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Hey there, fellow anime lover! Do you find yourself binge-watching your favorite anime shows?

If that’s a “yes,” then I’ve got something cool to share with you. Ever heard of the KissAnime Kodi Addon?

No worries if you haven’t, or if you’re having trouble installing it. We’ve got you covered with a simple guide. Stick with me, and I’ll walk you through it!

What’s the KissAnime Kodi Addon?

Alright, let’s break it down. The name “KISS+ANIME” kinda gives it away, right? You guessed it—it’s all about anime! The KissAnime Addon is a fantastic tool for Kodi that lets you watch a ton of animated videos.

We’re talking movies, TV shows, short films, and even dramas. And the best part? Everything’s in High Definition. So, whether you’re watching on a big fancy TV or a smaller one, the experience is going to be awesome.

The heroes behind the KissAnime Addon are the “HIGHWAY99” group. They’re the same cool folks who brought you Kiss Cartoon and KissAsian. And guess what? This addon even gives you video suggestions based on what you’ve watched before.

So, say goodbye to those “Hmm, what should I watch next?” moments! Plus, all the videos come straight from their official website, “”.

If you’re thinking, “I want this NOW!”, then I’ve got good news. You can find the KissAnime Kodi video add-on in the “SuperRepo repository.” This place is like a treasure chest, packed with over 2,200 Kodi add-ons. And if you’re new to Kodi and feel a bit lost, don’t sweat it! We have a beginner’s guide to help you out.

Features of KissAnime Kodi Addon?

  1. Super Clear Streaming: Enjoy every scene in Full HD quality. It’s like being in the anime world!
  2. Pick Your Category: They’ve got a category filter. Whether you’re in the mood for action, romance, or a good old mystery, it’s easy to find.
  3. Talk to Me in Any Language: Multiple language subtitles? Yep! No matter where you’re from, you can jump in and understand the story.
  4. Easy on the Eyes: With its Good GUI (that’s a fancy term for Graphics User Interface), everything looks neat and easy to navigate.
  5. Fast and Furious: Nobody likes to wait, right? With its super-fast loading time, you’re straight into the action.
  6. Bye-Bye, Buffering Blues: Low buffering means less waiting and more watching. Smooth streaming ahead!
  7. Chat in Different Languages: Not just subtitles, but the addon also supports multiple languages. How cool is that?
  8. Always Fresh and New: They keep it updated. So, you’re always in for the latest and greatest episodes.
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How to Install KissAnime Kodi Addon

To begin, we need to add the SuperRepo repository, which will serve as a source for downloading add-ons:

Installing SuperRepo

Let’s start with adding something cool called the SuperRepo repository to our Kodi. Think of this as the tool that will help us get the KissAnime add-on later.

Step 1: Opening Kodi and Getting Ready

  1. Turn on Kodi on your favorite device and click on “Add ons.”
  2. See that gear-like icon? That’s the settings button! Click on it and make sure you turn on “Unknown sources”. Don’t worry if you get a little message warning you about things – just agree to it.
  3. Now, go back to where you started (the Kodi main screen). Click on that gear icon again and this time, pick the folder. This is your File Manager.

Step 2: Adding the SuperRepo Source

  1. Here, click on “Add source”.
  2. You’ll see an option that says “None”. Click on it and type this web address: “”. Once you’ve typed it, click on “Done”.
  3. Now, you need to give it a name. How about “SuperRepo”? It’s easy to remember since we’re talking about it right now. After naming it, click OK.

Congrats! If you look at the main screen of Kodi again, there’s this box-looking icon. That’s your SuperRepo tool ready to use!

Installing KissAnime Kodi Addon

Awesome, now that you’ve set up SuperRepo, let’s get the KissAnime add-on.

