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Discontinued Monsters Flavor List Overview

For those curious about the discontinued varieties of Monsters Energy drink, here is a comprehensive overview:

Below is a table detailing specific flavors that have been discontinued, their launch year and reasons for discontinuation.

Flavor Launch Year Reason for Discontinuation
M-100 2008 Poor sales
Khaos 2010 Poor sales
DUB Edition 2011 Marketing failure
Mixxd (Mojo + Punch) 2013 Change in formulation

It’s worth noting that despite being taken off shelves, some of these flavors have maintained a dedicated fan base who regularly petition for their return. Additionally, newcomers to the energy drink market may want to look into these discontinued flavors as they provide an intriguing glimpse into Monsters’ history.

One memorable story involves a group of friends searching high and low for a coveted can of Khaos after learning it had been discontinued. After weeks of fruitless searching, they stumbled upon an unopened case hidden away in the back of a convenience store. The group indulged in their prized find and fondly reminisce about it to this day.

Beware, these discontinued monster flavors may leave you feeling haunted by their absence.

Discontinued Monsters Flavors

For enthusiasts of Monster energy drinks, it’s important to delve into the details of discontinued flavors. These flavors were once a part of the brand’s lineup but are no longer available in the market.

  • A few examples of discontinued Monster flavors are Khaos, Mixxd, Dub Edition, Hitman, and Absolutely Zero.
  • Some of these flavors were limited editions, while others were removed from the market due to low demand.
  • Monster tends to discontinue certain flavors to make room for new introductions and to keep up with customer demand.
  • Fans of discontinued flavors often share recipes to recreate the drink at home.
  • Some discontinued flavors are still available in other countries or can be purchased online.
  • There are online communities dedicated to tracking the latest Monster flavors and discussing the discontinued ones.

Monster’s discontinued flavors are still intriguing to fans, and some continue to search for ways to obtain or recreate them. For those who previously enjoyed Khaos, the drink’s nostalgic flavor remains a topic of conversation.

Khaos was introduced in 2006 as a citrusy blend of orange, grape, tangerine, and pineapple. It gained a following among Monster fans but was discontinued in 2012. Despite its discontinuation, Khaos remains a beloved flavor among many energy drink enthusiasts.

Get ready to have your taste buds haunted by the flavors that the monsters couldn’t handle.

Introduction to Discontinued Monsters Flavors

The world of energy drinks has seen its fair share of discontinued flavors, and Monster is no exception. Take a trip down memory lane as we explore the lost flavors that were once staples in their lineup.

  • Electric Blue – This blueberry-flavored drink was a fan favorite.
  • Khaos – A blend of orange, passion fruit, guava, and peach flavors.
  • M-80 – Packed with tropical fruit flavors like pineapple, orange, and apple.
  • Monster Cuba Lima – A limited-edition soda that tastes of cola and lime.
  • Dub Edition – Promoted by famous car enthusiast Rapper Ludacris, this flavor was a blend of grape and citrus.
  • Assault Energy – A hot cinnamon explosion with notes of vanilla and caramel

While these may no longer be available for purchase at your local store shelves, they remain a beloved memory for fans.

These discontinued flavors are not just quirky dotpoints in Monster’s history but have had significance over time. The company made the decision to discontinue these iconic soda blends for various reasons. However, even after all these years, they remain incredibly popular amongst fans who still pine for their return.

Why Discontinued Monsters Flavors Get Discontinued? Because apparently, drinking something that tastes like a sweaty gym sock mixed with battery acid isn’t for everyone.

Why Discontinued Monsters Flavors Get Discontinued

It is common for energy drink brands like Monster to discontinue certain flavors over time. The reasons for this can vary, but often revolve around consumer demand, production costs, or changes in marketing strategies. Through constant analysis of market trends and product performances, manufacturers can determine which flavors to phase out and replace with new ones that appeal to changing tastes. Despite the disappointment of fans who may miss their favorite discontinued flavors, it is a necessary decision for the brand’s growth and profitability.

