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Did you ever notice any customer standing next to you in the queue quite innocent, carrying handwritten notes about the interior, cleanliness and customer service of the store instead of a shopping list in hand? Well, it may sound bizarre if you haven’t heard it before, this person can be a “Mystery Shopper“. Finding a mystery shopping jobs can be a little arduous, but once you are hired as a mystery shopper in a legitimate company its a grand slam for you.

A mystery shopper is basically a person hired to visit a shop or a restaurant surreptitiously just to assess the quality of the services or goods. Do not get petrified, you might also find such people updating about the progression timing of the queue on call, or have a minuscule lens peeking from their pocket/purse.

Mystery shoppers mostly work on a contract basis; they secretly assess consumer service companies by pretending as ordinary customers.

The mystery shopping jobs are typical assignments and they work their own schedule by accomplishing as many assignments as they choose in a day. This flexibility along with the perk that they get to enjoy makes mystery shopping job an ideal occupation. However, just like any other field, this profession has its drawbacks. One such disadvantage is the time and effort it takes to grow and earn a decent income.

Mystery shopping is not a myth

A lot of companies hire mystery shoppers, generally via reliable agencies, to get unprejudiced opinions about their products or services. While the work seems to be a fun, the mystery shopper’s eventual objective is serious: To provide the company with useful feedback which can help in improving its business.

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One of a mystery shopping work example for you is here:

Exploring a hotel by staying overnight and evaluating every department open to the public -taking pictures, jotting notes, watching and listening to employees, and finally reporting your findings.

The company that hires you to do the mystery shopping job must provide guidelines clearly stating what you are supposed to inspect as well as with a detailed questionnaire for you to fill out. You can answer some of the questions with a yes or no, but most of the questions need specific descriptions of your complete experiences.

The owner of Volition.com says,

“The misconception about mystery shopping is that it is just a way of getting paid to get free stuff”. “It is a lot of work, and it takes some time to get good at it and to make decent money doing it.”

How to choose mystery shopping jobs

It’s essential to select a reliable mystery-shopping agency to work for. Remember, companies that ask for a startup fee or deposits are generally not genuine. Protect yourself from such scam – all you need to do is read review about the companies that are approved by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA).

How to go about

So, start by applying to as many legitimate companies as you can and keep following up with them to increase your chances of acquiring regular work. Every company will ask you to sign a discretion contract that prohibits you from revealing details about the nitty-gritty of the businesses you are evaluating. So, give assurance as a trusted contract worker by honoring such agreements. Certain companies also carry out background checks just to confirm about any criminal charges or convictions.

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What are the skills mystery shoppers must have

Although experience may be necessary, MSPA President – Mr. Mike Green says that the below-mentioned skills are basics to be a mystery shopper:

  • The experience of customer pain points – You must be capable of distinguishing good service from average and poor service.
  • Be self-motivated – You are eventually responsible for time management and for seeking opportunities. It is essential to have physical stamina and willpower to complete numerous assignments in one day.
  • Have neat writing – Brilliant skills in this area are a must. A few mystery-shopping companies will ask you to submit some writing samples before hiring.
  • Have an X-ray eye – The most excellent mystery shoppers notices the ABCs of a product or service. So you should be able to report details that the client may not have seen or considered.
  • Computer geek: Knowledge of standard word-processing program is particularly imperative for writing as well as submitting your reports.

Are you interested in mystery shopper jobs and in making some extra money?

Then go for it.

For any questions, drop us your comments and we will get back to you.

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