Linkbox Pro Service Review – Why It Is The Best Link Building Service You Should Try

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Promoting the website is an important task. It’s becoming more difficult to manually monitor backlinks as the number of backlinks as well as the quantity of promoted projects grows.

Link Box fully solves this problem.

Basic functions

This service allows you to manage all external links of projects that have been put together in one place. SEO experts can streamline their tasks using a user-friendly interface. has built-in modules that let you:

SEO promotion and budget optimization require regular monitoring of backlinks. Monitoring of links on a regular basis in Linkbox Pro lets you access the details about:

  • Information on dofollow and nofollow link attribute
  • the anchors of all the external links on the pages.
  • Links were removed immediately after they were created.
  • the presence of backlinks on the donor pages;

Links into Link Box are imported:

  • In previously created campaigns
  • via the crawler module, Ahrefs, Google Console, etc.

All details regarding domains and backlinks is available in the graph and table. The table analyses your backlinks with different filters.

Linkbox is ideal for mass checking the presence of external links in Google’s index. The program lets you:

  • You can track their presence in the index by setting up regular tracking.
  • Check to index quickly;

The SEO specialist will be informed when the link is removed from the Google index. This notification allows him/her to take the necessary actions to make sure that the page accepting isn’t lost in the search engine. Linkbox allows you to manage the backlink indexing for every link campaign and project simultaneously.

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The table displays the date and results of Google indexing check. The results are highlighted with the color.

  • Green – Index;
  • red – not in index;
  • Gray – No check was done.

A special filter allows you to select backlinks that aren’t yet being indexed and then submit them for indexing via Google Add URL.

Do not just wait to wait for Google robots to index links. You need to start the process. Linkbox helps you submit pages that are not indexed to Google indexer. It only takes a few clicks. Googlebot will automatically go to your website after you’ve submitted it to Linkbox. Googlebot’s ability to crawl a page depends on its quality.

This will allow for faster indexing of backlinks and deliver the best possible results.

There are many modules built into this service:

An anchor analysis

Linkbox Pro offers the capability to check anchors for accuracy during a backlink check. You can do this by making sure:

  • The indexing and the existence of donor pages using anchors in Google Console
  • Texts used as anchors for backlinks texts
  • nofollow attributes of links that have anchors

All results are presented in a table of Anchors which forms the basis of the module. Below is information about each anchor.

  • indexing data (when backlinks were added to the index, and after they were removed);
  • Include the campaign’s name with the donor page.
  • Information about crawlers that cross
  • attribute and backlink type.
  • URLs for acceptor and donor pages;

Filters let you select details from:

  • backlink type;
  • attributes (dofollow, nofollow, ugc, sponsored, etc. ;
  • a match on the crawler base. You can use the Exclude filter to identify anchors that are not present on crawlers.
  • Campaign name
  • Indexing status
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Donor information could include:

  • To index.
  • Exported to Excel format to further analyze;

This lets you index a particular group of links to a specific page or anchor set. On the graph, you can be able to see how natural and consistent the profile of the links appears.

Crawler analysis

This module allows uploading backlink lists of various services (Google Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Majestic) to An additional upload can be made via Ahrefs or Console. Temporary is where the remainder of the information is kept.

This module allows you to search using:

  • various crawlers
  • A combination of the search query with the URL of the links (for instance, you could choose all YouTube backlinks);
  • backlink status (new active, new, or historical).
  • Links from any link-campaign can be crossed by crawlers

A table of links can be located at the bottom of this module. It contains details about:

  • crawlers through which the link is discovered;
  • campaigns that they cross;
  • import date.

The crawler feature in Link Box lets you analyze which of your links Google is aware of (by crossing with GSC) and also that your competitors are aware of (by crossing with Ahrefs).

Planer for checkouts

Link Box allows you to automate backlink management. You can accomplish this through the section for task planners.

At first, you can choose to select between tier1 levels and Tier2 levels. The tab lists all campaigns divided into. On the left, you will be able to see the autocheck for links and on the right the autocheck to index.

Every checkout can be begun by selecting the beginning date in advance. Check your backlinks at least once a week.

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After the module has been activated, the system will carry out the tests according to the time intervals set and send you an email notification about any problems.

Report module

LinkBox creates reports after links have been checked and indexing. The first report includes complete information on all parameters. Follow-up reports reflect only the information that has changed in the two checks.

Reports can be filtered by:

  • Establish goals for checking (links and index status).
  • Project
  • Link level tier1 and Tier2;
  • Link campaign
  • URL for the donor page

The fundamental block is comprised of changing tags with the corresponding value for the number of pages to which the changes apply. They are categorized in accordance with importance and are highlighted in the color.

  • orange – non-critical errors that need to be addressed;
  • Red – Significant changes that require particular attention and should be addressed immediately
  • green – minor adjustments that provide useful information.

Click on the tag to highlight the pages that the tag applies to. All links will appear in a table that has columns:

  • The right page contains changes to the links pages.
  • The left column shows the URL of the donor along with the link campaign as well as the project. examines your backlinks, their indexing, and keeps them updated. It will report any changes that occur.

The software helps to collect every link from donors in one database and keep track of the donors. is an advanced software for working with backlinks, which, in the hands of a skilled expert, will dramatically speed up the marketing of your website up to the top spots and save the budget.

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