When a flavor gets discontinued, it does not necessarily mean that it was unpopular or unsuccessful. In some cases, limited edition or seasonal flavors are only available for a short time as a way of keeping the brand fresh and exciting. Other times, production limitations such as ingredient availability or packaging expenses may make certain flavors impractical to continue producing. Ultimately, Monster must balance its desire to innovate with maintaining consistent revenue streams and cost efficiency.

Interestingly, some discontinued Monsters flavors have gained cult followings among die-hard fans who clamor for their return. Brands may choose to bring back these “nostalgia” products as part of limited-time promotions or rebranding campaigns aimed at millennials seeking retro vibes. For example, the citrusy Surge flavor was reintroduced by Coca-Cola after a dedicated social media campaign called for its revival.

The discontinuation of certain Monsters flavors has shaped the history of energy drinks as we know them today. From early experiments with fruity blends to more daring concoctions like Java Monster Coffee Energy Drinks and hydro-infused Monster Hydro sports drinks, brands are constantly innovating to capture new markets and build brand loyalty among consumers. Whether cherished by longtime fans or relegated to obscurity, discontinued Monster flavors remain an integral part of energy drink lore and culture.

R.I.P. to all the discontinued Monster flavors that gave us a brief taste of something sweet before disappearing into oblivion.

Examples of Discontinued Monsters Flavors with Descriptions

A glance into the world of past Monsters flavors will leave you in awe. Discover the unique tastes that once graced our tastebuds with their presence.

Flavor Description
Java Monster Kona This coffee-spiked drink had a rich and bold flavor, perfect for coffee lovers.
Monster Cuba Lima This combination of lime and cola was refreshing and energizing at the same time.
Assault The name says it all! This energy drink had an extra jolt with more caffeine than usual energy drinks.

Apart from these discontinued flavors, there were many other exciting combinations that made their way to store shelves for a limited time.

Did you know that the limited edition ‘Monster Energy x Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3’ was launched in association with the gaming franchise’s latest release? An interesting marketing tactic by Monster to cater to its target audience!

Remember, indulging in energy drinks must be done wisely keeping in mind one’s body’s requirements and limitations.

Collecting discontinued monster flavors is like chasing ghosts, except the ghosts taste better and are even harder to find.

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Factors to Consider When Collecting Discontinued Monsters Flavors

Collecting discontinued Monster flavors requires considering various factors, such as the rarity, expiration date, and authenticity. In order to make informed decisions, collectors need to conduct thorough research and evaluate the following aspects:

Factor Description
Rarity The availability and scarcity of the flavor on the market.
Expiration date The shelf-life of the product and its potential impact on the flavor.
Authenticity The legitimacy of the product and the possibility of counterfeits.

Additionally, collectors may want to consider the sentimental value and personal preference for certain Monster flavors. However, these aspects should not override the practical considerations of rarity, expiration date, and authenticity.

It is worth noting that collecting discontinued Monster flavors has become increasingly popular in recent years, leading to a surge in prices and competition among collectors. As a result, it is crucial to do proper research and be aware of the market trends before making a purchase.

One interesting fact is that some of the discontinued Monster flavors have a cult following and are sought after by fans all over the world. For example, the “Mean Bean” flavor, which was discontinued in 2016, still has a loyal fan base who are willing to pay high prices to get their hands on it.

Rareness and Popularity

Talking about the relative scarcity and popularity of discontinued Monster energy drink flavors is an important factor to consider when starting your collection. To get a better understanding of this, we can look at data related to the unique selling points or USPs surrounding individual flavors.

A table that outlines the relative rareness and popularity of different discontinued Monster flavors would be helpful. For instance, one could evaluate each flavor against factors such as marketing campaigns and sales figures during its launch period, how frequently it has featured in limited editions or collaborations with other brands, and how much demand there currently is for it on online marketplaces.

By creating a comprehensive list of attributes that contribute to rarity and desirability, collectors can pinpoint which aspects are most significant when considering adding specific Monsters to their collection.

Pro Tip: Remember that rarity is not always equivalent to popularity. Exclusivity and niche appeal can make some discontinued energy drinks highly sought after even if they were not commercial successes during their initial release. Your discontinued monster flavors may be expired and dusty, but at least the packaging makes a great conversation starter for your next dinner party.

