Manage Your Fleet More Effectively With These 6 Key Tactics

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Managing a fleet of vehicles can be complicated and time-consuming. You need to make sure that your drivers are available, your cars are up to date with the latest features, and all charging stations are operational. With these 6 key tactics, you will be able to manage your fleet more effectively!

1) Track Your Vehicles in Real-Time

One common frustration among fleet managers is not knowing where their vehicles are when they need them. When tracking your fleet in real-time, you will always be able to find the closest available vehicle and get it right to the customer’s location. Using a fleet dash cam, you can watch your drivers as they make deliveries, watch the weather around them, and see exactly where they park at the end of each day. You can also monitor fuel usage, speed, and other vehicle stats to be a better manager.

2) Add Optional Upgrades

Upgrading your fleet vehicles with optional equipment is a great way to increase productivity and reduce downtime. Businesses should offer employees the opportunity to upgrade their vehicles voluntarily, even if it means they have to pay for some of the equipment out of pocket. For example, businesses can purchase fleet tire pressure monitoring systems that allow drivers to know when tires are low or need air. These devices include sensors that stay on top of tire pressure and indicate when you need to fill up with more air. The driver will be able to make their deliveries on time and without any delays because of pesky flat tires.

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3) Streamline Your Charging Process

Charging your fleet vehicles can be a hassle if you don’t have the right equipment in place. Invest in a level 2 charging station that allows each vehicle to fully charge in only 4 hours, rather than overnight. This way, drivers are not stuck waiting for their cars to charge all night long – they are free to go home or get some sleep while the car charges on its own. Having these types of stations available will allow employees to constantly drive throughout the day without waiting around at work for an extended period.

4) Communication with Family and Friends

Drivers are at their most productive when they can communicate easily. Communication is key in any work environment, but especially when employees are on the road. When you purchase mobile phones for the fleet, each driver will be able to stay in contact with everyone they need to throughout the day. They will never miss a call or text, and you won’t have to worry about them using their phone while driving (which could result in distracted driving and fines). Each phone comes equipped with GPS tracking, so it’s easy to track where your drivers are in real-time. This also allows drivers to give customers accurate ETA updates as well as let family members know that they arrived at their destination safely.

5) Add New Technology Daily

By adding new technology to your fleet of vehicles constantly, you can maximize productivity. The best businesses constantly upgrade their fleets with newer models of cars, trucks, vans, and other equipment that will make them more effective on the road. For example, you could offer self-driving cars that allow drivers to sleep or answer emails while being driven to their destination. This way, they won’t miss any calls or texts along the way! Other companies are experimenting with automatic delivery systems that allow packages to be delivered via drones. After all, if Amazon is doing it then why not try it out yourself?

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6) Track Your Fuel Usage

At the end of each day or week, track how much fuel was used by each vehicle. This way, you will know exactly when each car is running low and be able to schedule a refueling time that works for everyone. For example, if one of your employees always has a long commute home from work then it would be smart to schedule the fuel up around the same time they need to leave work to make it home promptly. By tracking how much gas each vehicle uses, you’ll also know which cars are getting better gas mileage and can rotate them out for newer models when necessary.

Managing a fleet is never an easy task. It often is very time-consuming and complicated with so many things to keep track of! By following these 6 key tactics you’ll be able to manage your fleet more effectively and help your employees get their work done on time and without any issues. Once businesses implement these 6 fleet management tactics, their business will start seeing drastic improvements with increased productivity and reduced costs!

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