are still things that you need to do to protect yourself beyond signing up for a reputable casino, however.

Use Your Own Device

Never use anybody else’s device to sign in to your online casino accounts. The reason for this is quite simple: If you sign in to your accounts on another person’s device, then there’s a chance that they will be able to gain access to your account when you aren’t present. This could result in them spending your money, making deposits, and playing as you. While it’s unlikely any of your friends will do this if you use their phone or computer to sign into your account, you should still avoid doing this.

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Antivirus Software

Another very effective way of reducing your account’s chances of being hacked is to install antivirus software on your computer. If you don’t have antivirus software, then a hacker could easily access your computer without you even knowing. One of the most common methods hackers use to gain access to a person’s online accounts is by tricking them into downloading keylogging software. If you receive emails or links from strangers, do not click them. If you have antivirus software active, then it will flag these messages and emails as suspicious. Antivirus software will also detect any malware or ransomware that’s downloaded to your device and eliminate it.

Verification Checks

Going back to finding a reputable casino for a moment, it’s important to find one that conducts extensive verification checks. If a casino goes out of its way to verify your identity, then it’s a good sign that they don’t take shortcuts when it comes to their security. Verification checks exist so that a casino can guarantee you are who you say you are. It’s very common for hackers to use other people’s credit cards to sign up for casinos, and spend their money, transferring their winnings to an alternate account. Verification checks prevent this from happening.

Use a VPN

VPN is short for virtual private networks. If you are using online casinos regularly, especially when connected to other peoples’ Wi-Fi networks or public Wi-Fi networks, then it is definitely worth using one. VPNs protect your location, identity, and information, masking your location from hackers and scammers. Many people avoid using VPNs because they think that they are expensive, but there are lots of VPNs that don’t charge for their use. You can find VPNs all over the internet, and on the Google and Apple application stores. If you can’t find a suitable VPN, then you could use a proxy.

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Storing Your Passwords

In addition to all of the other protective measures suggested here, make sure that you store your passwords in a safe place. Ideally, you should store your passwords offline, written on a piece of paper. If you have access to a safe then put your login details inside it. If anybody were to find your passwords and account information, they would be able to access your accounts and spend your money. Storing your passwords online or on your computer is very risky also.

Exercise Self-Control

Finally, make sure that you exercise self-control. This suggestion does not relate to online security, but instead the way that you spend your money. If you aren’t careful with how you gamble, you could develop an addiction, or worse, bankrupt yourself.

If you are going to gamble online, then you need to care not to expose yourself to hackers. The internet abounds with them. If you take care, you should be able to avoid running into them.

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