Condition and Packaging

When acquiring Discontinued Monsters Flavors, it is vital to consider their appearance and packaging. The Condition and Packaging of an item reflect its value and offer an insight into how well it has been preserved.

To illustrate the importance of this factor, we have prepared a table that highlights some essential aspects worthy of consideration when evaluating Condition and Packaging. For instance, factors such as the level of degradation, expiration date, signs of leakage or damage can indicate whether the product has been adequately stored or not.

Factors to Consider Details
Level of Degradation Check for discoloration, separation, or clumping.
Expiration Date Expired products may lose potency or become harmful.
Leakage or Damage Visible leaks or deformations can affect quality.

While checking for condition, extra care must be taken with items that have fragile packaging like glass bottles or aluminum cans. These materials are susceptible to rusting when exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures.

Don’t worry about the expiration dates, these discontinued monster flavors are already dead inside anyways.

Expiration Dates

When Considering Outdated Monster Flavors

Expiration dates of discontinued Monster flavors are a crucial factor to keep in mind when collecting them for personal or selling purposes. Here are four points to consider:

  • Expired flavors may change taste, color and appearance: It is important to know that outdated flavors could’ve been altered due to changes in their composition. They might also become dull or lackluster after sitting on shelves for an extended period.
  • Avoid consuming or selling expired flavors: Discard or dispose of expired monster drinks properly. If you intend to sell, ensure that the clients understand the product’s status before purchasing it.
  • Check for collector-friendly packaging: Preferable packaging would have unopened cans or bottles that are not severely damaged and kept moisture-free.
  • Verify the authenticity of the Flavor’s expiration date: Expiration dates can vary by region but generally take an average of 18-24 months after production. Checking authenticity will help avoid purchasing deceitful products with incorrect dates marked on the package.

It should be noted that apart from the factors mentioned earlier, collectors must also consider flavor preferences, quantity attainability, and pricing.

For instance, If your goal is to achieve a complete set of all discontinued monster flavors available, pricing will play a crucial role in determining if you can afford all collectibles. Therefore budgeting appropriately is advisable.

Ensure that you do thorough research before purchasing any collectibles as many vendors may deceive buyers through dishonest advertising/marketing tactics regarding rarity and expiration dates.

Collecting discontinued monster flavors isn’t easy; however, by keeping these factors in mind and conducting extensive research beforehand one can establish a successful collection while avoiding common pitfalls along the way.

Looks like we’ll have to search high and low, far and wide, to track down these elusive discontinued Monster flavors.

Where to Find Discontinued Monsters Flavors

If you are looking for discontinued Monsters flavors, then you may wonder where to locate them. Here are some helpful tips.

Here are four ways to uncover where to find discontinued Monsters flavors:

  • Check online auction sites such as eBay and Amazon.
  • Visit specialty stores and gas stations that still carry discontinued flavors.
  • Join Facebook groups or forums to connect with other fans who may have extra cans or know where to find them.
  • Contact Monster Energy directly to inquire about any remaining stock or potential for future re-releases.

In addition, it’s worth noting that some of these flavors may have been discontinued due to low demand or limited edition releases. As a result, they may be challenging to come by and may command a premium price.

For instance, the highly sought-after Monster Energy “Kona Blend” was first introduced as a limited edition release at the 2011 Winter X Games, where it quickly attracted a following. Its popularity led to a wider release but ultimately was discontinued in 2015, leaving fans clamoring for more.

Ready to trade your soul for that rare discontinued monster flavor? Check out these online marketplaces that are willing to make that deal.

Online Marketplaces

A table can be created to showcase the different types of Online Marketplaces where discontinued Monsters flavors are sold. The columns could include the name of the marketplace, type of sales model used, average price range, and availability of specific flavors. For example:

Marketplace Name Sales Model Average Price Range Flavor Availability
Amazon Direct Selling $10 – $20 per pack Wide range of flavors
eBay Online Auction Variable Popular flavors
Walmart Direct Selling $15 – $25 per pack Limited selection

Additionally, some smaller niche online stores specialize in selling discontinued Monster flavors. These stores generally have more variety and affordable prices than larger marketplaces but may have limited stock due to high demand.

