An In-Depth Overview of Salesforce Salaries in India

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Salesforce is among the hottest technologies in India. It has an exceedingly vast workforce which is likely to shoot up further in the coming years.

According to a study, Salesforce will create over 548,000 directs jobs and 1.3+ million indirect jobs in India. Considering all this, it’s safe to say that Salesforce is an incredible field to work in. And one of the primary reasons it is so popular is the handsome wages that Salesforce offers to its employees.

In this post, we will delve into Salesforce salaries in India and provide you with a broad perspective on how the wage structure of one of the biggest tech platforms in the world works. Let’s dive in.

How Much Does Salesforce Pay In India?

Salesforce, being a tech giant, pays outstanding salaries to its Indian employees. However, the amount you earn depends on your job title and experience. Let’s take a look at the wages and job descriptions of a few Salesforce fields to understand the subject better.

Software Engineer

Salesforce software engineers in India earn ₹2.3 million per year on average, with the least experienced ones making ₹12.5L/year while the most experienced ones getting around ₹32L/year. The study included 84 salaries and software engineers having experience between 1-9 years.

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In case you didn’t know, a Salesforce software engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing Salesforce applications.

Member of Technical Staff

A Salesforce India member technical staff is responsible for designing, developing, documenting, implementing, and maintaining test scripts for Salesforce applications. These professionals earn about ₹24.9L/year on average. The least experienced members can earn up to ₹19.9L, while the most experienced ones can earn as much as ₹33L. The study included 64 salaries and professionals having experience between 2-10 years.

Product Manager

Salesforce product managers are responsible for ensuring the correct working of Salesforce CRM by managing and building technical strategies and product backlogs. This helps the employers improve sales and boost their marketing, customer, and sales operations.

The average salary of Salesforce product managers is ₹35.6L/year. The study included 23 salaries and products managers having experience between 8-16 years, with the least experienced managers earning ₹26L/year while the most experienced ones making ₹50L/year.

What are the highest and lowest-paying Salesforce jobs in India?

Salesforce directors are the highest paid professionals in this field, with an average salary of a whopping ₹75.3L/year. On the other hand, Salesforce development and technical support engineering are the lowest-paying jobs with average wages of ₹12.5L/year and ₹13.9L/year, respectively.

Do you need a Salesforce certificate to earn a high salary?

Yes, Salesforce certifications can do wonders in your career promotions and, ultimately, salary increments. Even studies prove that Salesforce professionals who have more certifications enjoy high salaries. This is because completing a certification means improving your platform knowledge and experience, both of which are crucial to moving up the ladder in this field.

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For instance, a study states that junior Salesforce admins on average have 1.2 certifications (max certifications = 4), mid-level admins have 1.6 certifications on average (max certifications = 6), while senior admins have 3.5 certifications on average (max certifications = 13). The same applies to other Salesforce departments – the more certifications you have, the higher positions you are likely to enjoy at your company.

What factors determine a Salesforce professional’s salary besides certifications?

The salary of a Salesforce professional depends on various factors, including:

  • Experience
  • Prior programming knowledge (the more, the better)
  • Location (different cities have different pay scales)

Firms that require travelling typically offer excellent bonuses. However, very few of such firms exist, and their impact on the general stats is trivial.

What is the best place to learn Salesforce online?

CRS is an excellent platform to learn Salesforce – one of the most extensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software around. At CRS, we offer Salesforce administrator developer and lightning certification training through our comprehensive program. The course spans over —- weeks. During this period, you will complete various projects and gain hands-on experience with the platform. We will prepare you for all the exams through quizzes and tests as well.

Our training is instructor-led, enabling you to ask follow-up questions and have one-to-one sessions for faster learning. We also have a 24-hour student support system and provide unlimited access to our course content. This will help you learn Salesforce even after the regular course hours. So, if you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and reputable platform to learn Salesforce, then look no further than CRS.

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Bottom Line

Salesforce is a lucrative field with countless opportunities for talented Indians. It is the ultimate solution for people looking to switch careers or fresh grads trying to create a brighter future. So, if you aren’t satisfied with the current state of your finances and need an instant boost in income, then obtaining a Salesforce certification is a safe bet. Good luck.

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