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The NFL just continues to provide a massive boost for the entire U.S. sports betting industry each year, and it seems that more and more bettors are joining the industry each year. Knowing NFL stats used to prove that you were a die-hard NFL fan, but now it’s knowing the latest NFL odds that matter.

The NFL regular season runs from September through mid-February, but you will find betting options all throughout the year. If you are someone that wants to bet on the NFL then you won’t be short on options regardless of when you want to wager.

Even though new NFL betting options seem to pop up each year, there are four that remain the most popular. Here are the four most popular NFL bets, and a brief explanation of what is included with each of them.

Betting Against the Spread

“Betting against the spread” is one of the most common phrases used in the sports betting industry, and it is the most common bet made on an NFL game. The spread used to be one of the only ways to bet on a single NFL game, but now it is just one of many options.

When betting against the spread, you not only have to pick the winner but you also have to determine how close or far apart the final score will be. There is a strong degree of difficulty with this wager, but it is also one that leads to pretty significant payouts if you make a good betting decision.

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Totals or Over/Under

After spread betting, the next best NFL betting option is what is known as a total or over/under wager. This type of bet has nothing to do with the winning and losing team, but instead focuses on the total number of points scored by both teams in a game.

If bettors aren’t focusing on the spread then they are usually going to be taking a close look at the over/under odds. Some bettors will also combine the spread and totals bets into one large wager for the chance at a much larger payout.

NFL Futures

The best betting option for those people that can’t wait to make a wager is what is known as a futures bet. NFL futures odds are going to be available the next day after the Super Bowl, and the odds are going to be updated throughout the next season.

One major advantage of placing an NFL futures wager is that there is a chance for a pretty significant payout, especially if you bet on the underdog. The most common NFL futures bet is a wager on the eventual Super Bowl champion, but that’s not the only option that is available to you.

NFL Prop Betting

Prop betting was initially made famous during the Super Bowl, but it has since crept into other sports as well. Still, prop betting is most known for the NFL, and there are going to be new prop betting options introduced every single day.

When it comes to prop betting, there are two major types that are offered. The first type is what is known as a fun prop wager, and the outcome of that bet is usually going to be decided by some luck. The other major type is a skill, and that is going to require some sound betting decisions to win.

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The most important reason to make an NFL prop bet is because it can add some fun and enjoyment to your NFL betting experience. Even those people that aren’t true die-hard NFL fans can have some success when making this type of wager.

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