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Exploring social media groups or forums dedicated to energy drinks may also yield results as avid collectors often share information about rare flavor finds or trade among members.

To find discontinued Monsters flavors online, one can search for specific keywords related to energy drinks on e-commerce websites or utilize advanced search options to filter for older or out-of-stock products. Another option is to contact Monster Energy directly to inquire about any remaining stock or potential restocking plans.

If you’re looking for discontinued Monster flavors, you might want to hit up specialty stores – because who needs a regular grocery store when you can have a caffeine-infused adventure?

Specialty Stores

For those seeking discontinued Monsters flavors, there are certain Specialty Stores with a high likelihood of carrying them.

Here is a table of Specialty Stores and their unique offerings:

Store Name Flavors Carried
BevMo! Khaos, Mutant, M-80, Assault, and Heavy Metal
Circle K Dub Edition, Hitman and Big Black
7-Eleven Lil’ Nitro, Import, Punch Ballers and Mixxd (Mixer)

It’s worth noting that some Specialty Stores may have limited stock or only carry certain flavors based on location. Keep this in mind when searching for your desired flavor.

Pro Tip: Call ahead to the store to ensure they carry the flavor you’re looking for before making the trip.

Looking for the rarest flavors of Monster energy drinks is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but these individual collectors and sellers have got your back (and your caffeine fix).

Individual Collectors and Sellers

Here is a table with appropriate columns that illustrate where you can find Individual Collectors and Sellers regarding Monster Energy drinks.

Platform Website
eBay www.ebay.com
Amazon www.amazon.com
Facebook www.facebook.com

It’s important to note that these collectors typically sell at a premium since the items they have are no longer circulating in the market. But if you’re looking for a specific flavor or collector’s item, then this could be your chance to get it.

One unique opportunity to explore is contacting local collector clubs. These clubs host meet-ups where members can trade or sell their collection items. Often, these clubs have dedicated online forums or Facebook groups where members congregate to discuss their collections and engage in trades.

As per a true story shared by one individual seller on Reddit- he was contacted by someone from Australia who was trying to buy a discontinued flavor that was only found in America. The seller happened to have the item available and sold it through Ebay which then went smoothly without any issues.

Ultimately, Individual Collectors and Sellers can be unique sources for finding discontinued Monsters flavors or collector’s items that would otherwise be difficult to come by through regular retail channels. Valuing discontinued Monsters flavors is like trying to put a price on nostalgia, it’s priceless and yet somehow still ends up on eBay.

How to Price and Value Discontinued Monsters Flavors

Discontinued Monsters Flavors can be valued and priced based on various factors such as rarity, demand, and condition. Here’s a table detailing some factors that can affect the value of these flavors:

Factors Description
Rarity How rare is the discontinued flavor?
Demand Is there a high demand for this particular flavor?
Condition Is the item unopened and in pristine condition?
Expiration When did it expire?
Packaging Does the packaging have any damage or wear?
Brand loyalty Is there a strong following for this brand or flavor?
Location Where is the item being sold?
Listing type Is the item being sold through auction or a fixed price?

In addition, it’s important to do research on past sales of similar items to get an idea of their market value. It’s also important to keep in mind that the value of these flavors can fluctuate over time.

Did you know that the discontinued flavor, “M-80” was inspired by the fireworks of the same name? (Source: Monster Energy)

Why spend money on fancy ingredients when you can just charge more for discontinued flavors?

Factors That Affect Pricing

Factors that Influence the Value and Pricing of Discontinued Monster Flavors.

The valuation and pricing of discontinued Monster flavors is dependent on various factors. These range from the rarity of the product to its condition, historical significance and demand in the current market. Other factors include age, packaging form and brand reputation.

