The Latest Video Marketing Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

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Not everyone has the patience to read a blog post or to browse your website to learn about your products and services. This is where video content comes in.

Video is the most engaging type of web content and is being used in new ways every year to get the attention of customers. Fortunately, it’s doing a pretty good job. Video gets 1200% more shares online than image and text posts combined.

If you want to build your business online, it can be well worth investing in video content and staying on top of the latest trends. Here are the latest 2022 video marketing trends that you should know about.

#1 Animated Explainer Videos

One of the top video marketing trends is creating and sharing animated explainer videos. These animated videos are growing in popularity, and all kinds of companies are using them to promote goods and services.

Animated explainer videos are proven to be effective for Ecommerce businesses as well. The purpose of ecommerce video production is to convey what your product is and what value it can provide for potential buyers, be it a cleaning service or kitchen appliance. Sharing fun explainer videos of your products across social media channels increases audience engagement, and once you are creative enough it might even turn into shareable content affecting your brand awareness positively.

#2 Live Video Streaming

It shouldn’t surprise you that live video streaming is sure to be even more popular in 2022. All kinds of businesses are using live streaming on social media platforms to reach their customers and to educate them.

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Live streaming video is a great interactive type of video content that people can interact with in real-time. These videos can do a great job of grabbing attention and helping customers build stronger connections with brands and influencers.

#3 Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are also trending in 2022 and can be incredibly helpful for selling products. In these videos, customers can buy products directly by clicking on a button in a video and being taken straight to the product’s landing page.

Because video content is so engaging, this type of shoppable video is sure to be used by e-commerce businesses often during the course of the year.

#4 Video SEO

Another trend to take note of in 2022 is a greater emphasis on video SEO. Videos often appear on the first page of search engine results these days, so smart businesses are making sure that their videos are optimized.

Optimizing video content by using keywords in descriptions, adding tags, and creating engaging thumbnails can be helpful for ensuring they appear in search engine results more often.

On top of improving video SEO, however, remember that you also need to make sure that you create engaging content. Fortunately, there are some quick youtube video ideas that can help you engage your customers online.

#5 Short-Form Videos

TikTok has changed the way that videos are used online. TikTok-style videos are more popular than ever, so smart businesses are starting to create more short-form videos to build their followings and to advertise products and services online.

Whether these videos are shared on the TikTok platform itself or on other social media channels, short-form TikTok-style videos will be sure to have an even greater web presence in 2022.

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If you want to build your business online and boost your marketing efforts, you should be sure that you’re staying on top of the latest video marketing trends. By live streaming, creating shoppable videos, and making sure that all of your video content is optimized, you’ll be able to gain new customers on the web.

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