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So guys, we are going to talk about installing Icdrama Kodi Addon. So, if you like watching DRAMAS then this is the best addon for you and hence, we are going to provide an exclusive tutorial on the same. We will be discussing about each an everything Icdrama Kodi Addon. So, congrats, you have just landed on the best place on the internet. We will be talking about its features, advantages, disadvantages, and much more information. So, without any further ado, let’s get started and see what are required things to discuss first:

You know there are number of addons available for watching movies, addons and dramas but this is one of the best addon so far we came to know about. With the help of Icdrama add-on, you can watch HD quality movies, videos and TV shows in Kodi TV boxes. Also, it has got other awesome features too.

Features of Icdrama Kodi Addon:

  • User-Friendly Interface and Menu
  • HD Movies and Dramas
  • Huge collection of Asian Movies and Dramas
  • Easy installation of Addon

How to install Icdrama addon on kodi krypton 17?

  • 1. In the left side menu, Click On Settings icon.
  • 2. Select File Manager.
  • 3. Click on Add Source option and move to selected options.
  • 4. Choose <None>.
  • 5. Enter the EXACT  URL : https://cthlo.github.io/cthlo-kodi-repo and click OK.
  • 6. Now you need to give it a name. Preferred name is ICDrama or cthlo-kodi-repo as it is the official name of this addon.
  • 7. Now Return to Home Screen.
  • 8. Select Add-Ons.
  • 9. Choose “Install From Zip File
  • 10. Now click on ICDrama or  cthlo-kodi-repo [Name you given it]
  • 11. Now Select the zips folder.
  • 12. Click On “repository.cthlo-kodi-repo”
  • 13. Choose repository.cthlo-kodi-repo-1.0.0.zip.
  • 14. Wait for few seconds an Select “install from repository
  • 15. Now look for ICDrama or cthlo-kodi-repo
  • 16. Click Video add-ons for installing ICDRAMA kodi addon.
  • 17. Click on ICDrama and wait for it to download.
  • 18. Once downloaded. Now Click on it to install the addon.
  • 19. Wait for few seconds. Then go to the addons and select Icdrama kodi addon.
  • 20. Congrats, you have now installed Icdrama kodi addon successfully on Kodi.
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Start watching your favorite dramas now. If you are facing any problem, please TURN OFF AND ON Kodi to begin again and follow the exact instructions.

Icdrama Kodi Not Working Error and Fix:

Nothing is perfect, sometimes it’s us and sometime it’s programs who created problems but we have fix them anyway. So, below we have given some basic problems and how you can fix that:

  • If you are seeing the following error as “Failed to Resolve URL”, then unfortunately, there is not skip rule for this. The problem is with addon itself and developers, and you have to wait until you get the update to fix the issue.
  • The best practice we can suggest if to turn on the automatic updates of addons. So, please allow Kodi apps to update the addons to their latest versions.
  • Like others, IcDrama too needs a high speed internet connection to stream live movies and TV shows.

In Conclusion To Installing IcDrama Kodi Addon:

While everyone searching for HD movies and TV shows online after shutting down of torrent sites, the Kodi Player is no less than a second life for movie lovers. The addon feature of Kodi Player is the only thing which has raised it to peak of success.

As the name suggests itself ICDrama, the addon is full of Drama movies and TV Shows. So, if you are finding the hard time to spend you time, then IcDrama can be the best solution for you. It has got huge collection of Movies and TV Shows.

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We hope we provided all the required information on how to Download and Install Icdrama Kodi Addon on Kodi Player. So, if you are still facing any kind of problem using IcDrama Addon, please go through the above given instructions again and get your problem solved. Thanks for visiting TechFela, Have a Great Day Friends.

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