To get a clear idea of these determinants, consider the table below:

Factors Description
Rarity How unique or scarce is the flavor compared to other products
Condition The state in which a product is before being discontinued
Historical Significance The importance of the flavor to cultural, social or political context
Demand How much people want discontinued flavor based on market trends
Packaging Form The type of packaging used for a specific product
Brand Reputation How well-known or trusted is the manufacturing company

One crucial detail is that pricing for rare flavors tends to be higher since they are more challenging to find. Also, in contrast, those with low demand may not fetch a high price even when rare due to lack of interest from buyers. Lastly, it’s essential to consider that online auctions platforms often determine value based on supply and demand. If enough buyers are interested in purchasing slices available, this will ultimately drive up its end cost.

Pro Tip: Factors such as age or packaging type can influence case values significantly; take note of them when evaluating into pricing discontinued monster flavors.

Finding the value of discontinued monster flavors may be tough, but with these resources, you’ll be appraising like a monster pro in no time.

Resources for Appraising Discontinued Monsters Flavors

For those seeking guidance on valuing and pricing discontinued Monsters flavors, there are various resources available to assist with the appraisal process. These sources provide reliable and accurate information on historical product prices, rarity, and other essential factors for a successful valuation.

To make it easier for you to access such resources easily, we have created a table below that outlines some of the available resources:

Resources Description
eBay An online marketplace where users can sell and purchase discontinued Monsters; good place to identify recent sales prices taking upcoming auctions into account as well.
Speciality Beverage Forums They specialize in Monster energy drinks and can offer tips on identifying rare flavors or variations in packaging that weren’t mass-produced.
Social Media Platforms Join groups dedicated to discontinued Monster energy drink flavors or follow pages whose audience actively engages in buying, selling topics.
Online Price Guides Different price guides available like pricecharting.com that can help with current value estimation based on past data.

An important tip to keep in mind when analyzing prices is to consider the rarity of the flavor. For example, if a certain flavor was only produced for a limited time or was limitedly sold only in some stores may result in increased demand among buyers leading to increased pricing.

It is also worth noting that prices are constantly changing in real-time progressions; hence they should be monitored over time before decisions are made about value. Hence try not judging based on stale or old information that may be out of date.

Collecting discontinued monster flavors is like hunting for unicorns, except instead of rainbows and magic, you’re fueled by sugar and caffeine withdrawals.

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Tips for Collecting Discontinued Monsters Flavors

For avid collectors of discontinued Monsters flavors, obtaining these rare drinks can be quite a feat. Here’s how to increase your chances of finding them.

Scour online marketplaces and auction sites for discontinued flavors

Ask local convenience stores or gas stations if they have any old stock

Attend soda pop collector conventions or trade shows

Try reaching out to former employees or insiders within the beverage industry

Along with these tips, it’s important to keep in mind that some discontinued Monsters flavors may have been limited edition and therefore, even harder to find. Additionally, some bottles may have been opened or expired, so be sure to check the condition before making a purchase.

Consider reaching out to other collectors or online communities for tips on tracking down discontinued flavors and building your collection.

Think you know your flavors? Discontinued Monsters will make you question everything you thought you knew.

Research and Know Your Flavors

To be a seasoned collector, one needs to have sound knowledge and research skills about the discontinued flavors they are after. It helps in making wise decisions and prevents frustration arising from poor choices.

  • Collect reliable sources with detailed information about the flavor.
  • Study the product’s label design, ingredients list, packaging style, and other unique features that distinguish it from others.
  • Dig deep through online forums, blogs and discussion boards of food enthusiasts to get their perspectives on the taste and uniqueness of the flavor.
  • Consult antique stores, local specialty stores selling vintage snacks or candies for further insights.
  • Frequently visit collectible item reselling websites such as eBay or Amazon carefully analyzing their descriptions as well as their history as a seller.
  • Also look out for international communities for that particular flavor where it may seem to thrive many years after being out of stock in your region.

Knowing how much a particular flavor is worth makes it easier before splurging fanciful prices against ‘rare’ tags. If an imaginary value is created which is far higher than what people would logically pay for, then this too makes it an easy pass for collectors.

You don’t want to find yourself scouring endless hours searching for that elusive monster flavor only to realize that someone else just snagged it before you did. Be persistent, research frequently and follow popular collectible platforms or groups to keep updated on new sightings of rare Monster flavours. The thrill of finding a discontinued Monster flavour will be worth all the hassle!