Step 1: Getting Started Again

  1. Back to the Kodi main screen? Perfect. Click on “Add ons”.
  2. Look for the new download icon and click on “Install from the zip file”.
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Step 2: Finding and Installing KissAnime

  1. Follow this click path: SuperRepo > Krypton > Genres > Anime. Here, find and click on the zip file named “”.
  2. Hang tight for a few moments. You’ll get a message saying the add-on is turned on and ready.
  3. Now, click on “Install from the repository” and then select “SuperRepo All”.
  4. Look carefully, and you’ll spot “KissAnime” under “Video add-ons”. Click on it and install!

Boom! Once you see a message that says “KissAnime addon-enabled”, you’ve done it!

Watching KissAnime: To start watching your favorite anime, just click on “Add ons” and there you’ll find KissAnime. Dive in and enjoy!

How to Install KissAnime Kodi Addon on Jarvis

The steps we talked about earlier are mostly for Kodi v17 Krypton. But if you’re using Kodi v16 Jarvis, don’t worry! It’s a little different, but I’ve got you covered. Let’s set this up.

The Foundation: Setting Up SuperRepo

Remember how we set up SuperRepo earlier? We need to do that here too. So, if you’ve already got SuperRepo ready on your Kodi, you’re one step ahead. If not, just follow the steps we discussed before. Got it? Awesome!

Time to Get the KissAnime Addon

Step 1: Starting from Home

  • When you open Kodi, you’ll see a button named “System”. Click on it.
  • Then, find “Add-ons” and within that, choose “Install from the zip file”.

Step 2: Picking the Right Files

  1. Spot “SuperRepo”? Good. Click on it.
  2. Next, find “Jarvis”, and then head over to “Genres” and “Anime”.
  3. Look for this specific file: “”. Click on it and give it a few seconds. A little message will pop up when it’s ready.

Step 3: Wrapping It Up

  1. Click “Install from the repository”.
  2. Now, pick “SuperRepo All”.
  3. Here’s the fun part. Click on “Video”, then “Video add-ons”, and then look for “KissAnime”. Got it? Great! Now, click “Install”.

Once you get a little pop-up message that says everything’s done, you’re all set!

Time to Watch Some Anime!

To dive into your world of anime, just open Kodi and on the home screen, click on “Videos”, then “Add-ons”, and there you’ll see “KissAnime”. Open it and explore a huge world of anime shows and movies.

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How to Fix the KissAnime Addon, not Working Error?

Sometimes, tech can be a bit moody, right? If your KissAnime Kodi addon isn’t working, I’m here to help you understand why and how you can fix it.

1. What’s the “Check Log Error”?

So, KissAnime is one of the oldest tools on Kodi. Being old isn’t bad, but in the tech world, it means things need regular updates. If not, it can get grumpy and give you this error called “Check Log Error”.

How to Fix the “Check Log Error”:

  1. First, make sure you’ve got the correct source for KissAnime on Kodi.
  2. If you’re super sure you had it right the first time, try removing it and then adding it back. Kind of like giving it a fresh start.
  3. Still no luck? It might be time to think about trying a different addon, just for now.

2. Seeing “No Stream Available”?

Sometimes when you’re trying to stream, you might get this message. It’s like when you’re trying to tune into a radio station, but can’t catch the signal. The platform might not be able to find a link on the internet.

How to Tackle the “No Stream Available” Issue:

Honestly, there’s no magic fix for this one because you can’t really go in and fix the addon’s main computer (or server). But, here’s a little trick you can try:

Clear out some of the stored data or “cache” on your Kodi. It’s kind of like cleaning out old cookies on a web browser. Sometimes, this can help.

Wrapping It All Up: Why KissAnime Rocks on Kodi!

So, in a nutshell? The KissAnime Kodi addon for anime is probably the coolest thing for anime lovers out there. Imagine having a HUGE library where you can pick any anime show or movie you want. And guess what? It works on most TVs too!

Kodi itself is like this super handy media toolbox. The steps we went through? You can use them for many other cool tools on Kodi too. It’s like having a one-stop-shop for all your favorite movies and shows.

Even though we chatted a lot about setting up KissAnime, don’t stop there! Dive deep into Kodi, try out other awesome tools, and enjoy top-notch quality shows with the help of our guide.

Happy watching and exploring!

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