7 Must-Know Mac Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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If you’re a first-time Mac or Apple product user, then there’s a good chance that there’s a lot you don’t know about the many features and shortcuts Macs have. Provided that you’ve used Windows before, you’ll find that both platforms share a lot of similar features and functionalities, just under different names. It goes without saying that learning these tips and tricks will make using your Mac much easier.

Since knowing is winning half the battle, here are seven tips and tricks every Mac user should know to make the most of their device.

Using Spotlight for Computations and Currency Conversions

If you’re an investor or looking for currency-related data for your work or business, using Spotlight and Currency Conversion features of iOS can help you out. Thanks to Apple’s smart design, you get your currency conversions based on real-time market rates, ensuring total accuracy in calculations. All you have to do is hold Command + Space Bar to open Spotlight Search to bring up Spotlight.

Calculations and currency conversions aren’t the only things Spotlight is good for; it also doubles as a search engine as well. Once you get used to this Mac feature, it’ll be hard to switch to anything else.

Taking Screenshots

Taking screenshots is a vital feature for any computer user, and Macs actually provide more features than Windows in this department. Unlike Windows, which only allows you to take screenshots of the whole screen, Macs allow you to take screenshots of the whole screen or just a particular part of it.

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To capture a screenshot of the full screen, you have to press command + shift + 3. If you want to capture a partial screenshot, press command + shift + 4, and a crosshair will appear. Use your mouse to drag the crosshair and designate the part of the screen you want to be captured.

Typing Emojis

Unlike Windows document and text applications, Macs allow users to insert emojis in their texts and documents directly. This nifty feature is a great addition as it has different categories of emojis that you can filter and browse easily. You have to press Control + Command + Space, and the emoji window will pop open.

If you have a habit of frequently using emojis, you can set up a hotkey on the keyboard to bring up the emoji window. This feature is more of a convenience than a time saver for heavy chatters and texters, and if you’re one, you’ll be glad to have this feature.

Copy/Paste Between a Mac and an iPhone

All Apple devices have a migration feature that allows you to transfer data from any Apple device to another one even if they aren’t the same type of device. Using the Migration feature, you can easily transfer data from your iPhone to your Mac and vice versa. If you’re a professional or corporate executive, this feature will come in very handy.

Sign Documents Directly on Your Device

Another great feature that Mac users enjoy is that PC users don’t have the ability to sign documents digitally without printing the document out, sign it manually, and uploading it again. You can sign digital documents on your Mac using the Preview or Mail app. If you require more ease and functionality for signing documents, you can also opt to install third-party software.

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Reset Your Password After You Get Locked Out

Similar to Windows OS, if you accidentally forget your Mac’s password or type the wrong password multiple times and get locked out, you can easily reset the password using your Apple account. All you have to do is sign in to your Apple account and request a password reset for your Mac. Once the verification has been completed, you can reset your Mac’s password and use the new password to log in.

Get More Workspace With Split View

If you like multitasking or want to be good at it, Macs offer you multiple ways to do so. If you want to get more workspace on your screen, you can use Split View. Using this feature, you can run two applications simultaneously and see them actively on screen, allowing you to do many tasks easily, such as comparing documents which is very handy.

There’s a green icon beside the minimize and cross icons on the top left corner of most apps that you open up. You have to click on this icon to bring it up in split-screen mode.

Mastering the Basics

The above-mentioned tips and tricks aren’t the only Mac tips and tricks that you should know; there are a few dozens more that are just as useful. But these ones are the most basic ones that most general users will benefit from.

If you want to know more, you can do more research on Apple’s website or if you think you’re experiencing issues with your Apple device, reach out to a in home mac repair service, especially if you want to bypass AppleCare costs.

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