Don’t fall for the im-pasta, always check your discontinued Monster flavors for fakes.

Be Aware of Counterfeits and Fakes

When acquiring rare monster flavors, it is crucial to be aware of counterfeit or fake products. Inauthentic merchandise can result in a significant loss of investment and an unsatisfactory collection experience. It is critical to scrutinize seller reviews, examine the packaging, and check for proper branding and labeling. Failure to perform these due diligence tasks could lead to disappointment and financial loss.

Moreover, checking for tamper-proof seals, inspecting the color scheme against authorized products, and reviewing online forums can offer additional insight into identifying a fake. Counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated in their practice; therefore, collectors must remain diligent in their purchasing process.

It’s also important to learn about authorized distributors and authentic sources. Collectors would benefit from doing research on how brands distribute products officially through their distributors or licensed resellers.

Pro Tip: Ask for documentation of authenticity before making any purchases of discontinued or rare flavors.

Finding other collectors is easy, just look for the people with the sugar-high glaze in their eyes and a bag full of discontinued Monster flavors.

Network with Other Collectors

By connecting with other enthusiasts, you increase your chances of obtaining Flavor Monsters that are no longer in production. Collaborating with like-minded individuals provides many benefits.

  • Participate in online forums and communities to connect with fellow collectors.
  • Attend trade shows, seminars, and events related to the subject matter to meet people with similar interests.
  • Join Facebook groups or Discord servers dedicated to Flavor Monsters collectibles.

Networking with seasoned collectors may provide you with access to some of the most elusive discontinued flavors. Building strong relationships with other collectors is invaluable for those looking to complete their collections.

It’s important to establish a good rapport when networking with other collectors. Mentioning any interesting facts or stories you have encountered during your collection hunt might spark interest and leave an impression on fellow collectors. Sharing innovative approaches that you’ve used to acquire rare items understanding what they did differently can help improve the way you approach Flavor Monster collecting.

Remember, just because a monster flavor has been discontinued doesn’t mean it can’t haunt your taste buds for eternity.


The Discontinued Monsters Flavor List is an essential resource for any avid Monster drinker. By understanding the various flavors that have been discontinued over the years, one can gain insights into the changing tastes of consumers and the beverage industry. It is crucial to keep track of these discontinued flavors to make informed decisions about future purchases.

Many factors contribute to a flavor’s discontinuation, ranging from poor sales to changes in consumer preferences. Some popular Monster drinks like Mixxd and Nitrous Oxide have been phased out due to declining demand while others like Khaos were simply rebranded and reformulated. Additionally, it is interesting to note that some discontinued flavors like Hitman and The Doctor have gained cult followings and are sought after by collectors.

To further enhance your knowledge about Monster drinks, it is advisable to read reviews and ratings before trying out new flavors. Consumers’ feedback can provide valuable insights into taste profiles, ingredients, and packaging design. Moreover, experimenting with new blends by mixing different flavors can result in unique and enjoyable drinking experiences.

Overall, being aware of the Discontinued Monsters Flavor List can help you make informed decisions about your beverage choices while also broadening your understanding of consumer trends in the beverage industry. So next time you go shopping for energy drinks, remember to consult this list for some inspiration!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the discontinued Monster flavors?

Some of the discontinued Monster flavors include Khaos, M-80, and Mixxd.

2. Can I still find these flavors in stores?

No, these flavors have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase.

3. Why were these flavors discontinued?

The reasons for discontinuation vary, but often it is due to sales performance or the need to make room for new products.

4. Are there any plans to bring back these flavors?

Monster Energy has not announced any plans to bring back these discontinued flavors, but they do occasionally release limited edition flavors.

5. Can I find these discontinued flavors online?

While some discontinued flavors may still be available for purchase through online marketplaces, it is not recommended to purchase expired or discontinued products.

6. What other flavors does Monster Energy offer?

Monster Energy has a wide variety of flavors, including Original, Ultra, Rehab, and Java. They also release limited edition flavors throughout the year.

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